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March 28 category:Music
The singer France Gall, former muse of Michel Berger said to have "fed" the times and tributes made without its agreement, in an interview with Le Parisien / Aujourd'hui en France on Tuesday. Guillot Ras-le-bol. The singer
November 3 category:Styles
Want to master the line of eyeliner like France Gall sixties? Look at the tutorial of Because Magazine. Because Magazine The choice of the topic Fashion A pin-up with the beard? No, a satirical calendar, directed by photographer Rion Sabean, who conv
November 27 category:Music
The singer France Gall. Illustration. Guillot Discreet in the media for several years, the singer France Gall spoke on RTL on Wednesday morning to unveil its next musical dedicated to Michel Berger, resistant, which will begin on Nov
April 9 category:Music
Georges-Alain sings Obviously France Gall, and it is not so obvious as that. DR / SCREEN CAPTURE Ms. France Gall, you have "fed up" covers of your songs, written for you by Michel Berger and Serge Gainsbourg. "Jenifer promotes his time
August 7 category:Music
Jenifer decided to cancel his tour after the controversy over his latest album dedicated to France Gall: My statement AFP In an interview with the women's magazine Elle, Jenifer returned at length on the controversy which she suffered with his latest
August 21 category:Music
French singer Jenifer Performs At a concert Pendant celebrations for the annual Bastille Day, at the Champ de Mars in Paris July 14, 2008. REUTERS / Benoit Tessier (FRANCE) - RTX7XG1 REUTERS Jenifer fate sixth album, My statement, which honors France
March 23 category:Movie
Joséphine Japy in pink dress alongside Jérémie Renier (Claude François) and Benoît Magimel (Paul Lederman) portrays France Gall in Cloclo DR Before Cloclo? Joséphine Japy made ​​his first appearance in film in 11 years The gray souls Yves Angelo in 2
May 30 category:Political
Eva Joly December 2, 2011 in Saint-Bonnet Auvergne. ZOCCOLAN "Eva, she has that je ne sais quoi, the makings of a true head of state." The voice is not really crystal clear, but the song, rewritten France Gall tube has a fut
June 5 category:Music
Vauge to the soul in Lââm "collapsed" after about France Gall on the cover of a song by Michel Berger. DR / SCREEN CAPTURE Lââm said he was "sad" on the words of France Gall for it, criticizing her cover of the song by Michel Berg
August 18 category:TV, Music
The singer Anggun Telethon. Illustration. REUTERS / Gonzalo Fuentes Saturday, May 18, at 20:40 on France 3, live from Sweden, France will try again to win the Eurovision Song Contest. In general, it is at this moment that we must place the following
November 28 category:Political
good morning 2012 thumbnail The Express . France Forte It's The Point which revealed late Wednesday afternoon, the campaign slogan of Nicolas Sarkozy: "France is strong." Soon, Slate reporters have noticed that this slogan was already that
February 5 category:Music
MICHEL BERGER - In 1982, the singer and musician was on stage at the Olympia. AFP / Jacques Demarthon The singer died there 20 years, 2 August 1992, as Var property. A heart attack after a game of tennis, slew both the musician, singer and producer o
March 13 category:Music
The singer Raphael begins a summer tour commencing with the 12 July Francofolies. AFP / "A teacher can change a life. Not one song." Jean-Jacques Goldman "It's a little Republican vision that I share: Goldman has written it changed the
April 27 category:Books
The 33rd edition of the Book Fair in Brive-la-Gaillarde was held this weekend. Royalty Free Friday 7 November 8 am 37. Gare d'Austerlitz. Hard times: no Orient Express for this 33rd edition of the Fair of Brive book. Unlike previous years when the vo
August 23 category:Music
French singer Etienne Daho on the set of "Grand Journal" on Canal Plus in Paris on 21 November 2013.ël Saget In praise of the night. Triumph of hedonism. Sacre bohemian ... France of Mitterrand generation sways recklessly summer
September 17 category:Music, TV
Olympus, in his first music video Born to die, taken from Lana del Rey. screenshot Came second in the grand finale of The Voice behind Yoann Fréget, Olympus will release their self-titled album of covers on 22 July. To wait, the singer unveiled Thurs
September 19 category:Movie
Joséphine Japy face Lou de Laage in Breathe is one of the expected revelations in this 67th Cannes Film Festival. Alice Dardun There are 10, actresses, actors or directors. Some start, others have already typed in the eye of professionals, but the pr
November 2 category:Culture, Music
For Aline, the social network Twitter is "a bit austere." ® Daarwin aKa On tour, what is your most fragile part of the body? My brain is my worst enemy. I can quickly lose ground, so I pay attention. The shameful proposal (on) a fan? Joker.
November 6 category:Music
MUSIC - Granville, a group of Caen, though. (C) Dian How did you meet? Granville: With Arthur, drummer and my roommate, we found Melissa in a home made ​​video on YouTube. It was a video where she sang folk, really beautiful. We tried to meet immedia
November 19 category:Fashion Makeover
The pink tunic Chloe parade Courtesy of Chloe All dressed in leather, Brigitte Bardot sings a new female freedom on his Harley Davidson. We are in 1967, and style sported by BB in the clip will unleash passions: an ultra short tunic, roaring misuse o

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