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February 7 category:Sport
Luc Abalo, leaping Blues winger, January 28, 2010, against Poland to the Euro. REUTERS / Oleg Popov An already legendary team. No selection was far accumulated at the same time Olympic champion titles (Beijing 2008), world champion (2009) and Europea
July 22 category:Sport
HANDBALL - The Experts qualified for the knockout stages of the World Cup, but did not raise concerns about their level of play. afp.com/Josep Lago With three wins in three games, the team of France qualified for the knockout stages of the World Hand
November 14 category:Sport
The France team handball and Mathieu Grebille were above their Croatian opponent this Sunday. AFP The Blues have made a big step for the semi-finals of Euro 2014. Driven by their goalkeeper Thierry Omeyer, French handball players have depressed Croat
July 29 category:Sport
The players of the France team handball after their victory over Croatia at the first day of the main round group 2 January 19, 2014 in Aarhus. afp.com/Jonathan NACKSTRAND While she has to face Gilles Bertrand absences (injured) and Didier Dinart (re
July 8 category:Sport
Claude Onesta, coach of the France team Handball, World Champion. Photo in late November 2011 to L'Express. Michel Labelle for L'Express Do you remember the first time you played handball? Not exactly. I must have been 11 or 12 years in the late 1960
June 7 category:Sport
Nikola Karabatic of France team his shot weapon against Egypt in Handball World January 18, 2015 at Losail afp.com When the Marseillaise rang before the start of a game of the France team, the Dean Jerome Fernandez who officiates as captain, flag in
June 23 category:Fashion
Nikola Karabatic REUTERS / Fadi Al-Assaad Live Update Thank you all for following us. See you Friday for a "classic" handball, France and Spain! A taste of finals! Good evening! 01.28.2015 at 20:53 BALANCE SHEET The experts place this eveni
September 7 category:Fashion
The Blues, in the image of N.Karabatic, take over the face of the rough defense of Qatar. Mohammed Dabbous / Reuters Live Update Thank you all for following the live of this historic game. Good evening everyone! 01.02.2015 at 19:21 Francois Hollande
March 12 category:Fashion
The French Daniel Narcisse (g) prepares to shoot during the quarterfinal match of the World Handball against Slovenia, January 28, 2015 in Doha afp.com/Marwan Naamani Live Update 1000 goals for Karabatic? For its 245th selection, Nikola Karabatic is
November 14 category:Sport
Players Qatar celebrate their qualification for the World Cup final handball, January 30, 2015 in Doha. afp.com/Karim Jaafar Qatar - France. Which would not have been a poster of a gala event in the dead of winter, or at best, a group match internati
January 13 category:Sport
French handball goal keeper of Montpellier Agglomeration Handball (MAHB), Mickael Robin, arrived to the Police station Montpellier Montpellier To Be Placed in custody and Questioned Suspected of match-fixing and illegal betting DURING a handball matc
February 3 category:Sport
HANDBALL - La France Luc Abalo suffered to beat Tunisia Saturday night. afp.com/Boris Horvat They won, but they have suffered much more than expected. For entry into the World handball, the French raced behind until the 55th minute, before finally ma
February 10 category:Sport
HANDBALL - Samuel Honrubia, when PSG - Montpellier on 30 September 2012 in Paris. afp.com/Franck Fife Samuel Honrubia and Mladen Bojinovic, indicted in the case of the fake match suspicions have returned to PSG Handball group, the club has said on Tu
February 15 category:Sport
HANDBALL - Players Montpellier, including Nikola Karabatic, they arrived September 28, 2012 in Paris. afp.com/Bertrand Langlois The defense of five players from Montpellier indicted for "fraud" in the case of suspected handball match rigged
February 20 category:Sport, Justice
MONTPELLIER - For the prosecutor in Montpellier, Brice Robin, there are "close" relationship between the players of the club and their bettors. Screenshot i> Télé The statements of prosecutor in Montpellier do not help the business in Mo
February 22 category:Sport
HANDBALL - Parisian Honrubia and Bojinovic offered a real show Thursday night against Chambery, scoring 16 goals between them. afp.com/Franck Fife Paris SG Handball knocked the Championship of France by winning 28-24 in Chambéry Thursday in the clash
March 2 category:Sport
HANDBALL - French coach Claude Onesta during the qualifying match for Euro 2014 in Rouen against Lithuania on 1 November 2012. afp.com/Charly Triballeau Daniel Costantini is firing on all cylinders in L'Equipe on Monday, in the context of deleterious
March 7 category:Sport
Guillaume Joli and the French will defend their title on Sunday. REUTERS / Yves Herman The routine. France's handball team is propelled in the final of a major competition. The "Experts" have honored their nickname 29-26 Friday in Malmö aga
March 12 category:Sport Survey
Montpellier's Nikola Karabatic (2nd, L) is escorted to a police car at the end de son team's Ligue 1 handball match Against Paris Saint-Germain in Paris, September 30, 2012. French handball champions Montpellier are Involved in an investigation Into
March 26 category:Sport
HANDBALL - Dragan Gajic arrives at court in Montpellier on 16 October 2012. REUTERS / Pascal Parrot A judge Montpellier lifted the ban to meet the players and club members weighing on Dragan Gajic, indicted for fraud in the case of suspected fake mat

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