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December 16 category:Company News
Today, France offers a wide range of contraceptive methods with the 1st rank these, oral contraception. However, the number of voluntary termination of pregnancy (abortion) remains high. Of the 220,000 abortions that occur each year in our country, 2
February 19 category:Health News
Since the complaint filed on December 14 by Marion Larat, a stroke she blames her pill, panic begins to blow in France. How to know if the pill is dangerous? Why 3rd generation pills have they been as prescribed? We do we blame now? The point. The ri
January 8 category:Health News
The results of the survey fruitful Inserm-INED published on Wednesday showed that the use of the pill is slightly half-mast since 2000. If it remains the main method of contraception used by women, she sees his popularity s' diminish in favor of new
January 30 category:Society
Ads Marisol Touraine on the third generation pill will they be properly understood by physicians as by the general public? Andreas Rentz / GETTY IMAGES EUROPE / Getty Images / AFP Establish a "device" to restrict the 3rd generation pill pre
February 10 category:The debate of the week
There is a week we asked you "For or against the contraceptive pill for men." You have been many (and many) meet us and your opinions have interested us. Here is a selection of your best interventions. tylou90 is the winner of the week! She
February 12 category:Health News
"As a minister and also as a mother, I measure the expectations of French," said Marisol Touraine on Friday, during a press conference at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health on the pill third generation. The Minister wishes to transpa
February 12 category:Health
HEALTH - All eyes are on the third generation pill. However, concerns around that contraceptives are not new. MYCHELE DANIAU / AFP There have been several studies in France on the effects of the third and fourth generation pills and more than 13,000
February 16 category:Health
Sales of 3rd and 4th generation pills are plummeting. afp.com/Philippe Huguen Sales of contraceptive pills 3rd and 4th generation fell by 60% after the "crisis" of the pill early 2013. A new item released Monday by the Medicines Agency (MSN
February 28 category:Health
DIANE 35 - Four women died in 25 years of thrombosis due to the pill Diane 35. AFP PHOTO PHILIPPE HUGUEN A new contraceptive on the dock. After the third and fourth generation pills, health officials point the finger Diane 35. This treatment against
March 11 category:Society
If the scandal of the third generation pill awakens the concerns of French, access to the pill yet was a long struggle. AFP PHOTO PHILIPPE HUGUEN Angry? Resignation? Eglantine balance. Feminist and without taboo, this upper part of 49 years who disco
March 25 category:Health
A product originally used in medical imaging, inhibit the effects of alcohol. It will soon be tested to develop a drug against drunkenness. Flickers "Drink and Drive", perhaps we will not have to choose! US scientists are studying a drug th
March 29 category:Health
A report released Thursday suggests making free contraception for minors to prevent early pregnancy, a proposal supported by the Secretary of State for Youth Jeannette Bougrab but not by his colleague Nora Berra Health. afp.com/Mychele Daniau What is
April 26 category:Society
Detail of the cover of the book "Fran├žoise Giroud, a feather committed to L'Express", the editorials presented by Jacques Duquesne. DR "The pill ugly! Let good!" Exclaimed Francoise Giroud in his editorial published in L'Express f
May 1 category:Health
Guarantee anonymous and free access to contraception for all minors would reduce the high rate of abortions in the past - 14,500 in 2007 - MP advocates of majority in a report released Tuesday. afp.com/Mychele Daniau Opening a criminal investigation,
May 19 category:Health, Society
In the 3rd and 4th generation pills, women such as doctors now seem to prefer pills called "classic" AFP PHOTO PHILIPPE HUGUEN That's just one year, the French drug agency (MSNA), addressed to all physicians severe "warning" regar
June 27 category:Health Policy
Lucien Neuwirth, here in 2007, died at the age of 89. AFP / PATRICK Hertzog Lucien Neuwirth died on the night of Monday to Tuesday at the age of 89 years, announces Le Figaro. His name is associated with the 1967 Act which authorizes the use of contr
July 1 category:Health
Victim of a stroke she blames this contraceptive, Marion Larat, 25, filed a complaint against the CEO of Bayer Healthcare for "unintentional damage to the integrity of the human person." MYCHELE DANIAU / AFP After Picks and PIP breast impla
July 2 category:Health
France pharmaceutical drug pills tablets AFP PHOTO PHILIPPE HUGUEN Thirty years of research are about to succeed. A French start-up innovating with the development of a new class of painkillers running on a natural mechanism, with the presentation We
July 11 category:Health
Guarantee anonymous and free access to contraception for all minors would reduce the high rate of abortions in the past - 14,500 in 2007 - MP advocates of majority in a report released Tuesday. afp.com/Mychele Daniau Marisol Touraine's offensive agai
October 13 category:Contraception
The pill by a woman for the duration of her childbearing years, 17 years, average age of first sexual intercourse, about 50 years old, is the daily management of more than 8,000 tablets. According to a report by the General Institute of Social Affair

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