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January 13 category:Business Ideas
Designed by the Kenyan Anthony Mutua, a chip inserted in the sole garners energy when subjected to the pressure of walking DR Recharge his mobile phone with a chip in his shoe: this gesture far reserved for James Bond will become accessible to all, t
January 17 category:Political
The Minister for Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy supports Segolene Royal is a reconciliation of Poitou-Charentes and Pays de la Loire. afp.com/Eric Feferberg Why not marry the Poitou-Charentes with the Loire, without changing the "bo
March 4 category:Blog Sophie Fontanel
the world the balcony. Me so modest (laughing beginning of this post), I find that the most immodest but also the most beautiful, is to show the birth of her toes. And I worked far too savvy that cleavage of the breasts and not enough cleavage feet.
March 7 category:It comes out
Last night at the MTV Video Music Awards, Beyoncé has won not one, two or three but four small statuettes. She touched everyone covering Blue Ivy and Jay-Z kisses after the fact on stage. Miley Cyrus in her black ensemble Alexandre Vauthier, Katy Per
May 11 category:Movie
The Snow Queen, a cool movie not to be missed DR 40 Xavier shades Chinese puzzle, Cédric Klapisch. History: Xavier is now 40 years old, his life was not necessarily the same row and everything seems to become more and more complicated. The opinion of
May 21 category:Career Management
17th episode of our video series on happiness at work: "I leave work with lead feet" The Express From working with lead feet is to have the feeling of arriving at the heavy stress office worries and apprehension for the day. Philippe Lauren
June 9 category:Shape
FORM - Caused by poorly maintained shoes or plantar sweating, foot smelling is not incurable. Reuters Adapted products To reduce foot odor, the base is a good foot hygiene. Clean your feet without neglecting the spaces between the toes. Also remember
August 23 category:Movie
Twenty Feet from Stardom, Morgan Neville DR These are the voices of the shadows, away from the stage and spotlights. Without them, tubes Sting, Tina Turner, Ray Charles and Joe Cocker would not have the same fever. Their name Lisa Fischer, Merry Clay
September 22 category:Political
POLICY - Francois Fillon regain the use of his leg in four weeks, and the campaign for the UMP on 19 August. afp.com/Martin Office François Fillon will again walk on his "two feet in four weeks," which will force him to adjust his campaign
September 26 category:Elections, UMP
Manon Laporte leads the list "Citizen Pact Montreuil 2014" which brings UMP, IDU and modem for municipal elections in Montreuil. DR Your "Citizen Pact Montreuil 2014" brings together UMP, IDU and modem for municipal elections. You
October 22 category:Fashion News
To celebrate the arrival of spring, the Havaianas brand and Galeries Lafayette combine to beautify your feet. Who does not want to make its nail polish her favorite Brazilian flip flops? To celebrate the return of summer, Galeries Lafayette offer exc
October 22 category:Economy
An anti-shale gas event in the National Assembly on 10 May 2011. REUTERS / Jacky Naegelen Nicolas Sarkozy confirmed Tuesday in a speech in Ales in the Gard: Nant research permits on site (Aveyron), Villeneuve-de-Berg (Ardèche) and Montelimar (Drôme)
May 23 category:Music
CANNES - Electronic beaches begin Thursday, July 5. DR Cannes does not vibrate at the rate of film. Musically, the summer starts feet in the sand with the festival Electronic ranges from 5 July to 16 August. Five evenings will be dedicated to electro
July 8 category:Movies, Music
Twenty feet from stardom puts a spotlight on the chorus of the Rolling Stones, Elvis, Ray Charles and Bruce Springsteen. A favorite. DR Forget everything you know about the singers. Which should probably not be too difficult. Note that it is not a qu
August 4 category:Employment
A complaint of "sexual harassment" against the Secretary of State for Public Service Georges Tron was announced Tuesday by Le Parisien, but has not been confirmed judicial source. afp.com/Pierre Verdy Two young women, former employees of Ge
August 19 category:TV
Alba Gaia Bellugi's Manon, 15 years. © Angela Rossi It is a wild and stop kid, which the director, Jean-Xavier de Lestrade, grabs the swells of violence and disarray in hearts-to-body stunning. Manon, 15, twice prisoner. From a mother's suffocating l
September 23 category:How we did before
This gesture, so feminine, it is the same since the invention of varnishes in 3000 BC (yes, there is also a historian consultant on the tray 18 dailyELLE will not get his info on Wikipedia we swear). This photo of John Knight in IT in 1949, shows how
October 16 category:Sport
Hanse 575 We like: the 1200 combinations of amenities that allow you to customize each unit. Architect: Judel Vrolijk-; manufacturer: Hanse Yachts; length: 16.70 m; width: 5.20 m; draft (TE): 2.25 m; sail area: 150.50 m2; Price: 405,444 euros. M. Amm
October 21 category:Arts
The Chinese government has finally managed to eliminate the practice in the mid-twentieth century by prohibiting foot-binding. Screenshot Kickstarter A grandmother with not as assured as that of a baby. Behind her smile marked by time, Zhang Yun Ying
November 18 category:Face and body care
Such as hands, feet require regular hydration. Getty Images / iStockphoto 1-Moisturize daily If there is indeed a part of the body that we often forget to spread cream, it is the feet. Most of the time locked in our shoes, there are, however, such as

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