lumbar puncture healing time

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July 2 category:Health News
With a screening at age 55 by a lumbar puncture, Alzheimer's disease would be cured through a replacement of a molecule as deficient protein identified in affected individuals ... A revolution still in its infancy, but can "go fast "accordi
May 4 category:Health
The midwife (above) accompanies the patient during childbirth with soothing words to divert his attention and reduce the perception of pain. V. Vedrenne / foundation Apicil against pain Giving birth to a child without pain and as naturally as possibl
March 11 category:Health
ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE - "A human three after 90 years at the most will be affected," summarized Prof. Philippe Amouyel, a French specialist on the eve of the World Day of Alzheimer's. Bozon More than a hundred years after it
March 1 category:Political
The candidate for the Socialist primary Hollande should soon be heard by the police in charge of the investigation of the attempted rape accusations against Tristan Banon DSK, has-been learned Monday source close to the investigation.
June 10 category:Health
Positive emotions sitting in the brain directly affect the body and prevent certain diseases. REUTERS / Bobby Yip That the body heals the mind, no one can no longer doubt. The followers of yoga and tai chi are well aware that found, by linking calcul
October 25 category:News, Economy
Holders of large deposits at the largest bank of Cyprus, Bank of Cyprus could suffer losses up to 60% more than was originally envisaged as part of the bailout, officials said on Saturday . Baz In return for a loan of 10 billion reach
June 12 category:Sciences
French professor Erwann Loret works on samples of a vaccine against AIDS In His laboratory in Marseille January 29, 2013. Clinical trials of a vaccine Against the AIDS virus (HIV-1) Will begin in February in Marseille with forty-eight infected volont
July 7 category:Justice
Jean-Louis Gergorin was the target of criticism from civil party lawyers in argument. AFP / MARTIN BUREAU The Clearstream trial entered its second phase, Tuesday at Paris courthouse. After weeks of hearing the accused, the day was devoted to the firs
July 18 category:Health, Science
Osteoid, the ultrasonic plaster printed in 3D. Dkdesigns / A & design award competition An ultrasound plaster to heal faster? Turkish designer has developed a printed 3D plaster, called osteoid, molded in the shape of each patient, reports the Te
September 10 category:Health
HOSPITAL - "After 6 years of grueling study, we discover the gulag of modern times ahead for 3 years incompressible We will suffer all kinds of pressure, humiliation, threats, déconsidérations." Says the internal medicine . O
April 28 category:Economy
Gérard Larcher, UMP senator and former Minister of Labour. DR What to do to heal? S hospital? In response to this question six months ago by Nicolas Sarkozy, Senator Gérard Larcher just introduced its order. His report? S one hundred pages, details s
February 11 category:News item
Over the past 30 years, 92,000 women were murdered in Brazil. (Illustration photo). Andrieu A Brazilian punctured with a kitchen knife the woman's eyes whom he was separated for a year, in revenge for this separation after six years to
May 25 category:Politics, Society
Foreign Affairs minister Laurent Fabius (2ndL), French President Francois Hollande (2ndR) and Finance Minister Pierre Moscovici (R) expects French government's Strategic Investments meeting at the Elysee Palace in Paris, on April 24, 2013. AFP PHOTO
July 8 category:Health
François Hollande national headquarters of the League against cancer, in Paris, March 24, for the signing of the MoU on the right to oblivion. REUTERS Mr. President, in February 2014, you launched the Cancer Plan 3 and you are committed to the establ
August 24 category:Health
For Frederic Saldmann, classical and alternative medicines go together. Michel Labelle for express You sold a million copies of your previous book, The best medicine is you !. How do you explain this incredible success? I did not expect it at all eve
July 3 category:Economy
Tokyo industrial port view REUTERS / Kim Kyung-Hoon Face the consequences of the earthquake and the nuclear accident in Fukushima, Japan central bank does not change policy. It maintains its zero interest rate policy. And adds new monetary support me
January 12 category:Books
A view of trees of Al-Shouf Cedar Nature Reserve in the Shouf mount, Lebanon October 14, 2007. The Al-Shouf Cedar Nature Reserve Was Declared in 1996 as the Largest Nature Reserve in Lebanon. REUTERS / Jamal Saidi (LEBANON) REUTERS From our special c
March 24 category:Society, Health
Dr. William Lowestein addiction specialist physician and general manager of the clinic Montevideo in Paris, was in favor of the nursing prescription to treat heroin addicts. He regretted that the ethical and political considerations outweigh the indi
April 21 category:Health
In 2004, a study conducted by a team from the University of Wisconsin researchers on a group of Tibetan monks has demonstrated that intensive meditation caused "a sharp increase in gamma wave high frequency" in the brain activity of these .
May 3 category:Economy
Consultations with general practitioners is 23 euros. Drugs reimbursed at 35% will no longer be only 30%. REUTERS / Marcos Brindicci Euro 2700: the average expenditure on medical care and Real per capita in France in 2010, according to figures from t

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