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January 18 category:Middle East
The Iranian Ameneh Bahrami shows March 5, 2009 in Barcelona a photo of herself before being blinded and disfigured with acid Gene "Ameneh Bahrami, a victim of acid attack, pardoned at the last minute his Majid aggressor and not to
February 27 category:Economy
For the economist Bertrand Martinot, a minimum wage of derogation is necessary only for children under 25 years. REUTERSREUTERS / Benoit Tessier The president of MEDEF Pierre Gattaz advocates the establishment of a wage below the minimum wage, especi
March 10 category:Justice, UMP
Serge Dassault again faced with a request for waiver of parliamentary immunity.çois Guillot New twist in the Dassault case. According to France Inter, the judges sent on January 27 a new request for the parliamentary immunity lifted Serg
March 19 category:Fashion
Benedict XVI wished the world a "year of peace" in 2013 before 10,000 people gathered in St. Peter's Basilica in Rome on Tuesday. And denounced "financial capitalism without regulation." AFP Live Update Thank you for following our
January 30 category:Businesses
Visitors at a look Safran engine Displayed DURING THE 48th Paris Air Show at the Le Bourget airport near Paris, June 17, 2009. REUTERS / Benoit Tessier (FRANCE TRANSPORT BUSINESS) REUTERS / Benoit Tessier Summoned by the market authorities to clarify
July 22 category:Economy
Naoto Kan waives his salary as prime minister of Japan as the nuclear crisis is not over. REUTERS / Issei Kato Naoto Kan announced Tuesday, May 10 that he renounced his salary as prime minister of Japan as the crisis is not finished at the Fukushima
August 20 category:Justice
Alain Juppe will not testify in the trial Chirac. Muller Alain Juppe too busy to testify. The Paris court has waived Thursday hearing Foreign Minister during the trial of Jacques Chirac in the case of alleged fictitious job of the
August 23 category:Political
Jean-Louis Borloo has chosen to leave the UMP and the Radical Party followed him in this adventure. REUTERS / Jean-Paul Pelissier An outstanding under the centrist candidates. Jean-Louis Borloo announced the log 20 hours of TF1 waives run for the 201
September 24 category:Businesses
This is the second year that he will not touch, at his request, his variable part, reminds EADS Michael Dalder / Reuters The Executive Chairman of European group EADS Louis Gallois waives the variable portion of his salary for 2009, which would have
February 16 category:Society
Tristan Banon waive further DSK is ... Tristan Banon waive further DSK is ... logic, it has already won 19% damage, we will never know the truth ... 6% the end of a series that has lasted too long! 18% shame! DSK unpunished ... 28% proof that the com
April 6 category:Political
The office of the Senate will consider Wednesday, July 3 a request to waive the parliamentary immunity of industrial and senator UMP Essonne Serge Dassault, said Wednesday AFP a source close to the matter. Dufour The office of the Senate
April 11 category:Economy
Alain Vidal argues that the government will "fund of 20 billion CICE (tax credit competitiveness employment), or 6% decrease in the cost of labor." AFP PHOTO PHILIPPE HUGUEN The government waives lower the corporate tax. The Minister for Re
May 6 category:Political
MARSEILLE - Senator PS of the Bouches-du-Rhône, Jean-Noel Guerini, was indicted in a case of public procurement. The judge wants to lift his parliamentary immunity. Poujoulat New request for waiver of the immunity of Jean-Noel
May 27 category:Political
UMP Senator Serge Dassault spoke Sunday on court cases in which he was concerned, calling himself "blackmailed and racketeering" and denouncing a "conspiracy" to "demolish". Dufour The office of the Senate m
August 1 category:Arts
The American artist Paul McCarthy reinstall waives his work "The tree" Place Vendome in Paris. REUTERS / Charles Platiau REUTERS / Charles Platiau A renunciation that will be remembered. The American artist Paul McCarthy gave up his polemic
August 21 category:Businesses
Bob Diamond, CEO of Barclays, resigned following the scandal of the manipulation of interest rates. REUTERS / David Moir Bob Diamond, the former CEO of Barclays who resigned following the scandal of interbank rate manipulations, waived bonus worth up
September 2 category:Political
Nicolas Sarkozy, presidential candidate, has made new proposals in the areas of health, housing and employment of older or SME, and showed its determination to reduce inflation standards Economy Sunday night on M6. Bonaventure Accordin
October 7 category:Political
French Socialist Jean-Noel Guerini expect a news conference to announce His Candidacy for the upcoming municipal elections in Marseille, September 24, 2007. REUTERS / Jean-Paul Pelissier (FRANCE) REUTERS The office of the Senate decided Thursday to l
December 4 category:Media
MEDIA. Bernard Tapie announced Friday that it was abandoning its takeover offer of securities of the south pole of Groupe Hersant Media Langlois Defeat in injury time for Bernard Tapie. The businessman and former president of OM fina
March 4 category:Society
DSK was heard in Banon case. REUTERS / Todd Heisler / Philippe WOJAZER Rideau end for Banon-DSK. The journalist and writer Tristan Banon has followed the advice of his lawyer David Koubbi: it does not constitute civil party. Guest of "The Dawn

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