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June 25 category:Asia
The central éclectrique barge PLTD Apung 1 near Banda Aceh, is one of the most popular monuments tsunami. Marie Le Douaran / L'Express On the bridge, a small group of tourists looking away, squinting into the sea. The guide, megaphone in hand, says t
March 1 category:Music
James Mercer, lead singer of pop group The Shins, and producer Brian Burton, aka Danger Mouse (Beck, Gorillaz, The Black Keys) combine their talents under the Broken Bells entity. The two friends talk about this new adventure. DR Tell us about your f
April 13 category:TV
From 1987 to 1997, the Club Dorothée has enchanted thousands of children. YouTube / Generation Club Do I think I'm not quite part of the "Generation Club Dorothée". This has played two or three years nearly, not more. I was born in 1977, an
January 8 category:Why it matters
On a beautiful spring morning in Los Angeles, Franck Ocean rapper collapsed on the bitumen, exhausted by a sleepless night to sing "Thinking about you" to groupies in a trance, who tried, as always, to tear pearl buttons of his white shirt.
February 2 category:Why it matters
This splendid young man does not develop his Polaroids in a secret workshop, away from prying eyes. On the contrary, those who know where to find it, as they say, need only pass the window of the Fiat Dominic gallery, 12 rue des Coutures Saint Gervai
February 11 category:Culture, Music
Tommy Ramone, the last founding member of the Ramones died. REUTERS Drummer Tommy Ramone, the last surviving founding member of the punk rock band "The Ramones", died Friday in New York, the group announced on social networks. "We are
February 13 category:Music
The One direction in the video for their song "One Thing." Screen Capture / DR They come from TV Specifically the UK version of X Factor. The five boys at the bit into the -Niall wind, Zayn, Liam, Harry and Louis failed first carefully the
March 17 category:Movie
CINEMA. Robert Pattinson joined the cast of the futuristic western The Rover. REUTERS While the emotional life of the Twilight star, Robert Pattinson makes the headlines, the agency Screen Australia has decided to refocus the debate on his career by
April 14 category:Europe
Violence broke out in Ukraine since Tuesday. Russia accuses Western interference and work of extremists. Gouliamaki The "radical", "extremist", the "neo-Nazis". This is what is seen from Russia, the anti-Y
April 29 category:It comes out
[Youtube] JCrNRzSEvnY [/ youtube] Before making any single career, our #dailypeople Justin Timberlake was a member of the boy band NSYNC. In their first video "I Want You Back" (1998), Justin appears almost peroxide blond, ring left lobe. J
May 23 category:Festivals
Lys & Love Laurent Voulzy tour at the Grand Theatre ... AFP The large family of French song tightens on stage tonight to celebrate 30 years of the Francofolies, born in 1984, on the broken Francofêtes Quebec stack the year of greatest hits of the
June 12 category:Movie
The great Italian composer Ennio Morricone at the 60th Cannes Film Festival. REUTERS / John Schults Michel Hazanavicius (The Artist director): Who, you or Sergio Leone, had the idea of using electric guitars to compose western music? Were you aware o
July 5 category:Fashion
Brendan Ruck, Canadian model of 21 years, was selected by the Band of Outsiders brand to participate in the longest parade in the world, with a duration of 60 hours. Site screenshot Band Of Outsiders The American Band Of Outsiders asked the model Bre
July 20 category:Middle East
An Egyptian court on Monday sentenced to prison terms of seven to ten years in prison three journalists from the Qatari Al-Jazeera, accused of supporting the Muslim Brotherhood President Mohamed Morsi removed, targets of a relentless and bloody repre
July 27 category:The advertising observatory
The dailyELLE is very fond of Fine Polaroids which campaigns Band of Outsiders, you'll understand. For autumn-winter 2014, their Polas depict the Jones sisters, American actresses typed and sublime (see below). Their outfits are wonderful but what am
August 18 category:Economy
The IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde told a news conference in Washington on 6 July 2011. REUTERS / Kevin Lamarque Christine Lagarde said Thursday during a speech in Washington that the Western economies were in a "vicious circle" co
September 9 category:Movie
Coen brothers on the set of A Serious Man DR Cowboys roam the weapon it at the hip. The food is cooked mush in cast iron pots. They drink whiskey. There is even a small river that tra-verse riding True Grit is indeed a Western.; the first Coen brothe
September 17 category:Movie
Ruthless Lee Sang Il, the Korean remake of the Japanese film by Clint Eastwood. DR The International Film Festival in Busan (South Korea) projected this week adaptations Unforgiven Clint Eastwood (1992), released under the same name, and Once Upon a
September 21 category:Europe
Russia's Vladimir Putin is the target of EU sanctions because of its involvement in Ukraine. Druzhynin Sanctions far from painless. Russia would lose about 32 billion euros a year because of Western measures taken against him, said Mo
October 11 category:Why it matters
[Youtube] Gstkknmllq8 [/ youtube] You know what it is, a geek? You are viewing the image? The girl locked in her track down videos of lolcats and old episodes of "Big Bang Theory" by eating dumplings same box whose only friends are on Googl

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