IR Drain for Abdominal Abscess

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April 1 category:Receipts
Young beet stems candied spices and maple syrup on cottage cheese goat recipe taken from "all eat from A to Z," Sophie Dupuis-Gaulier, QED collection (Hachette kitchen). Guillaume Czerw / Hachette Kitchen For 4 people. Preparation 5 min. Co
September 9 category:Economy
Nearly 2 million French living abroad, often for professional reasons. WOJAZER The French are increasingly more likely to emigrate. This is the finding of a study by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris (CCIP), released on W
September 15 category:Economy
Parma. With the recession and unemployment of young people, Italy has again become a country of emigration. REUTERS At a time when Italy is moved emigrate en masse to see its graduates, a journalist, Antonio Siragusa, lends his pen to fellow parties
October 4 category:Fight cellulite
Against cellulite should never disarm! To lose cellulite before the arrival of spring and filled our little wear skirts in the sun, a solution is offered to us: the drainer AD Pure that de-gum (almost) all of our unsightly cellulite! Explanations. In
March 13 category:Economy
The US central bank said Monday it would create term deposits paid to banks. A new monetary policy tool to keep out of the economic circuit in excess reserves, carry a danger of inflation. DR The US central bank (Fed) announced Monday that it would c
July 18 category:News item
The video lasts 1mn41 and illustrates the starting Kouachi Sharif Said and their crime scene and the collision with a police patrol. YouTube / SkyNews (Screenshot) Never these images had not yet been released. Drain Kouachi brothers after the attack
June 23 category:High Tech
GOOGLE. The stock fell 8%, but Larry Page is "a good quarter." REUTERS / Eduardo Munoz The CEO of Google, Larry Page, said he was "sorry for the mix-up" of the publication of the results of Google Thursday. "Our printers (...
August 4 category:Political
POLICY - The UMP Jean-Frédéric Poisson, Jean-Marie Tetart, Franck Marlin and Philippe Goujon are at the origin of the joke. AFP April 1, 2013, the National Assembly will consider a proposal for unusual law: a text to protect MPs who carry an aquatic
April 20 category:Media, Politics
Francois Hollande said Sunday night that took the measure of the crisis from coming to power, sweeping criticisms of wait explaining throwing very quickly measures to stimulate the economy even if "the results soon." Demarth
May 13 category:Funding and financing
Late payments are burdened with 13 billion euros in cash SMEs, according to the 2012 report of the Observatory of payment deadlines published on 31 January. It recommends the introduction of administrative sanctions against defaulters. Istockphoto Fa
May 13 category:Flavours
The siphons of Ard'Time brand foam with plastic head were recalled in "the interests of quality." Every culinary siphons are not good to take. Thus, the magazine 60 million consumers conducted a survey highlighting the risks of
July 7 category:Economy
Agricultural Bank ATE failed twice to stress tests. REUTERS / Yiorgos Karahalis A leader of one of the four major Greek banks readily admits: Antonis Samaras curator victory Sunday perceived as a guarantee for Greece in the euro zone, has been a
October 1 category:High Tech
Carol Bartz, president of Yahoo Flickr / Yodel Anecdotal Yahoo announced the departure of three senior executives, including the boss of business in America, Hilary Schneider. Ms. Schneider was considered a pillar of the Californian company, which is
May 26 category:Beauty Sports & Fitness
The time has come for reconciliation: sport is the duration. Getty Images / Wavebreak Media / Thinkstock As against the foot to hypercontrôle and seduction based on artifice, this season, the desire is to cultivate a true beauty. "The proportion
February 4 category:Health
Plants - German Chamomile DPA / AFP IMPROVE SLEEP California poppy (Eschscholzia californica) Native Americans ate this plant sedative to alleviate headaches and teeth. It has attracted the interest of the scientific community because of his kinship
March 12 category:Political
Jean-Francois Cope, center, surrounded by his assistant secretaries to the UMP Marc-Philippe Daubresse, right and Hervé Novelli, on the left. The UMP boss will have to manage different currents. AFP / JACQUES DEMARTHON "A UMP, one has to move.
March 27 category:Health Survey
Rare oversights surgical tool in the patients body during operations lead to winding procedures. Office That was four years ago in Lyon. Audrey, a thirty-installed in the area between the first time in the operating room of the Natecia
May 9 category:Businesses
Philippe Dessertine, Professor of Finance at the University of Paris X-Nanterre and Director of the Institute of High Finance (IHFI). DR Daniel Bouton said in an interview with Le Figaro his resignation as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sociét
June 14 category:Political
Right-wing UMP party secretary general Jean-Francois Cope (L) talks with MP Michele Tabarot DURING THE weekly session of issues to the government on March 29, 2011 at the National Assembly in Paris. AFP PHOTO / JACQUES DEMARTHON AFP / J.Demarthon Le
July 16 category:Beauty
BEP / VERA ATCHOU / 6PA / MAXPPP; ILLUSTRATION HEALTH MEN; OBESITY; WEIGHT GAIN; IN THE PICTURE, THE MAN ON BALANCE 6PA / MaxPPP The last straw for a biker, avid speed circuit races? Do not get into his suit! This is what happened to Francis, a Brito

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