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July 24 category:Businesses
The management of SNCM will appeal the decision of the European Commission demanding repayment of 220 million euros in state aid. REUTERS / Jean-Paul Pelissier The European Commission has dealt a blow on Thursday in Marseille SNCM ferry company askin
Historian F. Moura / ALPACA / ANDIA FOR EXPRESS Marseille How is it built? Gyptis and Protis, Massalia: the myth of the founding of the city always brings us back to the original creek, to distant horizons and exchange, the marriage of two peoples, t
June 29 category:Regions
Undated file picture showing a general view of the old harbor and the city of Marseille, southern France. Marseille is one of the host cities for the French Rugby World Cup 2007 tournament qui Will begin in Paris on September 7, 2007 with the final i
October 25 category:FN
The FN Stéphane Ravier puts the mayor of Marseille scarf 7th Sector, 11 April 2014 afp.com/Bertrand Langlois "I am the mayor of all inhabitants of the village centers like cities. I will listen to everyone, entering my action in the laws of the
August 30 category:Political
Jean-Marie Le Pen, France's far-right political party leader and candidate Alpes-Maritimes Region, speaks at a hotel in Nice partner after the close of polls in the second round of regional voting March 21, 2010. The National Front Took just 8.7 perc
July 17 category:Businesses
The ferry "Danielle Casanova" SNCM blocked July 4, 2014 in the port of Marseille afp.com/Bertrand Langlois On Monday, the direction of SNCM unions announced the next filing for bankruptcy. The majority shareholders Transdev and Veolia had r
June 3 category:Economy
SNCM's bailout is "damaging to the port economy" according to Roland Blum, First Deputy Mayor for mayor of Marseille. REUTERS / Jean-Paul Pelissier "The government remains silent on the shareholding of the company and the need to maint
January 8 category:Businesses
The nightmare scenario provides only 425 CDI and no CDD, while SNCM currently employs 2000 people. afp.com/Pascal Pochard Casabianca Spoiler serialized in SNCM. The site Marin has obtained a summary of the working group on the future of the shipping
September 27 category:Political
Aerial view of Marseille taken on June 20, 2008. In the foreground, part of port facilities, with a central site of the tower that will house the future headquarters of CMA CGM, the world's third largest ocean freight company. AFP PHOTO THOMAS COEX A
April 13 category:Businesses
A woman contemplates the SNCM ferry "Paglia Orba" from a boat of Corsica Ferries, July 10, 2014 in the port of Ajaccio. afp.com/Pascal Pochard-Casabianca It was to be the day "J" for SNCM is wasted, the Commercial Court of Marseil
May 19 category:Businesses
The "Monte d'Oro", SNCM ferry in the port of Marseille June 23, 2014 afp.com/Boris Horvat The word is out. The Secretary of State for Transport Frédéric Cuvillier with favor the bankruptcy of the shipping company in difficulty SNCM, on stri
June 21 category:Business
SNCM ferry leaves the port of Marseille, 28 October 2014. afp.com/Bertrand Langlois The verdict is to SNCM. The company will be placed in receivership decided the Marseille Commercial Court on Friday. This decision is accompanied by an observation pe
August 24 category:Political
The UMP mayor of Marseille Jean-Claude Gaudin, likely candidate to succeed him in the municipal. afp.com/Anne-Christine Poujoulat "I regret that the Prime Minister did not want to commit to more immediate projects." Jean-Claude Gaudin displ
June 7 category:Businesses
SNCM strike just ended after a vote at a general meeting of employees. ANNE-CHRISTINE POUJOULAT / AFP We felt it coming ... The day after a deemed "constructive" meeting with the government, the employees of the SNCM ferry company come to v
July 5 category:Businesses
SNCM: Jean-Marc Ayrault welcomes the government's efforts have "paid". "We were able to avoid the worst." AFP PHOTO FRED DUFOUR Jean-Marc Ayrault has pledged € 30 million of additional contribution of the state to the shipping com
January 1 category:Economy
General view of the old harbor in Marseille, southern France in this picture taken September 4, 2004. Marseille is one of the host cities for the French Rugby World Cup 2007 tournament qui Will begin in Paris on September 7, 2007 with the final aussi
January 17 category:Economy
Some 114,000 annual hires young little or no qualified target audience of the device jobs of the future, could be achieved in the area of ​​social and solidarity economy, according to a study published Tuesday Crédoc. DR Some 114,000 annual hires you
January 20 category:Businesses
Veolia is willing to give to the euro equity participation of SNCM owned by Transdev. afp.com/Bertrand Langlois One euro. This is the price at which the boss of Veolia Environnement, Antoine Frérot, confirmed Thursday to be ready to sell stake in the
January 26 category:Politics, Society
Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault announced sending 80 additional police in Marseille. AFP PHOTO / POOL / ANNE-CHRISTINE POUJOULAT POUJOULATTINE Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault announced an aid package of more than three billion euros spent on improv
January 30 category:Businesses
A ferry of the shipping company Societe Nationale Corse Mediterrannee Marseille (SNCM) docked at the port of Marseille March 27, 2014 afp.com/Boris Horvat "We retired and we did get the message. It's over," said the deputy director of the N

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