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February 24 category:Economy
Under certain conditions, work during their college years is not detrimental to school - and may even be positive. REUTERS / Vincent Kessler This is an old story of the UNEF. Each year, the main student union is concerned about the difficulties faced
July 16 category:Company News
Given the scale of fraud to S Bac exams and BTS NRC, the Minister of Education promised yesterday "Bac security proposals" by adapting to new technologies that have allowed leakage. After the leak of a math exercise in Bac S, Exam fraud is
February 1 category:High Tech
"15,000 RT and no examination." Malin, this student was able to escape control through Twitter. Screenshot / Twitter "If 15,000 people retweet me, you cancel the exam." That's essentially the bet launched by Andrew Muennink, a Tex
Pécresse reveals a ranking of universities for inserting the tray + 5 Getty images What color will it take for listing in the business school competition? Is it possible to take advantage of bundled rates for multiple schools? The Expansion.com an up
March 18 category:Music
Fans of Justin Bieber will reconcile white and entertainment reviews. Andrew Kelly / REUTERS Bieber-mania is still raging. Norwegian colleges have moved their exams, which coincided with the Canadian concert dates. A Aalesund city on the west coast o
April 2 category:High Tech
ROBOTICS - Japanese researchers prepare a computer to pass the entrance exam at the University of Tokyo. DR A first robot class in ten years? This is what seriously aimed Japanese researchers preparing a computer to pass the entrance exam to the pres
December 29 category:Education
After months of deadlock, the students eventually take their examinations. LEXPRESS.fr Long gone are the days when the Sorbonne and its president aroused controversy by multiplying the General Assemblies and blocking entrances. The time is the last-m
August 2 category:Society, Education
"All subscribers will be compensated 20% of the total monthly amount of the subscription," announced Guillaume Pepy. REUTERS / Jean-Paul Pelissier The President of the SNCF, Guillaume Pepy, presented on Friday a series of measures to allow
August 18 category:Education
Fillon suggested postponing the exams in September, it's ... Fillon suggested postponing the exams in September, it's ... a good solution to not to sell notes NaN% put more some students in trouble! NaN% useless strike will resume in the fall ... NaN
August 28 category:Society
REVIEWS - The watch is equipped with a small screen to ensure clear and accurate view of the stored text. DR New cheat sheet for the tray? Croatian society 24Kupi sells a watch designed for cheating safely, reports Le Figaro. Classic appearance perfe
January 14 category:Education
France, Pays de la Loire, Loire-Atlantique, Nantes, baccalaur? Has exam. Photononstop The ball joint written tests in three streams - S, L and ES - the baccalaurétat will open June 16, 2011 with the test dreaded philosophy. Monday, June 20 in the mor
February 7 category:Society
From 2015, monitoring of the code review will be performed by an authorized provider by the State. afp.com/Mychele Daniau Candidates had to go home. Over 80% of the inspectors were on strike across France on Wednesday to challenge the reform of the d
July 25 category:Asia
More than nine million young Chinese began to move Thursday hyper selective entrance exams at university, some did not hesitate to put the odds on their side with glucose infusions, injections of hormones or "nannies" to pamper before the e
September 12 category:Political
Valerie Trierweiler was hospitalized Thursday in connection with the revelations on Closer liaison between Francois Hollande and Julie Gayet. C.Hartmann / Reuters Valerie Trierweiler, the companion of François Hollande, is hospitalized in Paris for a
October 17 category:Economy
Christine Lagarde should detail his vision of an IMF "responsive, cooperative, legitimate and fair." REUTERS / Yuri Gripas After bilateral meetings Wednesday, Christine Lagarde Thursday to pass the oral exam before the Board of the Internat
June 25 category:Business
The five candidates for president of MEDEF are interviewed on 23 but to expose their projects. EG The five men each have half an hour to convince twenty minute presentation on their profile and projects and ten minutes for questions. The talks began
August 25 category:Political
Prime Minister Manuel Valls will deliver a policy speech géénrale the Assembly Tuesday, April 8 REUTERS / Philippe WOJAZER A week after being named prime minister Francois Hollande, replacing Jean-Marc Ayrault, Manuel Valls will enter this week in th
December 3 category:High Tech
The headquarters of the CSA CSA The French will soon have six new free channels on digital terrestrial television. Meanwhile, time is under consideration. While two candidates withdrew from the race (the Weather Channel and Urb tv, an urban culture c
March 3 category:Economy
Less close to voters that Obama, Mitt Romney highlights his expertise in economics to redress the country. REUTERS / Rick Wilking It looks pretty good and Americans prefer Barack Obama when it comes to economics, but despite many strengths, Republica
July 30 category:Company News
Late Tuesday afternoon, a TER struck a school bus on a level crossing near Auxerre, in Yonne. Eighteen children were slightly injured, one seriously, but his prognosis is more committed this morning. TER passengers are unharmed. "Time for a seco

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