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B2I on the Minatec campus presents models of systems from Leti and Liten technologies that seeks to disseminate to SMEs. B2I DR Based in Grenoble, over an area of ​​over 20 hectares of buildings and equipment, Minatec innovation campus specializes in
January 18 category:Economy
The Elysee mentioned lower taxes for households in 2015. AFP PHOTO / DENIS CHARLET They do not. More than eight in ten French (84%) believe that taxes paid by households will not fall by the end of the five year term of Francois Hollande in 2017, acc
January 22 category:Political
Thousands of opponents of gay marriage in Paris on 5 May 2013. Tens of thousands of protesters marched Sunday in the streets of Paris, Lyon and Rennes in particular, to demand the withdrawal of the Taubira law opening marriage and adoption to homosex
February 8 category:Political
Nicolas Sarkozy can he recover in politics or elsewhere after his defeat in the presidential election? Reuters President, what next? Nicolas Sarkozy will return in a few days "a French among the French," and already the question of its futu
February 19 category:Fashion
Nicolas Sarkozy returns and running for the presidency of the UMP. REUTERS Live Update Focus on what is known of the return of Sarkozy It's almost 21 hours, the point is made. - Nicolas Sarkozy has formalized its return e natio. He said he was runnin
February 22 category:PS
Prime Minister Manuel Valls told a news conference December 4, 2014 in Paris Faget Bright future for Manuel Valls. Prime Minister tops with 37%, personalities that Socialist supporters want to see represent the PS to the 2017 presid
February 26 category:Political
France's Francois Fillon form Prime Minister talks on March 1, 2013 DURING a visit to a print shop in Drulingen, eastern France. AFP PHOTO / FREDERICK FLORIN AFP PHOTO / FREDERICK FLORIN For François Fillon, it's now or never. Now is the right must w
February 29 category:Elections, Politics
70% of UMP Nicolas think that 2017 is more likely to win the 2017 presidential François Fillon. REUTERS / Philippe WOJAZER If polls showed real support supporters of the UMP in about Francois Fillon on the FN, it seems that his attacks against Nicola
March 11 category:Politics, Elections
François Bayrou ensure that, if elected mayor of Pau, he did not present to the 2017 presidential election. Iroz When he declared his candidacy for mayor of Pau in November 2013, François Bayrou warned: "If I am chosen by Pau to b
April 14 category:Political
A woman walks past by France's UMP political party headquarters in Paris November 23, 2012. REUTERS / Gonzalo Fuentes (FRANCE - Tags: POLITICS) - RTR3ASPQ Reuters / Gonzalo Fuentes As agreed in the agreement signed in December between Jean-Francois C
May 8 category:Political
Former President Nicolas Sarkozy on 10 April 2012 in Paris Tribouillard To the question "you personally, would you like that Nicolas Sarkozy is a candidate for the next presidential election," 59% of respondents said no and 40
May 25 category:Political
Nicolas Sarkozy made this week one more step on the way to his return to politics. REUTERS / Gonzalo Fuentes Nearly eight in ten French believe Nicolas Sarkozy is expected to undergo a primary to UMP if he was a candidate in the presidential election
June 4 category:Society
Currently, 87,000 sentences for misdemeanors are awaiting execution. Guay 24,000 more prison places by 2017. MPs voted Wednesday night these additional creations, part of which will be built under public-private partnerships (PPP).
July 7 category:Political
After five years left in power, the UMP will "liberate" France, predicts Jean-Francois Cope. Dufour "I have a feeling that after five years of socialist government, the French will want to find the taste of freedom."
July 9 category:Political
Reuters / Miguel Medina / Pool François Fillon speaks little, but when he speaks, he slips some warnings about his determination to run in 2017. Lately, many are the fillonistes to doubt the will of François Fillon to do battle really. Often impresse
July 26 category:Political
POLICY - The head of the IMF in Washington, Christine Lagarde is a priori far from French politics, except that it would have said: "I exclude nothing." REUTERS To each of his visits to France, his predecessor caused a media outcry. Those C
July 27 category:Political
The president of the Modem, Francois Bayrou, said Tuesday it would not run for president in 2017. FEDOUACH François Bayrou will not run in 2017. It is said that the microphone of Europe 1. "Do I plan to introduce myself to the pres
August 27 category:Political
Senator PS mayor of Lyon, Gérard Collomb, must choose between the city of Lyon and a place at the National Assembly in 2017. AFP PHOTO / FRED DUFOUR Today, the total is limited, but possible. It can be both parliamentary and direct a local authority
August 30 category:Political
Socialist activists await dpouillement, October 1, 2009 at the polling station of Saint-Martin-ls-Melle, in the poll organized to respond eleven questions on the renovation of the Socialist Party . Among the issues are that of the open primary organi
September 14 category:Political
NICOLAS SARKOZY - Waiting for a possible return to politics, the former head of state gives lectures worldwide. Bonaventure While the voices on the right tear for the presidency of the UMP, it is the Elysee. According to the chained du

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