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January 6 category:Midi-Pyrénées, Economy
Site Cauquillous in Lavaur headquarters Fabre Dermo-cosmetics sector 24.04.2013 © Emmanuel Grimault / Andia Last autumn, the different sites of Pierre Fabre, rumor fueling discussions coffee machines: the boss of the pharmaceutical group tarnais woul
January 28 category:Businesses
Avène, the flagship of the Pierre Fabre Group, produces 400 million euros of turnover. Here, a sterile manufacturing to avoid contamination or oxidation. © D. Cabrol / Laboratory P. Fabre Pierre Fabre in figures € 1.8 billion in revenue in 2010, divi
February 1 category:Businesses
Pierre Fabre died Saturday at the age of 87 at his home in Tarn. AFP PHOTO / REMY GABALDA He leaves behind a truly international pharmaceutical empire. Pierre Fabre died Saturday morning at his home at the age of 87 following a long illness. Througho
February 9 category:Society
Pierre Fabre, founder of the French Second Independent laboratory Pierre Fabre in 2008 while traveling in Lavaur (Tarn) with the Labour Minister Xavier Bertrand. AFP PHOTO PASCAL PAVANI Pierre Fabre, founder of the pharmaceutical company of the same
March 20 category:Businesses
The pharmaceutical company Pierre Fabre launches a restructuring plan that will lead to the elimination of 551 positions. afp.com/Alain Jocard 551 posts will be deleted at Pierre Fabre 2016. This was announced Tuesday the pharmaceutical group claimin
July 18 category:Beauty
Pierre Fabre Laboratories, forced by the courts, will market against their will their cosmetics on the Internet. DR The appeals court ruled, Pierre Fabre will get to e-commerce. The group refused marketing its cosmetics on the Internet, will indeed b
August 21 category:Businesses
Muzo Joseph, patron of Axon'Câble Jérôme Chatin Can we still create industrial employment in France? Yes, say in chorus our good students of the tricolor employment. Geci aircraft manufacturer located its aircraft assembly plant (a thousand jobs) in
October 16 category:Economy
Jean-Cyril Spinetta has returned to the head of Air France-KLM. REUTERS-Benoit Tessier Hair silver, tan, haughty figure in a black turtleneck sweater, the boss of Publicis, forty meter house in which more than thirty-five to management challenges gra
February 12 category:Regions, Politics
On 21 March, Bernadette Chirac through the city of Corrèze, capital of the canton, with the right candidate for mayor, Mathieu Martinie. © Guillaume ATGER / Divergence for L'Express This is a green hill at the foot of the Monedieres. A few hundred me
February 24 category:Face and body care
"When gobble his nails must be a kind of gradual withdrawal, says Dr. Edith Duhard, dermatologist and specialist nail pathology. Getty Images / iStockphoto Do you bite your nails? So you onychophage. The nail biting is indeed this bad habit of n
March 20 category:Face and body care, health
To avoid getting plantar warts and fungal infections, avoid walking barefoot. Getty Images / iStockphoto How to recognize them? The wart is a round lesion of a few millimeters sometimes with small black dots. In most cases, it grows under the sole an
June 12 category:Economy
Le Floch-Prigent in Togo in September 2012, accused of fraud by the Emirian Abbas al-Youssef. REUTERS At 69, he admits simple cravings retiree. Go to fungi. Gardening and fishing with his mother, Gabrielle, 91 years. Look after Marlene, his third wif
October 5 category:Africa
LOME (TOGO) - The country is experiencing a period of high tension while the opposition called for a demonstration to demand the departure of President Faure Gnassingbé. REUTERS / Christmas Kokou Tadegnon The opposition has called to the Togolese peo
August 25 category:Africa
Togolese gendarmes and the police force get ready to load supporters of Jean-Pierre Fabre, leader of the Union of Forces of Change (UFC), the main party of the Divided opposition and presidential candiates on March 7, 2010 in Lome After an annoucemen
January 28 category:Facials
Whether blue or indigo, navy and sky blue is omnipresent in perfumeries at the end of the year. It symbolizes the new generation care ultra sharp. Decryption. "Blue is the favorite color of the French," says Michel Pastoureau, author of Blu
June 26 category:Face and body care
© Frédéric Cirou / AltoPress / Maxppp; Woman in bikini sunbathing on beach, mid section AltoPress / Maxppp 1. She is the new generation of oils more effective? Yes I Am. They protect like other solar products, as long as we choose them with sufficien
June 30 category:Media
Yves Kerdrel, publishing director of Valeursactuelles, is the origin of the new format of the magazine. This year, the title should generate profits for the first time in its history. DR "I am the first surprised by our numbers." Docile wic
August 24 category:How to lose weight?
Lose weight without doing sports or deprive yourself? It is possible, by following our cool tricks and guarantees free diet. Antigonflette mushrooms in the sole that muscle, keep the line (and smile) without complicate your life without frustration!
October 21 category:Employment
Offering highly skilled positions in the global workplace, a subsidiary of EADS seems open to young profiles. Reuters / Charles Platiau Three high-tech companies share the po-dium. On the top step, Thales. "With 6,000 employees, the group is a m
October 31 category:Employment
The majority of trainees and apprentices think their passage through the companies is a plus on their CV. REUTERS / Lucas Jackson Difficult to cut it. In recent years, courses have become a must in the "career" of the students. So far fall

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