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March 8 category:High Tech
TABLET GOOGLE. Nexus 7, unveiled by Google, will compete directly with the Kindle Fire from Amazon. REUTERS / Stephen Lam Very fast, lighter than the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7, easy to use. This "hot" our first reactions after taking control of
July 25 category:High Tech
The new Google phone, Nexus One. Cory O'Brien Google announced Tuesday that it would hold 5 January a press conference on Android, its operating system for smartphones, amid rumors about an upcoming release of the first phone of the brand. The press
November 12 category:High Tech
IPAD MINI. Amazon and Google are fighting back the launch of the new Apple tablet. REUTERS / Robert Galbraith Advertising campaign for Amazon new model for Google Nexus 7. It took a little less than a week to see the new Apple's competitors respond t
January 18 category:High Tech
The new Google phone, Nexus One. Cory O'Brien Having developed Android, the operating system for smartphone that is popular with manufacturers, Google launches its own device. A foray into hardware surprising for a group more used to develop software
March 11 category:Fashion, High-Tech
Kenzo creates a pouch for Google Nexus 7 tablet. DR "We are delighted that Fashion Week is democratized," rejoices Humberto Leon. "Through the Internet, we can communicate with an audience of more and wider" added Carol Lim. Kenzo
October 24 category:High Tech
With a screen of nearly six inches, the Nexus 6 stands as one of the most serious competitors of the iPhone 6 Plus. Courtesy of Google The Nexus 6, one of the largest phablets The Nexus 6 succumbs to fashion phablets and not done in half measures as
October 28 category:High Tech
TABLET GOOGLE. Nexus 7, unveiled by Google, will compete directly with the Kindle Fire from Amazon. REUTERS / Stephen Lam The small tablet Google Nexus 7, made by Asus will be available in France from September 3, including SFR, Fnac, Darty and Boula
January 5 category:High Tech
Facebook Home was featured on the HTC First, the first smartphone optimized for the new Facebook home screen. REUTERS / Robert Galbraith Stroke of genius. By simply changing the home page of Android, the social network gives the illusion that the use
January 18 category:High Tech
The Taiwanese manufacturer HTC smartphones has swung into the red in the third quarter 2013, for the first time since 2002. REUTERS / Pichi Chuang HTC sinks. The Taiwanese smartphone maker posted a quarterly loss for the first time in its history, it
February 29 category:High Tech
The new iPad changes name to Air iPad. Justin Sullivan / Getty Images / AFP Apple introduced Tuesday, October 22 a new iPad lighter and more powerful than previous models, but not necessarily enough analysts to stem the erosion of its share of the in
May 25 category:High Tech
Christmas is coming, a great time to unveil a new tablet. REUTERS / Robert Galbraith You will hear a lot of Apple these days. The US company must disclose to the press tonight in San Francisco new versions of its iPad tablets, at a conference keynote
July 5 category:High Tech
APPLE. We would approach the output of a Mini iPad. REUTERS / Lee Jae-Won Asian subcontractors Apple LG and AU Optronics have started production of the screens for the iPad Mini, reports the Wall Street Journal. The iPad Mini, according to sources of
October 19 category:High Tech
IPAD MINI. The 7 inch tablet from Apple will be released on 2 November. REUTERS / Robert Galbraith Apple on Tuesday unveiled its iPad mini, which puts Apple brand on the 7-inch market. It was expected this spectrum, where competition is fierce, pulli
March 14 category:High Tech
The chipmaker for mobile, on track to achieve a record year, is through its patents behind countless products related to wireless technologies. But if he touches money on each, he did not bet on all. Interview with Bill Davidson, senior VP marketing
March 18 category:High Tech
The benefit of HTC fell 91% in Q4. REUTERS / Pichi Chuang The Taiwanese manufacturer HTC smartphones announced Monday a fall in net profit of 91% in the fourth quarter, year on year, a dip analysts explained by fierce competition from his rivals, inc
September 6 category:High Tech
The Mobile World Congress opens today in Barcelona with many novelties. REUTERS / Albert Gea After the CES in Las Vegas, the players in the mobile phone market have an appointment this week at the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona until 28 Febr
February 10 category:High Tech
AMAZON - The announcement of the stock-out of the Kindle Fire seems to indicate that its production was halted. Enough to feed the rumors about the next presentation of a new version of the tablet. REUTERS / Shannon Stapleton Amazon said Thursday it
February 13 category:High Tech
HTC, despite successful smartphones like the One X, suffers from competition from Samsung. © Jérôme Chatin The Taiwanese manufacturer HTC announced Friday a drop of 58% year on year in net profit in the second quarter 2012, due to increased competiti
May 11 category:High Tech
The marketing manager of Apple, Phil Schiller shows the prices of the new iPad. REUTERS / Robert Galbraith A mini iPad by the end of the year? The rumor is not new. Several analysts have already announced by Apple tablet has a lower screen to the cur
July 9 category:High Tech
A Mini Surface preparation at Microsoft? REUTERS / Lucas Jackson Microsoft is developing a new smaller version of its Surface tablet, he launched last year, wrote on Thursday the Wall Street Journal, citing people familiar with the matter. Mass produ

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