hollande promise 56 regional languages

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January 2 category:Regions, Politics
French President Francois Hollande as he reads His rating was waiting conference on "Civil servants in Europe Dictatorial" at the Sorbonne in Paris February 21, 2013. REUTERS / Philippe WOJAZER Hollande promised to "ratify the European
June 13 category:Education
After more than 15 years of deadlock, the European Charter for Regional and Minority languages ​​she will finally be ratified by France? AFP / Pascal Guyot The National Assembly passed Tuesday, January 14 in committee a proposal for a socialist const
March 12 category:Regions
The PS deputy Jean-Jacques Urvoas. Breton and jurist, president of the Law Commission has defined a strategy with the government to allow France to ratify the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages. afp.com Half win or Trojan horse? Advo
March 26 category:Regions
Demonstration on 12 December 2010 in Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone to defend road signs in Occitan language challenged by the courts. A new rally is planned tomorrow in Montpellier for regional languages. AFP / Pascal Guyot Is the French is imposed as the
February 16 category:Regions
Many events are planned throughout France on Saturday to defend regional languages, like this one in 2010. AFP / Pascal Guyot Quimper, Toulouse, Strasbourg, Bayonne, Ajaccio, Lille, Saint-Quentin, Poitiers, Annecy ... Defenders of regional languages
September 10 category:Regions
The beret, a symbol of French in the world, is an original Gascon term. REUTERS / Charles Platiau Ronsard, Hugo, Baudelaire, Rimbaud, Eluard ... Our greatest poets sang of love. Yet love is not a French word. Or, more accurately, it is a term that ou
September 4 category:Regions
View taken January 19, 2006 Paris, a stand of the 24th edition of the fair Expolangues whose German is invited to this year's honor. AFP PHOTO In 2008, Christine Albanel, minister of culture, promised a law on regional languages. A text which, in Feb
February 8 category:Regions
Several hundred people demonstrated December 12, 2010 in Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone to defend road signs in Occitan language that justice wants to take away from the town hall. AFP / Pascal Guyot The wind would turn it in favor of regional languages? I
March 21 category:Political
Supporters of Rennes stadium in October 2011 (Illustration). AFP / DAMIEN MEYER The European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages ​​waiting for years. Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault, pledged on Friday to speed up the legislative process for r
September 16 category:Political
Francois Hollande arrived Friday in Corsica for the first time since his election. afp.com/Miguel Medina In Bastia, Francois Hollande promised that the "fight" against violence in Corsica "will not waver" on Friday afternoon. The
October 4 category:Economy
COMPETITIVENESS - France has lost market share: its exports accounted for 6.3% of world exports in 1990, but only 3.3% in 2011. REUTERS / Philippe WOJAZER François Hollande promised Monday at a meeting in Paris with the world's major economic organiz
February 2 category:Society
President François Hollande received at the Elysee representatives of Jewish organizations in the aftermath of operation to dismantle an Islamist group. AFP PHOTO FRED DUFOUR Intransigence in the fight against terrorism and rejection of any amalgam.
April 18 category:Regions
"Nobody stops you to learn outside of the school that you like but you do not have to ask the community to fund what you like," Judge eg Debussy. AFP / Pascal Guyot The Occitan movement organized a demonstration Saturday, February 16 in Mon
May 16 category:Political
Hollande had gone to the meeting of the workers of Florange in February. iTélé The Socialist presidential candidate François Hollande promised Wednesday that he would leave "to do" one "attendant social plans" that is being prepar
August 14 category:Regions
Colloquial Arabic, Berber, Romany, Western Armenian, Yiddish and Judeo-Spanish will also be affected, announces Aurélie Filippetti. © Eric Garault / Pasco Express You present your plan today for regional languages. Would not it be more useful to enco
October 5 category:Education
"A language badly to being given the status of a paper that does not correspond to real social, cultural, economic territories ... it was then invite to conquer," said Alain Bentolila. afp.com/Damien Meyer The story dealt very unevenly the
November 25 category:Economy
Francois Hollande promises to return to the ArcelorMittal Florange "in six months or a year." The head of state went there the first time in February 2012, when he was a candidate in the presidential election (pictured). REUTERS / Francois
September 13 category:Politics, Society
Visit this Sunday in the Pyrenees to follow the ninth stage of the Tour de France, the President of the Republic took the opportunity to meet with flood victims. He promised them the state's assistance. AFP / POOL / REMY GABALDA Francois Hollande vis
May 21 category:Businesses
President Francois Hollande, who received Thursday at the Elysee the Inter PSA Aulnay promised tripartite negotiations -syndicats, direction, state. REUTERS / Bertrand Langlois / Pool President Francois Hollande, who received Thursday at the Elysee t
July 30 category:Fashion
President Francois Hollande in the Elysee Palace gardens to the interview of 14 July 2013. afp.com/Philippe WOJAZER Live Update The interview is over, so let's close this live. Find below the main statements of the head of state. For the impatient, h

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