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March 30 category:News item
One of the attackers of a 18 year old in Marseille, which was then taken to a nurse, was arrested. afp.com/Boris Horvat One of the three attackers of a 18 year old boy at dawn on Sunday in the center of Marseille, which then attacked a nurse emergenc
May 7 category:Body care
Our breasts, we want the more generous, more shapely, firmer, or otherwise smaller ... All our tips to finally make peace with our chest. Better be proud. Here are 7 beauty tips to care! September beauty tips for beautiful breasts! Play on satin What
January 17 category:Music VIP
Shakira is accused of plagiarized for his title Loca. DR The Colombian singer's legendary lame would it be looking for inspiration? After a trial in violation of copyright, Federal Judge Alvin Hellerstein said in a 40-page judgment obtained Wednesday
January 23 category:Economy
Over 50% of nurses in public hospitals have chosen to retain their rights to early retirement rather than benefit from a revaluation of their salary. REUTERS / Jean-Paul Pelissier More than half of nurses in public hospitals have chosen to retire bef
February 25 category:VIP
VIP - The family of Jacinta Saldanha, the British nurse who gave the death December 7, 2012, is expected to reach 400,000 euros. REUTERS Australian radio 2Day FM, involved in the hoax call about the pregnancy of Kate Middleton, announced Tuesday, Dec
March 14 category:News item
The North Hospital in Marseille. afp.com/Patrick Valasseris A 18 year old boy was stabbed at dawn on Sunday in the city center of Marseille by three or four young men who later attacked a nurse emergency, do we learned from police sources. During a b
March 17 category:Body care
Our breasts, we love them, but we want firm, soft and shapely! To have a nice chest, it must take care: Five steps to have beautiful firm breasts! Five actions form to have beautiful breasts! Control their behavior Rate holding your breasts in the mi
April 21 category:TV
Daphne Bürki has succeeded his TV back with his new show The Tube on Canal +. Screen cature Saturday, September 14, Daphne Bürki, after the unfortunate experience of Grand Journal Canal + is back solo for a new weekly "chic and fresh" on th
May 30 category:Society, Health
Injection AFP / Image Source New Social Security fraud? A liberal nurse continued in Creteil for a series of fraudulent acts, billing care. These acts caused loss of EUR 450 000 at the expense of the primary fund health insurance (CPAM) of Val-de-Mar
July 29 category:High Tech
COMPETITION. The cartel of cathode ray tubes was given a record fine of 1.47 billion euros. REUTERS / Kim Kyung-Hoon This is the largest fine imposed by the European Commission for a cartel case. It condemns seven companies including Philips and LG E
September 1 category:Health
According SNPI CFE-CGC, hospitals do not inform enough nurses recommendations to follow when a patient presents Ebola. AFP PHOTO / Jean-Sebastien Evrard "A omerta on Ebola." That's what castigates Monday a national nurses union, SNPI CFE-CG
September 20 category:Lips
Deliciously sweet, and very addictive to their fruity shine. Eight years after their launch, they sparkle the smiles of women around the world, who consume more than three million a year. What for? Juicy Tubes shook makeup reconciling pleasure and se
October 7 category:Flavours
Star chef Michel Roth has reworked the menu of six nursing homes for six months. afp.com/Francois Guillot Coquillette ham, pot-au-feu ... away from luxury hotels, Michelin-starred chef Michel Roth has taken the game for six months, to revisit the cla
October 18 category:Society
Hundreds of nurses anesthetists show, on October 1, 2010 in Paris to demand recognition of their degree at Master's level. AFP PHOTO / FRED DUFOUR AFP A nurse anesthetists to strike Monday disrupts the functioning of the operating rooms of several ho
October 23 category:Lifestyle News
Lambada, Gangnam Style ... every summer has its soundtrack, and that for over a century! To return to the tubes since 1915, the American designer Philip Niemeyer proposed an animated computer graphics and dancing which traces 100 years of summer hits
October 27 category:Health
Some babies fed by feeding tube, can not subsequently to wean and board to a normal diet. REUTERS Because they have a disease, prematurity or a facial deformity, some children need to be fed by tube to the hospital. But the solution intended to be te
February 22 category:Economy
Members look Tuesday an article of law offering better pay for nurses in exchange for one out later retirement. The unions denounce blackmail and call for demonstrations against personal project. Explanations. REUTERS / Jean-Paul Pelissier Examinatio
June 15 category:Economy
Budget Minister Eric Woerth during an assignment of questions to the government in the National Assembly (April 2009). Reuters / Benoit Tessier Eric Woerth defended in an interview with Le Figaro dated February 11 controversial decree on the mobility
September 3 category:Music
The new show of Roger Louret place tubes 250 1970 2000. Interview. LARAKIN After the Z'années zazous, The Years twist, etc. Roger Louret present the happiness of tubes at the Grand Rex in Paris, from this March 11th. The show tells three decades of t
December 17 category:Music
George Gershwin was born there 100 years in Brooklyn, he wrote Rhapsody in Blue (1924), An American in Paris (1928) and the opera Porgy and Bess (1935). Its origins are Russian. AFP A unique blend of jazz and classical music, melodic invention and sw

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