pascal wilhelm 2015 appeal

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January 13 category:Justice
In the case Bettencourt, Jean-Michel Gentil and his two colleagues, Cecile Ramonatxo and Valerie Christmas, have "felt that the information (survey, note) was over." Getty Images / AFP Indictment of Nicolas Sarkozy, "impartiality"
January 15 category:Justice
The validity of the recordings made by Liliane Bettencourt at his butler and sent to the court by his daughter will be discussed Monday at the Court of Appeal of Bordeaux, while they are at the origin of the discovery of several possible offenses and
February 27 category:Businesses
Liliane Bettencourt and her daughter Francoise Bettencourt-Meyers, here in Paris in March 2011 at a gala Unesco. REUTERS / Charles Platiau December 2008: The dispute became public The press revealed that the daughter of Liliane Bettencourt filed a co
February 25 category:Businesses
The residence of Liliane Bettencourt to Arcouest in Brittany. REUTERS / Stephane Mahe December 2007-December 2009, a case no further action In the first act of the drama, the three protagonists occupy only the scene. Liliane Bettencourt's mother, Fra
July 21 category:Justice
Liliane Bettencourt was placed under supervision by a judge of Courbevoie. Guillot The former president of Paris Jean-René Farthouat, 77, succeeded Georges Kiejman as a lawyer Liliane Bettencourt. It reacts to the decision of a judge
August 16 category:Businesses
Liliane Bettencourt at the fashion week in Paris, 26 January 2011. REUTERS / Charles Platiau Stéphane Courbit, CEO of Liliane Bettencourt LOV Group which acquired 20% for EUR 143 million in 2011 in controversial circumstances, lamented in an intervie
September 19 category:Politics, Society
France's President Nicolas Nicolas Sarkozy and Eric Woerth are appealing in cassationcontre stop having validated the instruction component "abuse of weakness" of Bettencourt. REUTERS Nicolas Sarkozy and Eric Woerth, indicted in the pane ab
October 20 category:Media
MEDIA - "The proximity of the former agent with the others in the LGI transaction strengthens the questions" explained Hervé Gattegno in his article. NICOLAS Tucat / AFP Latest twist in Bettencourt. The businessman Stephane Courbit was reje
January 15 category:Businesses
Jean-Marie Messier when he arrived at the courthouse in Paris, January 21, 2011, with his wife Christel Delaval. REUTERS / Benoit Tessier The former CEO of Vivendi Universal (VU) Jean-Marie Messier was sentenced Friday in a three-year suspended sente
June 13 category:Media
The Advisory Commission of the secrecy of national defense (CCSDN) issued two positive opinions to the declassification of six documents Matignon and the Ministry of Interior in the case Listens journalists of the World, published Sunday in the Offic
November 3 category:Society
France's President Nicolas Sarkozy was waiting at the World Economic Forum session (WEF) in Davos January 27, 2011.Investors Who Bet Against the euro Will Get Their fingers burned Because France and Germany are utterly Determined to defend the curren
January 3 category:Society
The court of appeal Versaille was to examine the héritère Wednesday folder. Guillot The call did not change anything. The Court of Appeal of Versailles decided on Wednesday to leave the heiress of L'Oreal under the guardianship of he
January 27 category:Society
The Bettencourt could experience a dramatic rebound Tuesday if the magistrates of Bordeaux appeals court nullified the recordings made at the home of the heiress of L'Oreal, while judicial worries Banier should be completed on wednesday.
April 22 category:Businesses
Lawyers Didier Martin (left), representing Françoise Bettencourt-Meyers, and Pascal Wilhelm (right), representing his mother, Liliane Bettencourt, December 6, 2010. REUTERS / Charles Platiau National and regional daily press revels Tuesday of the mot
December 28 category:Topicality
The prosecutor, Gerard Aldigé at trial Bettencourt January 26, 2015 in Bordeaux. Tucat An accused between life and death, others continued while the prosecution had requested for them a dismissal ... The Bettencourt remains a folder o
September 29 category:Justice
Liliane Bettencourt threat from "abroad" if her daughter gets authority over her in the decision to be made Monday by the guardianship judge of Coubevoie (Hauts-de-Seine), in an interview published Saturday on the site JDD.
October 10 category:Society
The Bettencourt could experience a dramatic rebound Tuesday if the magistrates of Bordeaux appeals court nullified the recordings made at the home of the heiress of L'Oreal, while judicial worries Banier should be completed on wednesday.
October 31 category:Justice
The Supreme Court also examines the status of agendas Nicolas Sarkozy, who received a dismissal. AFP / File / Patrick Kovarik Run-up to the trial? The Supreme Court examined Tuesday afternoon validation of the survey in the pane abuse of weakness of
December 3 category:Businesses
Liliane Bettencourt will remain under the guardianship of her daughter and two grand-son. REUTERS / Charles Platiau The Court of Appeal of Versailles on Wednesday decided to leave Liliane Bettencourt, 89, under the guardianship of her daughter Franco
January 2 category:Justice, Media
JUSTICE - Stéphane Courbit was placed in Bordeaux as an assisted witness status in the Bettencourt NICOLAS Tucat / AFP The entrepreneur Stephane Courbit, LOV Group boss who spent the day Thursday in the judge's office in charge of investigating the c

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