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January 19 category:Flavours
PRODUCT PARTY - oysters landed in Eve mass on all tables. We took the opportunity to (yet) know it better. Oysters Marennes-Oléron This is a bivalve, really? The oyster is a bivalve mollusc in the family Ostreidae. Its shell is composed of two parts
February 26 category:Receipts
Recipe of warm oysters with green cap. Snapper Media For 4-6 people. Preparation <20 min. Cooking 15 min Ingredients 24 good fresh oysters 150g smoked bacon purposes 2 shallots 2 cloves garlic 4 spring onions (or scallions) 3 tbsp. tablespoons pan
March 17 category:Watchmaking
The Oyster Perpetual Sea-Dweller 4000 Rolex. Courtesy of Rolex Certain watch references embody the adventure more than others, carrying within them the seeds of transcendence. The Oyster Perpetual Sea-Dweller, waterproof to 610 meters, designed in 19
April 10 category:Watchmaking
The Rolex Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master was the official watch of the airline Pan American World Airways. Courtesey of ROLEX The now famous Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master Rolex watch is one of these references to essential functionality if it is almost na
May 8 category:Flavours
The oysters are traditionally part of festivities menus. Getty Images / iStockphoto The year-end holidays, Christmas and New Year's Eve, is for many the opportunity to buy and taste oysters. Or how to navigate among templates, flat, hollow? How to op
September 4 category:Books
Astonishing travelers Saint Malo Festival 2012. In the courtyard of City Hall. LEXPRESS.fr Saturday, June 26 7:00, Montparnasse station platform Some faces are wrinkled, others not. Jean Rolin, always quick to jump on a train - especially if it leads
September 12 category:Flavours
1 hectare, oyster culture led by the pioneer of the local oyster Quétier George and his daughter Mary. © JPGuilloteau / L'Express Both say right away: Charentais pesteront, the Britons will complain, cry in the Herault injustice ... They will not har
October 11 category:Receipts
Recipe duck foie gras fried with oyster Eric Frechon. Valery Guedes / Bérengère Abraham / L'Express Styles For 4 people. Preparation 20 min. Cooking 15 min Ingredients 8 slices of foie gras de canard about 50 g each 8 oysters 2 diced 10 cl soy sauce
November 30 category:Flavours
Addicts oysters may well be frustrated this season. Patrick Bernard / ABACAPRESS.COM Warning, the oyster is scarce and expensive this year! Excess mortality among young oysters of the entire coastline since summer 2008 continues to decimate the produ
February 5 category:Watchmaking
This model of the Oyster range remains timeless. DR Some timepieces are needed in history as essential references. Oyster chronograph range, often referred to by fans as the only name "Daytona", includes among them. Created fifty years ago
February 6 category:Books
View of the Alhambra, Granada bernjan / Wikimedia Commons "Granada is built on three hills at the end of the plain of the Vega", we learn Théophile Gautier. Her little geography lesson turns poet's dream when it comes to Vermilion Towers an
February 12 category:Receipts
test Jean-Marc Palisse 4 people Ingredients 12 oysters No. 3 Special 20 g smoked whitefish Sherry vinegar 5 g capers 120 g of butter 12 g of kombu seaweed 12 g of roasted nori seaweed 1 kg of coarse salt 5 g of yuzu lemon powder 1 bunch of chives 2 l
March 26 category:Company Flavors
Culture of oyster in Cap-Ferret in the Arcachon basin, October 19, 2013 afp.com/Nicolas Tucat Oysters from Arcachon Bay are again consumables. The latest analysis by Ifremer monitoring network (French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea) r
April 20 category:Sciences
Edwige Ferré-Swatron, one of 84 dealers of the island of Ré. Until when? T. TROSSAT FOR EXPRESS The sun rises, wan, on the island of Ré. The cold wind of the Atlantic maliciously clenched fingers and jaws, but too bad. Right in his sea green boots, E
July 21 category:Receipts
test Françoise Nicol Cooking time: 25 min 4 people Ingredients 1 puff pastry 200g block of gray oyster mushrooms 2 shallots 1 clove garlic 200 g small porcini pesto 100g 1 egg 2 tbsp olive oil Salt and freshly ground pepper Preparation For this recip
August 12 category:Flavors, Health
They are affected by norovirus. This is the conclusion of a study released Tuesday by the Food Standards Agency (FSA). Reuters Y-there will be snow at Christmas? Or rather, the British will they gorging oysters this year? More than three quarters of
August 19 category:Restaurants
A crawfish platter served Oyster Bar. Camille Millerand / L'Express Styles It was the best kept secret of the oyster landerneau. The Nustrale di Diana. A miraculous oyster living happily in the clear waters of the lake Diane, on the eastern coast of
September 2 category:Economy
Xynthia hit violently Vendée Sunday, February 28th by floods caused by the combination of strong winds and high tides. Reuters The Agriculture Minister Bruno Le Maire said Wednesday Aiguillon-sur-Mer help 20 million for the oyster farmers and an
September 4 category:Receipts
A recipe by Jean Sulpice, L'Oxalys, Val-Thorens (Savoie). DR Preparation: 45 min Cooking time: 10 min 4 people Easy 3 No. 3 oysters per person 2 round turnips 4 bread slices 1 bunch radishes per person 2 borage flowers per person (optional) Sea salt
September 5 category:Recipes, slimming Kitchen
Lemon shrimp, oysters pomegranate, mango tuna tartare: prepare your board to the sea, light and refined, for your guests. SM / Zest's cook simple and good For 6 people Preparation over 30 min (for 3 recipes) Cooking 5 min (for shrimp) Grilled lemongr

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