guigoz infant milk containts

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December 2 category:Economy
The Chinese state television CCTV Monday accused the maker of infant milk Dumex, a subsidiary of French giant Danone, of bribing hospital staff in China, leading the company to announce "the opening of an investigation "internal. REUTERS /
January 31 category:Businesses
Pfizer, headquartered in New York, February 3, 2010. REUTERS / Brendan McDermid The US pharmaceutical company Pfizer is poised to sell its baby milk business to Swiss Nestle, for more than 9 billion, reported Tuesday the Wall Street Journal. Nestlé h
October 13 category:Businesses
Nestlé and Danone will drop the price of their infant milk after an investigation by Beijing to price fixing between foreign suppliers. REUTERS / Denis Balibouse European food giant Danone and Nestlé announced Thursday that they will lower the price
December 29 category:Businesses
Fonterra apologized via-a-vis China and the Prime Minister of New Zealand. REUTERS / John Gress The New Zealand giant Fonterra announced on Monday in Beijing's "profound apology" while denying failing to react after the discovery in his dai
May 23 category:Businesses
Nestlé and Danone will drop the price of their infant milk after an investigation by Beijing to price fixing between foreign suppliers. REUTERS / Denis Balibouse Nestlé Pact - Bettencourt, almost over? The company will not extend its shareholders' ag
June 13 category:Society
The city of Carrefour Rue Vaugirard in Paris. Street View The practice of Carrefour City of Vaugirard street, in the fifteenth arrondissement of Paris, shocking. Tired of being robbed of the products on its shelves, the direction of the franchise hol
August 24 category:Flavors
From farmer to retail, through industry-cooked food, flaws exist at all stages of the food chain. Exclusively, excerpts of the book Geraldine Meignan on opaque and illegal traffics networks in the food chain. We have lost control of our food! Supply
October 13 category:Society Minute Gourmet
baby bottle Image Source The precautionary principle. The Intermarché asked its stores removing a Guigoz milk powder for babies. This follows the discovery in some of them, in the Tarn-et-Garonne, what looked like iron filings, that is to say iron pl
June 15 category:Businesses
New Zealand Fonterra dairy provides Danone brands in Asia. REUTERS Danone reiterated in several Asian countries milk powder batches baby its local brands Dumex and Karicare, because of a risk of botulism in some dairy products manufactured by one of
September 10 category:Health, Society
HEALTH - The practice of breastfeeding varies greatly depending on the social level. AFP Give or sell her breast milk via the Internet is illegal. But it also poses risks to the health of infants. Pediatricians and health authorities were keen to rec
October 23 category:Health
MILK SHORTAGE - Premature babies more than others need milk. In France, this includes 10,000 newborns each year. Reuters Faced with a shortage of breast milk, Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris appeals to potential donors. Collected by milk banks,
September 16 category:Health
An officer prepared to destroy unqualified milk powder qui Was Confiscated, in Shanghai November 14, 2008. The United States Issued an import alert for Chinese-made food products on Thursday, calling for foods to Be Stopped at the border UNLESS Impor
December 20 category:Health
Baby Nursing. Jupiterimages "Young moms, give your milk!". Faced with a shortage of breast milk, the Public Assistance Hospitals of Paris has launched an appeal for donations. This rare product, collected by milk banks, enough to feed prema
January 21 category:Company Kids
In France, one in three infants are exclusively breastfed. REUTERS / Eduardo Munoz Breastfeeding, there really does taste. According to a specialized site Magicmaman survey conducted among a panel of 1,500 mothers, younger of them, aged 25 to 34, are
January 21 category:Economy
The scandal erupted with the death of two infants who consumed milk powder from Sanlu Group. DR L? The contaminated milk melamine continues to gain? S scale. As the chemical is detected in new foods, fear wins abroad?. A number of countries, mainly i
January 10 category:Health
One of the marks by the scandal. Bobby Yip / Reuters The first warning of contamination infant formula in China was given last May when a baby died after developing kidney stones related to the consumption of adulterated milk powder. Since then, thre
April 4 category:Flavors, Health
Between those who advocate the virtues of milk and detractors, difficult to distinguish the false from the true. ThinkStock Sometimes accused of being dangerous to health by his detractors, sometimes defended by specialists milk is controversial. He
July 14 category:Flavours
SUPPLY - In New Zealand, Allergy-Free milk from a genetically modified cow was created. Getty Images / Zoonar RF / Thinkstock Of New Zealand scientists have genetically engineered a cow to produce the first hypoallergenic milk in the world. The findi
July 15 category:Food Guide
"Dairy products are our friends for life"? This is at least what we thought until the 2000s, but since then, several voices were raised to denounce the evils of cow's milk for humans. Between the recommendations of certain bodies and the ac
August 29 category:Economy
Milk carton infant dairy giant Sanlu, in which the scandal happened DR The scandal of the Chinese tainted milk continues to take an international twist. Bruxlles decided on Thursday to take extreme measures banning imports of all children's products

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