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March 13 category:Flavors, Economy
Conservators must specify on their cards if the dishes are homemade or not. REUTERS / Phil McCarten The Decree on the appellation "home", which will oversee the use of the term by the restaurant, will be released mid-July. They will have th
November 22 category:Businesses
Sylvia Pinel, Minister in charge of crafts, trade and tourism announced the creation of a label "home" for restoration. Reuters / Charles Platiau Consumers, you finally know if you eat frozen or fresh food in a restaurant in France. Tourism
December 1 category:Restaurants, Society
A cuisini? Re The last pose? Re key? a dish of Saint-Jacques shells in the kitchen of a tavern, 21? s December 2005? Caen. An agreement for a new pay scale in the h? Such-caf? S restaurants-a? T? concluded on 19? s December 2005 for the first? time s
December 11 category:News item
A metallurgist lost a cyanide vial in its RER B. AFP Photo / JEAN AYISSI A train line B of the RER station was evacuated Arcueil (Val-de-Marne) Friday after a passenger lost a cyanide vial into a train, do we have learned from police sources and with
January 18 category:Economy Flavors
From July 15, restaurateurs will be able to use a logo to identify the dishes that are cooked "home". afp.com/Jeff Pachoud From Tuesday, conservators will be able to display the logo of the new label "homemade". It aims to enhance
February 27 category:Receipts
Made in less than 20 minutes, this recipe should please three hungry without difficulty. DH / MS Preparation time: less than 20 minutes Cooking time: 10 minutes 3 people INGREDIENTS 1 pizza dough homemade or ready to unfold 125 g tomato coulis 1 smal
July 20 category:High Tech
A San Francisco start-up is gradually a name in the distribution of digital documents in the shadow of giants Google and Amazon. Already profitable, it attracts 38 million visitors per month. Interview with Jared Friedman, a co-founder of Scribd. DR
November 15 category:Receipts
Ketchup recipe homemade. Nest Magazine For 4-6 people Ingredients 4 tomatoes 200 g peeled canned tomatoes 2 tbsp. tablespoons of tomato paste 1/2 apple 1 tsp. tablespoon fennel seeds 1 tsp. coriander seeds 1 sprig of rosemary 1 onion 1 clove garlic 6
November 23 category:Flavours
DR The Sense of Atelier offers a new space close to the Madeleine and department stores: an additional workshop, third in the network for up to 28 people, but also a dainty boutique, The Effect house, all being devoted to homemade. That is to say tha
June 16 category:Flavors, Restaurants
Fifteen of the greatest French chefs, including Alain Ducasse and Joel Robuchon, launching a label to distinguish "quality restaurants", industrial restaurants. AFP A label that distinguishes the quality restaurants restaurants where premiu
June 25 category:Flavors, Economy
Conservators must specify on their cards if the dishes are homemade or not. Reuters The decree on the word "home" was published in the Official Gazette on Sunday, highlighting fully elaborate dishes "on the spot" from "raw ma
October 20 category:Flavours
Established July 15, 2014, the label Made house new version will be implemented by the end of April 2015. PHOTOPQR / ALSACE The label Homemade, which clashes since its launch in July of the reluctance of restorers and consumer concerns, will be simpl
August 9 category:Flavours
Established July 15, 2014, the label "Homemade" must be reviewed and corrected by the end of March 2015. PHOTOPQR / ALSACE There are only eight months, is controversial and is not recognized by the general public. Homemade label is already
February 23 category:Marriage
All brides dream of finding their most beautiful wedding table and delicious cake. I leave that company pastry chefs who work wonders in the field. I propose you to make a dummy cake that will not cost you much, beautifully decorate bridal table and
January 1 category:Receipts
Outdated, cumbersome machine bread! With Gontran Cherrier, try your home bakery with a sponge and dough bread recipe. DR Video recipe Preparation: 10 min + 25 min Rest: 1:30 Shoot: 45 min Cooking time: 15-18 minutes For 5 sticks 23 cl of water (about
July 11 category:Royal families
Briton Mark Colborne, who planned to murder the Princes Charles and William Harry to allow the prince to the throne of England, was found guilty by the British justice. Mark Colborne, a white supremacist, was convicted of preparing terrorist acts by
January 7 category:Flavours
Juice bars arrive in France. From the United States they are full of vitamins. DR The Pinson café, coffee shop BIOCOOL The concept? Stone walls, vintage bar, plush sofas and tables ... This micro-chic canteen Scandinavian look was opened by a restaur
January 14 category:Escape
Between a bicycle ride along the canals and a visit to the museum, a stop at the Frozz glacier or a break Leafde the cozy shop Harumi Hotta. Corbis Waking up on the water. More original than the hotel or the guest room, there was the barge (Woonboot)
January 18 category:Escape
During the wet season, the Pantanal is the largest swamp in the world. Corbis All beautiful journey deserves. The Pantanal is no exception to the rule, it is a must even gender. As you discover this little-known region of Brazil could be likened to a
January 20 category:Escape, Flavours
The Shake Shack offers burgers "100% natural" understand "GMO". P. Mauss-Esto Shake Shack, the best burger Around Madison Square Park, Grand Central Station, impossible to miss, at lunch hour, headquarters of the New York street f

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