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April 26 category:Society
The mayor of Beziers, Robert Ménard, April 4, 2014 during his first council afp.com/Sylvain Thomas Robert Ménard is not a bang closely. The mayor of Béziers launched Tuesday a poster campaign in his city to denounce the attitude of Ginette Moulin, ow
July 28 category:It just came out
Galeries Lafayette is associated with the emerging fashion designer Louis-Gabriel Nouchi for a capsule collection available in September 2015. After the team of Raf Simons and finalist of Festival of Hyères in 2014, the designer offers a collection o
January 11 category:Businesses
Tensions between the two joint holders Monoprix intensify. Casino now accuses Galeries Lafayette artificially inflate the prices at Monoprix, with the desire to increase the value of its stake. Flick'r The Casino Group accuses Galeries Lafayette to r
January 25 category:Fashion
On Thursday, about thirty people were demonstrating against a proposed show women in lingerie. Animations considered "degrading to women's image" by The brazen. dr The new space lingerie Galeries Lafayette Haussmann, inaugurated Tuesday, Ma
March 21 category:Fashion
The upstairs laundry was refurbished by Stella Cadente to house dedicated to lingerie space in the department store on Boulevard Haussmann. DR Under the artistic direction of Stella Cadente, the 3500 square meters of Galeries Lafayette have been rede
March 22 category:Businesses
Galeries Lafayette - The group led by Philippe Houze must now reinvent itself around a new multi-specialist and international entity. © J.-P. Guilloteau / L'Express In his spacious office on the 7th floor, boulevard Haussmann, with stunning views of
April 11 category:Once in three months
If we know fashion, we guess a nod that these are designer clothes Agnes B. (famous vest pressures). If you do not know the way, we can learn and discover that this wrap skirt was created on the occasion of a "special edition 100 years" Gal
May 1 category:Fashion
CATWALK - The 18 and 22 September next, Galeries Lafayette organized for the third season the world's biggest fashion show. Galeries Lafayette / DR Galeries Lafayette they beat their own record? After the success of the first two editions of the worl
May 31 category:Fashion
Galeries Lafayette celebrate Diane Von Furstenberg Courtesy of Galeries Lafayette This year, the famous dress -or portfolio wrap dress - Diane Von Furstenberg celebrates its 40th candle. The occasion for the Belgian-American designer to mark the even
June 2 category:Businesses
Casino and Garlerie Lafayette finally reached agreement on Monoprix. Flick'r After months of pitched battle on the valuation of Monoprix, Casino and Galeries Lafayette groups have finally managed to agree. They announced in a joint statement signed a
June 17 category:It comes out
In two hours, the graffiti artist Andre repaint the display "mode in Love" by Jean-Paul Goude covering the facade of Galeries Lafayette. And those who can not move to the Boulevard Haussmann, the dailyELLE proposes to follow his performance
June 17 category:Marketing / Sales
Following a trial, the Galeries Lafayette Group canceled its planned night Wednesday, June 27, the first day of the sales. julien tromeur Galeries Lafayette has announced its intention to cancel the planned opening exceptional night on the occasion o
July 6 category:Lifestyle News
Until March 19. Expo: Cover Girl Galeries Lafayette When artists use fashion magazines together to show the evolution of the canons of beauty, from the 60s to today. Ten shots, ten artists, three styles: work 100% mode, social or political messages .
July 7 category:Businesses
The Beijing Version galleries have a sales area of ​​32,000 square meters, representing a little less than half that of the Parisian building on Boulevard Haussmann. REUTERS / Christian Hartmann Galeries Lafayette inaugurated with pomp on Friday in B
July 8 category:Fashion
The architect Bruno Moinard has created a new space Fashion, Luxury and Creations at Galeries Lafayette, announced December 12, 2012. Galeries Lafayette Acrobats contortionists, concert of the string quartet Rock'n'girls, providing the Portuguese sop
July 12 category:Music
The famous Christmas tree Galeries Lafayette in 2010. REUTERS / Charles Platiau True tradition, the Christmas windows of Galeries Lafayette in Paris attracts crowds of children and adults each year without exception. So much so that a few days of fes
August 2 category:Economy
A branch is of French retailer Monoprix seen in Paris February 19, 2008. REUTERS / Charles Platiau (FRANCE) REUTERS / Charles Platiau A storm in a teacup "This verdict, released Feb. 28 by Jean-Charles Naouri, CEO of Casino to qualify. - And min
October 16 category:Company News
Galeries Lafayette undertake alongside the association "All in the School" selling since the beginning of November a teddy Christmas, wearing a scarf in the colors of Krama Cambodia, for 20 euros . The funds raised will be donated to the as
October 18 category:Fashion
André Saraiva Graffé on the front of the Boulevard Haussmann Galeries Lafayette in the opening of the Paris Fashion Week in September 2013. Galeries Lafayette After Pedro Almodovar, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Frédéric Beigbeder and Antoine de Caunes, it's t
October 22 category:Fashion News
To celebrate the arrival of spring, the Havaianas brand and Galeries Lafayette combine to beautify your feet. Who does not want to make its nail polish her favorite Brazilian flip flops? To celebrate the return of summer, Galeries Lafayette offer exc

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