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March 24 category:Health
Saline implants Poly Implant Prosthesis contained silicone for industrial use. Barreto Female, old carrier of breast prostheses Poly Implant Prosthesis (PIP) has died. The implants were from a company in the Var into liquidation and whos
May 19 category:Health, Society
In the 3rd and 4th generation pills, women such as doctors now seem to prefer pills called "classic" AFP PHOTO PHILIPPE HUGUEN That's just one year, the French drug agency (MSNA), addressed to all physicians severe "warning" regar
October 14 category:Health
A woman with breast implants PIP died Monday. Reuters The death of a carrier of PIP breast implants revives the controversy over these prostheses, withdrawn from the market in 2010 by the French Medicines Agency (AFSSAPS). Since then, the company tha
October 30 category:Health
The heart of a scandal international impact, five leaders of the company PIP are considered from Wednesday in Marseille for producing breast implants filled with a non-compliant industrial gel, sowing panic among countless carriers in the world. afp.
March 8 category:Science, Unusual
A young American of 21 years would actually implement a third breast. Jasmine Tridevil / Facebook She dreams of becoming famous and is clearly desperate to succeed. An American, "Jasmine Tridevil" 21 years old and a native of Florida, claim
December 28 category:Health
Cancer specific cases occurred in women with breast implants worried. Reuters / Eric Gaillard Can breast implants cause cancer? The question raised by Le Parisien on Tuesday concerned the health authorities. 18 cases of anaplastic large cell lymphoma
January 10 category:Business Creation
Montpellier head arrives in the best cities in which to take in the urban category 200 000 to 500 000, with the exclusive 2013 ranking by The Enterprise-The Expansion and Ellisphere (Ex Coface Services). istock General Rank Towns Population of chipbo
January 15 category:Scenes
Tax exile - A play staged a largely inspired character of LVMH boss Bernard Arnault. Piermont Already subject to multiple cartoons since the announcement of his intention to ask the Belgian, Bernard Arnault will soon become a theatrical
January 19 category:Health
German health authorities have responded "preventively" while a growing number of doctors and hospitals have come forward to report problems with PIP implants. Reuters / Eric Gaillard The turn of Germany. The country has recommended Friday
January 20 category:High Tech
The Sony Xperia Z Ultra has an impressive diagonal of 6.4 inches. DR Screens increasingly large The screens of our smartphones are becoming larger and their size approaches more and more that of the most compact touch tablets. We even invented a name
January 20 category:Society
AIX-EN-PROVENCE. The Camp des Milles, place of memory loss, had an exceptional destiny. It opens its doors to the public. AFP After serial settling of Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault is visiting Marseille. The occasion also inaugurated the Camp des
January 21 category:Health, Justice
Jean-Claude Mas, founder of the breast implant company PIP, January 17, 2001 in La Seyne-sur-Mer Estrade A scandal with international ramifications In March 2010, the Medicines Agency withdraws from the market breast implants manufacture
January 26 category:Spotted date
Failing to have an ultra-trendy headphones at a high price, Zara offers us this necklace with two balls that reminds us of the large headphones rappers. A one difference: this necklace will be around the neck of a pretty girl, a little black dress or
February 5 category:Health, Science
A second CARMAT artificial heart, a high-tech bioprosthesis was implanted on a patient at the University Hospital of Nantes, there a few weeks ago, eight months after the first implantation performed in Paris. Fife A second CARMAT arti
February 27 category:Regions, Politics
Possible map of the regions "bigger." Adrien Sénécat / L'Express Create larger regions? This approach suffers from a significant problem (this is the case to say!): The premise is ... wrong. It is indeed necessary to end a cliché: the Frenc
February 27 category:Environment, Weather
Rain orange alert warning and flooding, which was still ongoing on Sunday morning Landes, Pyrenees Atlantiques and the Gers, was lifted in the early afternoon, announced Météo-France. Iroz "The weather is what we expect, weather i
February 29 category:Spotted date
The dailyELLE joined Claire's with two round eyes like saucers and two arms stretched forward (after two greedy hands are actionnaient such as clips). He headed straight for this necklace large stones in a dream world, would moon. He felt, ensured th
March 15 category:Health
The first artificial heart 100% has been implemented successfully in France. (Illustration) Carmat / DR 100% artificial heart was implanted successfully in a patient Wednesday, France. The operation, which is a world first, was conducted by the team
March 18 category:Indicators and figures
Main sectors affected by the worsening construction and services alone account for almost two thirds of total failures in 2012, followed by food processing, electronics and computers. However some sectors seem relatively unaffected as textiles and cl
April 4 category:Health
Xavier Bertrand wants an investigation into faulty breast implants Poly Implant Prostheses (PIP). REUTERS / Eric Gaillard How did it happen? The Health Minister, Xavier Bertrand, announced Tuesday in an interview on France 2 had "called for inve

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