Poison Used for Fast Suicide

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February 23 category:Company Jobs
40-50 police end their day every year, making it one of the most affected by suicide professions. afp.com/Fred Dufour Ilotier in Poitiers, the officer had committed suicide after being transferred away from the field to a post office, which he had li
March 29 category:Society
Guilt risk of depression, anger ... The psychological consequences of grief after the suicide of a loved one are many. Getty Images / iStockphoto In 2012, the mischievous face of Amanda Todd had moved the world. Behind her webcam, this young Canadian
September 19 category:Political
Dominique Venner regarded Christianity as a poison to the Europeans, the war as a necessity and intégrationmultiethnique as a utopia. DR "Since I have to go, I wanted to tell you I have of our trade good memories ..." This handwritten lette
January 27 category:Businesses
Employees of France Telecom in Marseille marching against suffering at work after a series of suicides in the company on 20 October 2009. REUTERS / Jean-Paul Pelissier Two employees of France Telecom have committed suicide in recent days outside thei
July 24 category:World Middle East
At least 18 people were killed and 28 injured Friday in a suicide attack against a cafe in Kirkuk in northern Iraq, do we learned from police and medical sources. afp.com/Marwam Ibrahim At least 38 people were killed Friday in a suicide attack agains
July 28 category:Society
"There is no increase in the number of suicides under 15 years in our country for ten years." REUTERS / Damir Sagolj The case of pre-adolescent suicides increase they in France? There is no increase in the number of suicides under 15 years
October 4 category:VIP
The Franco-German actress Romy Schneider would have died of cardiac arrest according to his family, Claude Pétin. afp.com Fashion designer, Claude Pétin is the sister-Laurent, the companion of Romy Schneider at the time of his death in 1982, and one
November 4 category:Businesses
EDF Tower Defense. REUTERS / Charles Platiau The Court of Social Security Affairs (TASS) Tours has not acknowledged Monday "inexcusable fault" EDF requested by the family in 2004 after the suicide of an employee of the Chinon nuclear power
March 23 category:High Tech
Employees of a Foxconn factory in Longhua, China. Bobby Yip / Reuters It is certainly not the only Chinese employees sacrificed performance and competitiveness. But Taiwanese Foxconn Technology (also known as Hon Hai Precision Industry) drew attentio
April 11 category:Society
According to the neuropsychiatrist Boris Cyrulnik if child suicide is rare, the age of the first attempt decreases. REUTERS / Damir Sagolj The suicide earlier and earlier If the teen suicide - second cause of death after road accidents - the subject
July 23 category:Businesses
The headquarters of France Telecom in Paris Jean-Claude Guyot / France Telecom "Balthazar": This is the name of the new building to 8 floors France Telecom set up especially under the leadership of Committee for health, safety and working c
January 4 category:Books
Frédéric Badré: "What I can not share [with my entourage] is monstrosity." Threshold His hand, light and quiet, danced on a grease pencil Canson who is surprised not to be indolent. Suddenly appears the profile of Tintoretto, the face of a
December 12 category:Company News
Amina Al Filali, Moroccan young age of 16, was forced to marry her rapist. Faced with a reality she could not bear the young victim committed suicide by chowing of rat poison. The young Amina Al Filali aged 16 committed suicide on March 9 in Larache,
January 2 category:Flavours
The products concerned are drinks in March Milk Shake Snickers, Bounty and Milky Way Milk Drink, bottles of 350 milliliters cap sport, and whose use-by dates between 19 December 2014 and 11 April 2015. afp.com/Sam Yeh The American group in March anno
January 9 category:Society
The number of custody off road offenses decreased by 26% during the period June-August 2011 compared to the same period in 2010, while the number of custody for driving offenses decreased by 50%, said Wednesday Chancellery and the Ministry of Interio
January 10 category:News item
This picture taken on March 16, 2010 in Paris shows the facade of the Pompidou art center. AFP PHOTO LOIC VENANCE AFP PHOTO LOIC VENANCE An octogenarian committed suicide weapon to fire Monday morning the Centre Pompidou in Paris, do we police said,
January 11 category:Europe
The Ambassador of Serbia to NATO committed suicide on Tuesday by jumping into the void while accompanying diplomats in Brussels Airport, said Wednesday judicial and diplomatic sources. afp.com The Serbian ambassador to NATO committed suicide Tuesday
January 12 category:South America
The remains of President Hugo Chavez, whose state funeral will be held Friday will be visible "at least seven more days", said Thursday the Venezuelan interim president, Nicolas Maduro. afp.com/Luis Camacho Caracas seems to succumb to the c
January 13 category:News item
COMPANY - An internal investigation was initiated to determine the reason for his actions. afp.com/Jacques Demarthon A police officer committed suicide Monday morning with his service weapon on the premises of the police station of the thirteenth arr
January 13 category:Music
Attorney Ed Chernoff, the attorney of Conrad Murray, speaks to the media After Murray's arraignment on involuntary manslaughter charge outside the Los Angeles Superior Court Airport Branch Courthouse February 8, 2010. Murray, Jackson's doctor, on Mon

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