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February 8 category:Why it matters
The "Get Lucky" in Flemish Arie Elmaleh for the first "Grand Journal" by Antoine de Caunes, are those who have missed it? His eyes bulging, her innocent smelling rabble, his monstrous base, its incomptabilisables choristers. If th
March 30 category:It comes out
[Youtube] zV2GA63HEGk [/ youtube] The Daft Punk album not out in a month, and yet we only talk about that. There was an extract at Coachella last weekend and fakes (fake versions) have appeared all over the Internet. Until Daft Punk so the official v
April 18 category:Music
Pharrell Williams Get Lucky in the clip. Screenshot After the release of yet another parody of Stephen Colbert's summer hit Get Lucky Daft Punk, it is time to take stock of the best and worst invented parodies on the Internet. Animal Version Here, a
July 12 category:How we did before
[Youtube] fOPVmvqi7JY [/ youtube] "Get Lucky" Daft Punk, as just assert the New York Times, will be THE single this summer. If not, will become a mythical title. Well, mythical, it is already in a month for a small malignant that stuck on a
November 10 category:VIP Americas
A video montage is interpreted Get Lucky Daft Punk Barack Obama. REUTERS Barack Obama is definitely the most rock'n'roll President ever. Under the name baracksdubs, a user had fun making a montage on YouTube from speeches pieces of the President of t
December 8 category:Books, Movies
Monday, August 15, the first "happy few" had access to the website Pottermore. They express their joy on the canvas, but others are still awaiting registration email ... Warner Bros The Pottermore website is now open ... one million fans on
December 23 category:Tennis
Australian Open. St├ęphane Robert fought to the end in his eighth final match against Andy Murray. REUTERS / Jason Reed The "lucky loser", drafted first in history to reach the fourth round of the Australian Open, the French Stephane Robert
January 11 category:TV
Leanne Maxwell shocked to discover that she won the big prize in the new Lucky 7 series. Capture Desktop Seven years after the Windfall NBC series that dealt with the same subject, ABC launches Lucky 7, a show about the employees of a service station
January 18 category:Music
Screenshot of the clip Robot Dance, Zack Kim. YouTube Capture It's the little controversy of the day signed Reddit, the famous American community site. Internet issued a "ticket" entitled "Get Lucky Daft Punk looks suspiciously like th
January 28 category:Personal Effectiveness
"The optimist has a curious behavior, more open, more attentive than the average of the positive possibilities that surround" Flickr / dotbenjamin "No one is born under an unlucky star; there are only people who do not read the sky.
March 6 category:High Tech
Liu Chuanzhi, CEO of No. 1 Chinese computing, Lenovo. REUTERS / Jason Lee For the boss of Lenovo, China's first group of computers, Apple is missing a huge opportunity in China. "We are lucky that Steve Jobs is as bad character, and that it was
March 24 category:Music, TV
Hugh Laurie and Stephen Colbert dancing and singing on Get Lucky Daft Punk. Screenshot Tuesday 6 August the group Daft Punk was expected in the show The Colbert Report airs on Comedy Central in the United States. Unfortunately, the French were forced
December 26 category:TV
The employees of the service station became arouse real media craze. Screenshot Previously on ... Lucky 7: Matt, Nicky, Leanne, Denise, Samira and Antonio are the employees of a service station led by Bob. Every week they usually buy a lottery ticket
December 30 category:Why it matters
[Youtube] A6PEboTpcfI [/ youtube] Barack Obama is trying really hard. He tries hard, on his Twitter to pull hilarious jokes (but not Bernard Pivot wants). Not to mention the investment of time, energy and self-deprecating he had to show to perform he
January 22 category:Music
Here it is, <italic> Get Lucky </ italic> has arrived! The real version is available on iTunes on Thursday and available for streaming. DR Real star of the musical week, the song Get Lucky is now available for sale on iTunes and streaming
January 27 category:Fashion
Mannequins have become a singer at the time of the CFDA Awards. Capture video clip Monday, June 3, 2013, the models were ready for the CFDA Awards -the Oscars of fashion. Carefully chosen clothing, hair perfectly coiffed, perfect makeup, everyone was
March 28 category:Business Ideas
Arnaud Montebourg was in top form to celebrate the seventh edition of the objects of the new industrial France (ONFI), organized at Bercy on 4 February. A ceremony touting SMEs and innovative start-up, "vitamins accelerator", in the words o
On 26 January 2013, opponents of Christian Estrosi urban renovation project on the street. Protection Association of the square of Colonel Jean-Pierre 1 - A curious stroke of the chisel on the city map It all starts on September 11, 2012. By opening
April 27 category:Music, Media
Musicians Banglater Thomas and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo of Daft Punk poses at the world premiere of the film "TRON: Legacy" in Hollywood, California, December 11, 2010. REUTERS / Danny Moloshok (UNITED STATES - Tags: ENTERTAINMENT) REUTE
July 31 category:Music
Get Lucky inspiring for users. DR Acoustic guitar, piano, a cappella or with cats, mixers and hard drives ... Fashion is the resumption of the biggest musical boxes. And everyone is trying to be the most original, to surf the success of their model.

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