most poisonous food to humans

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November 6 category:Escape
Spitsbergen, the polar bear is omnipresent, both iconic figure and continuing threat. Marion Festraets / L'Express It rains on Longyearbyen. A sad drizzle that wet the dark mountains enclosing the steel gray fjord. It's raining and it's hot - 7 ° C i
January 12 category:South America
The remains of President Hugo Chavez, whose state funeral will be held Friday will be visible "at least seven more days", said Thursday the Venezuelan interim president, Nicolas Maduro. Camacho Caracas seems to succumb to the c
December 17 category:Flavours
The same batch of meat bought in a hypermarket in Angers is also suspected of causing food poisoning. AFP A human tooth two centimeters, fitted with a metal crown, was found in a burger sold by a large area of Angers Ouest-France reveals the daily in
November 17 category:Sciences
They are responsible for the death of five people in 12 months on the Australian west coast. They, are the sharks, the dangerousness made famous by the movie <italic> ItaliqueLes Jaws / Italic </ italic> DR The study of the brain has rece
May 24 category:Culture
Screen shot of raspoutine film. Gerard Depardieu France 3. Screenshot 3 France Gerard Depardieu has chosen Russia, Brigitte Bardot says she is ready to do the same if the president does not pardon the two elephants threatened euthanasia due to tuberc
September 5 category:Asia
In July 1968 a journalism course organized by the National Front of South Vietnam Liberation. In the center, Tran To Nga and her first daughter, who died at 17 months. © Private collection / Press Service This woman lies. Humility, a soft and sincere
January 2 category:Business and direction
"Caregivers are so engrossed mentally and physically, by the situation of their relatives, they end up forgetting," says our contributor Serge Guerin. AFP The recently published an article entitled "It is our caregivers to t
January 2 category:Flavours
The products concerned are drinks in March Milk Shake Snickers, Bounty and Milky Way Milk Drink, bottles of 350 milliliters cap sport, and whose use-by dates between 19 December 2014 and 11 April 2015. Yeh The American group in March anno
January 5 category:Business
Elderly, service, support, solidarity, home Getty Images While opens Thursday for three days in Paris 6th Exhibition of personal services, professional intend to emphasize the rise in recent years of a group that includes family services (tutoring, c
January 11 category:Health
This virus is highly contagious and potentially deadly to humans. REUTERS / Larry Downing A virus as contagious as seasonal flu, but much more deadly. Dutch researchers have just created a potentially dangerous viruses to humans, according to Le Pari
January 17 category:Middle East
The violence in Syria killed at least 12 people dead Saturday - eight civilians, a policeman and three dissenting members of the security - a few days of the deadline set by the UN to stop the fighting, reported militants. A contract was sign
January 20 category:Movie
At 50, the Russian director Andrey Zvyagintsev came to present the official selection The banishment in 2008, with a best actor award at the key and Elena, awarded in Un Certain Regard in 2011. With the return , his first feature film (Golden Lion at
February 5 category:Africa
EQUATORIAL GUINEA - The lawyer Fabian Nsue Nguema and opponent has disappeared since his visit to one of its customers at Black Beach prison in Malabo on Monday. His family are worried. AFP / Nguema Where is Fabian Nsue Nguema? The advocate of the Eq
February 8 category:Sciences
Bees in a bee-keeper in Vendée, January 25, 2008. AFP / File Do the bees the same intellectual capacity than humans? The bee brain is able to take into account the relationships between objects, such as a place "above", "below" or
February 8 category:Science, Religion
A researcher works in His laboratory at the Institute for Stem cell Therapy and Exploration of monogenic Diseases (I-Stem) in Evry, near Paris November 27, 2009. The team succeeded in grafting HAS epidermis from human embryonic stem cells in mice ont
February 11 category:Europe
Mikhail Khodorkovsky in Moscow in court May 24, 2011 during his trial on appeal, after which his 14-year sentence was reduced to 13 years. REUTERS How to understand the amnesty of Mikhail Khodorkovsky, announced by Vladimir Putin? Let's be careful. W
February 18 category:Health
With 400 olfactory sensors, the nose should be able to feel more than 10,000 odors. (Illustration photo: Vortex Eau De Parfum Jim Lampie) REUTERS / Keith Bedford It was well off the mark. Man can distinguish at least 1,000 billion different smells, w
February 18 category:Company News
The Pink October events keep coming and companies also invest in the fight against breast cancer. Thus, Friday, October 21, GE Healthcare invites all employees worldwide to come together to form human pink ribbons. The fight against breast cancer bri
February 20 category:World
The United States has pinned Wednesday China, Russia and Uzbekistan for not doing enough against trafficking in human beings, in a government report that could trigger US unilateral sanctions. Ngan China, Russia and Uzbekistan are not
February 20 category:World
For Pope Francis, Western military intervention in Syria would be "a defeat for humanity." REUTERS / Tony Gentile It persists and signs. The Pope Francis made ​​an impassioned appeal to the world on Saturday to avert war, "defeat for h

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