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January 3 category:Face and body care
No need to think about lifting from the appearance of first wrinkles. Aesthetic medicine offers powerful anti-aging treatments. Getty Images / iStockphoto / Thinkstock From the cliché of the American actress frozen face, aesthetic medicine offers eff
February 1 category:Health
(Photo illustration) Pachoud A new experimental treatment against leukemia could soon be on the market. It is the wish of US regulators, which they consider promising. They note in fact that 89% of patients who tested had their cancer di
March 1 category:Hairdressing
Maca is best known for its aphrodisiac qualities as for its capillary properties! Nevertheless, it is the new star plant at Martine Mahé! Revitalizing, hydrating and detoxifying the specialist ... 100% natural hair care has developed a basic cabin Ma
March 19 category:Health
The combination of chemotherapy and hormonal treatment would extend the life of men with prostate cancer, according to a US study. REUTERS / Mike Brown A new treatment strategy can significantly prolong the life of men with invasive cancer of the pro
March 22 category:Health
LSD treatment might be effective against alcoholism says a Norwegian researcher. Pachoud Hallucinations fight against cirrhosis. LSD can be an effective tool in the fight against alcoholism, said Thursday a Norwegian scientist who plans
April 1 category:Health
If risk of exposure to HIV, preventive triple therapy, called post-exposure treatment (TPE), may be prescribed to prevent contamination. Sullivan AIDS still scared me. But by far. As something that could never touch me, nor I, nor my s
April 10 category:Media
MEDIA - The CSA has nevertheless welcomed the interest of France Télévisions "to attract the attention of viewers on the tragic events and the identification of the perpetrators." of Sakutin The High Council of Audiovisual
April 13 category:Hairdressing
Hair loss can be due to many factors, without it being provided pathological. Getty Images / iStockphoto Why is losing his hair? The hair grows about six years for women, lives a few days before entering the death phase (called telogen) -which takes
May 23 category:Health, Tennis
The former tennis player Jérôme Golmard revealed Sunday, April 6 to have the disease Charcot. Reuters At a press conference held this weekend in the French Open pregnant, Jérôme Golmard announced following a new treatment for a few weeks, creating so
July 8 category:Political
Thomas Thévenoud was landed from the government for having forgotten to pay his taxes. His wife she had to give up his position at the side of Jean-Pierre Bel, president of the Senate. AFP PHOTO / THOMAS SAMSON The wife of Thomas Thévenoud was "
July 17 category:Health News
A recent study reveals that the use of a hormone-based treatment could significantly reduce the risk of developing breast cancer. An international team of researchers has made a discovery that could change the lives of hundreds of thousands of women.
September 5 category:Health
Baclofen as a treatment against the alcohol addiction will now be reimbursed by Social Security. D. Meyer / AFP New step for baclofen. The decree establishing the repayment of this drug to treat alcohol dependency has been published in the Official J
September 18 category:Health
An expert panel recommended Thursday at the US Agency Drug Administration (FDA) the placing on the market Truvada, first preventive treatment against AIDS, despite the fears of some associations that it results in more risky sexual behavior .
September 21 category:Facials
Beauty products that are used rapido and provide results that are continuing and protracted! Ideal to be on top while saving time. No need to wait for hours to get bluffing results through these treatments for the face, body and hair that act quickly
October 26 category:Society
Valentin, 12, who has Asperger's syndrome. His mother, Veronica, had to fight against social services to retain custody. Justice agreed. Jean-Paul Guilloteau / L'Express It has become a reflex. When she passes the window of his studio, she takes a lo
November 4 category:Middle East
Laurent Fabius, June 22, 2013 at a meeting of the "Friends of Syria" in Doha. France has delivered anti sarin gas treatment to the Syrian opposition, said Saturday in Doha on French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius. In its deliveries
November 4 category:Health
10% of cancers in men and 3% in women are attributable to alcohol, shows a study in eight Western European countries published online Friday by the British Medical Journal (BMJ). Pachoud The debate of baclofen, a muscle relaxant used in
November 10 category:Health, North America
An AIDS test. Amiet A little girl born infected with the AIDS virus and treated with antiretroviral drugs was 11 months, with no trace of infection, researchers said on Wednesday at the Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infect
November 14 category:Health
Thirty years after the beginning of the AIDS epidemic, an international clinical trial published Thursday in the United States demonstrates that early treatment with antiretroviral virtually eliminates the risk of transmission of HIV.
November 25 category:Celebrity news
Babyshambles singer Pete Doherty is tr & egrave; s good terms & eacute; in prison. <O: p> </ o: p> Babyshambles singer Pete Doherty, is very well treated in prison. According to reports The Sun, the troubled singer chillin behind

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