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September 30 category:Health
Jean-Claude Mas, founder of Poly Implant Prosthesis Var (PIP), remained silent and invisible to the media since the beginning of the case, said Thursday that he did not speak publicly, reserving his statements to justice. Estrade An assu
March 1 category:Businesses
The Palais Brongniart, formerly the Paris Bourse. Saget The Paris Bourse has lived a white 2014, losing 0.54%. Some sectors have particularly suffered, as shown by the evolution of 120 values ​​collected in the SBF 120. Doubts about the
October 9 category:Society
Sanofi is ready to discuss the delisting of Tylenol to prevent the medicine from being ejected from the market by generics. AFP / MYCHELE DANIAU And if we déremboursait paracetamol? This is the idea launched by Sanofi, including Tylenol dominates the
January 2 category:Health
The price of paracetamol is 1.90 euro on 1 November of next year. AFP / MYCHELE DANIAU That's at least what uncheck smirked to migraine. According to a decree published in the Official Gazette on December 23, the price of Tylenol increase from 1.95 e
January 8 category:Businesses, High Tech
The CEO of the advertising group Publicis, Mauritius, in December 2010. REUTERS / Mal Langsdon The transaction should be completed no later than the third quarter: the French group Publicis will buy at least $ 575 million the US Agency Rosetta, speci
January 23 category:Health
Vasiliki Kostoula, a Greek breast cancer patient, listens to her doctor After a radiological medical examination in an Athens hospital October 29, 2008. Kostoula HAD mastectomy on her right breast and is Currently Treated with chemotherapy. Breast ca
February 10 category:Businesses
The CEO of Aventis, Gérard Le Fur, leaves his post with two years in advance. He will be replaced by Chris Viehbacher, recruited at GSK competitor. DR Gérard Le Fur, 58, will start from half of his term. Or at the end of 2008 and not in 2010 as had b
August 1 category:Employment
EMPLOYMENT - Hélène Mongrenier, project manager at Biolog-id. © D. Delaporte / Andia to express Hélène Mongrenier is project manager at Biolog-id. "After studying pharmacy, I followed the specialized master pharmaceutical and biotechnology manag
August 6 category:Health
Jean-Claude Mas, founder of Poly Implant Prosthesis Var (PIP), remained silent and invisible to the media since the beginning of the case, said Thursday that he did not speak publicly, reserving his statements to justice. Estrade Jean-Cl
August 19 category:Books
Authors (Left to right.). 1st row (front): Amélie Nothomb, Katherine Pancol, Stéphane Hessel, Guillaume Musso and Jean D'Ormesson. 2nd row: Ingrid Betancourt, Zoe Shepard, Maylis Kerangal Michel and Monique Nip-Charlot. 3rd row: Laurent Gaude, Raphae
February 21 category:Books
Bristol Bar. First: Aldine Mary and Anne-Sophie Girard, Guillaume Musso, Valérie Trierweiler, David Foenkinos and Katherine Pancol. Second row: Philippe Torreton, Amélie Nothomb, Pierre Lemaitre, Eric Zemmour, Marc Dugain, Jean-Christophe Rufin, Jacq
January 17 category:Escape
Le Bristol Paris is located at 112 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. Pascale Venot The US site TripAdvisor, which lists tips and advices from around the world, offers annual rankings of the best hotels by country and c
January 23 category:Culture
How to win for sure Shifumi? Emma Defaud Rock-paper-scissors, a game of chance? Not so sure. If you believe a study by scientists at the Chinese University of Zhejiang, there are techniques to maximize his chances of winning the "Shifumi."
January 24 category:Spotted date
In a world where the virtual control appears to be much more important than mastering spelling, a person who displays his penchant for the paper on his chest, and more on a sweater (Les Prairies de Paris) will be immediately noticed. It's a bit the m
February 14 category:Books
The paper Illness, a pleasant book published in 1964. © Martine Gossieaux Gallery This is a nice little book What chiseled four hands Eero Tolvanen and Jean-Jacques Sempé. Finn tells us how the paper suddenly crumbles into dust, whether book, banknot
February 27 category:Politics, World
Over 20,000 additional posts will be removed in the French armed by 2019-has been learned source close to the case Sunday, confirming a report in Les Echos, on the eve of the presentation of the White Paper on defense chief of the state.
March 4 category:Media
Alain Weill announced on the website of <italic> Echos </ italic> NextRadioTV that his group will sell magazines <italic> 01Net </ italic> and <italic> 01Business </ italic> in Group Three She Marc Laufer. The amou
March 23 category:High Tech
Amazon logistics center in Arizona. REUTERS / Rick Scuteri Amazon had already proposed the rental of digital textbooks there one year. His service now extends to paper versions. Rather than pay the books at full price, the American group thus offers
March 30 category:Blog Sophie Fontanel
In my obsessions of school, there is no collar shirts. I note a blue shirt (oxford) Zara having this configuration, but so it would be too simple and I also want a full English type grid in the pattern (see photo). I know where it comes from me. On t
<Bold> On October 17, the Post has opened a chat about recycling office paper. The influx of online questions posed proves the interest in this sensitive subject. In brief, the content of exchanges between Internet users and Sophie-Noëlle Nemo,

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