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January 31 category:Flavours
More and more shops prohibit the sale of foie gras in the UK. Alexandre Marchi / EASTERN REPUBLICAIN Lese majesty. Prohibited by the store chain Selfridges, a butcher of the brand has dared to sell its walls foie gras, reported The Independent. Jack
February 11 category:Businesses
The first French insurance broker Gras Savoye, eliminates 291 jobs. Guay The first French insurance broker Gras Savoye has planned to eliminate 291 jobs as part of a restructuring plan to be presented internally next week, said on We
February 14 category:Receipts
test JC Amiel / M. LETEURE / S. Ezgulian Preparation: 10 minutes 4 people Ingredients 350g canned foie gras farmer nature 2 pinches of sea salt 1 teaspoon shaves poppy seeds 1 teaspoon scoop of powdered Espelette pepper 1 teaspoon scoop of sesame see
February 16 category:Flavors Recipes
Prepare a foie gras? A hobby adopted by more and more French. DR Foie gras remains darling of the French: it resists the crisis, supported by the enthusiasm of the people for the kitchen ... but also discreet hand that rival professional innovations
March 26 category:Receipts
Saffron broth in Keda Black foie gras. Marie Mersier / Nathalie Book to L'Express Styles For 6 people. Preparation time: 35 min. Cooking time: 4 h if the broth is prepared, if not 20 minutes. Ingredients 1 liter of homemade chicken stock (recipe belo
April 3 category:Flavours
The POWER-chef Didier Durand, fighting since 2006 against the successive bans foie gras in the United States. ThinkStock Defending French dishes: this could be the motto of the Perigord chef Didier Durand, who is fighting since 2006 against the succe
April 10 category:Receipts
RECIPE - A velvety brown perfect for this fall season. CôtéSud 4 people Preparation:> 30 min Cooking time: 15min Ingredients: -8 Slices of whole-grain bread (or 4 large), even a little dry -1 Jar of cooked chestnuts (300 g) -1 Can white beans with
April 20 category:Receipts
The foie gras is not complicated to do it yourself. Getty Images / iStockphoto For a terrine of foie gras. Preparation 15 min. Cook 50 minutes. Ingredients 1 foie gras from 500 to 600 g (paper, vacuum or frozen. Already deveined or not) 6 g salt 1.5
April 28 category:Flavours
Pie, old-fashioned? Nay, he is back in force and in great shape, especially in the leg Michel Rostand. Reviews Hunters flavors. DR Pate foie gras duck crust is THE emblematic dish of Rostang, available throughout the year at 18 euros to the card, the
May 7 category:Political
CPNT (Hunting, Fishing, Nature and Tradition) party presidential candidate Frederic Nihous stands in front of the Sensee marshland, Pendant campaign has visited 18 April 2007 near the northern town of Palluel. Declared the day before Nihous That His
May 14 category:Receipts
Broth recipe crozets and diced foie gras. Valerie Lhomme / Manuela Chantepie / East Side For 4 people. Preparation <20 min. Cooking 20 min Ingredients 75 cl chicken stock 100 g crozets 200 g of foie gras terrine of duck or goose 1/3 daikon radish
May 16 category:Receipts
Christmas or New Year, we try the truffled foie gras beads or jewels to eat! Photo: Valérie Lhomme. Deco styling Noémie strikethrough. 4 people Preparation 30 min. Refrigeration 2 h. 150 grams of duck foie gras terrine 1 small truffle Salt crystals S
May 17 category:Receipts
Foie gras recipe paprika. Bérengère Abraham / Valerie Lhomme For a nice bowl for 6-8 people. Preparation 10 min. Cooking 1 h. Refrigeration 12 hours. Ingredients 800 g denervated lobe of foie gras 5 g of salt 5 g of white pepper 1 teaspoon paprika 1
February 28 category:Flavours
While many consumers are planning to scale back their budget for the year-end holidays, they always show too greedy. All Rights Reserved Foie gras with truffles of Perigord The Imperial Comtesse du Barry is a fatty liver Biscay duck flavor that blend
June 12 category:Economy
Quick offer from December 17 to 19 a Supreme foie gras only 5 euros to 7.50 euros in a menu. DR Pure ground beef beef in a small round bread, lettuce leaves, a little onion jam, but on the occasion of New Year holidays, a few cubes of foie gras duck:
August 17 category:Receipts
Recipe for sautéed onions stuffed with foie gras and honey. François Goudier / Marie Audhuy For 4 people. Preparation 20 min. Cooking 3:15 Ingredients 4 large yellow onions 120 g fresh duck foie gras 4 fresh slices of foie gras 1 piece of bacon 200g
September 16 category:Receipts
test Bernard Touillon Preparation time: 40 min / 24 hours of rest Cooking time: 20 min 4 people Ingredients 500 g of foie gras (one lobe) 1 bunch of basil olive oil salt and pepper 1 red pepper, 1 green, 1 yellow 1 red onion 1 tomato 1 zucchini 1 egg
September 20 category:Receipts
A spectacular but easy execution dish, inspired Alléno. Jerome Bilic for L'Express Styles / production: Marie LETEURE FOR 4 PEOPLE PREPARATION: 10 MIN COOKING TIME: 10 MIN Ingredients 200g Seared foie gras 3 sheets of nori seaweed 10 cl of sweet soy
September 29 category:Flavours
Foie gras ... illegal? Regis Duvignau / REUTERS Is there a problem in the corner? The majority of foie gras duck sold in France is not in accordance with European regulations, says L214 animal protection association. It denounces the use by producers
October 11 category:Receipts
Recipe duck foie gras fried with oyster Eric Frechon. Valery Guedes / Bérengère Abraham / L'Express Styles For 4 people. Preparation 20 min. Cooking 15 min Ingredients 8 slices of foie gras de canard about 50 g each 8 oysters 2 diced 10 cl soy sauce

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