polar bear hybrid

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August 4 category:Sciences
The DNA of two unidentified creatures from the Ladakh region of India and Bhutan corresponded to 100% with a sample taken from the jaw of a polar bear found on the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard where he lived at a time dating back at least 40,000
February 22 category:VIP
Brigitte Bardot was incensed by the continued trade of polar bears this March 7th. Reuters "Having defeated it three years ago in Doha, the proposal to protect bluefin tuna, the European Union has recurred in Bangkok in scuttling the proposal of
May 19 category:World
The polar bear Knut died this Saturday at the Berlin Zoo. REUTERS His snow white coat and his touching little face had made the star of the Berlin Zoo. The polar bear Knut, 4 years old, died on Saturday around 15h for reasons still unknown, said the
August 27 category:Science, Environment
Global warming threatens the habitat of polar bears, whose numbers are estimated at 20,000 and 25,000. AFP PHOTO / AXEL Heimken Officially, there are only five in the world but they could become more and more over the years. They, are the "grola
April 27 category:North America
The Little Polar Bear at the Toronto Zoo during one of his walks in the snow. YouTube Capture The Toronto Zoo in Canada has published several videos since January 29 of a polar bear walking in the snow. The little polar bear, born November 9, 2013 an
December 26 category:Fashion shows, Fashion
Louis Vuitton fashion show fall-winter 2015-2016. REUTERS Fur coats so polar bear bag as carved in ice, glitter mesh reflections of glistening snow ... The collection Louis Vuitton fall-winter 2015-2016, presented in a tent that looks like a science
March 17 category:Business Ideas
Jukusui-Kun (deep sleep) is an anti-snoring pillow bear shaped robot developed by the laboratory of Dr. Kabe at Waseda University in Japan DR Sleep science inspired numerous innovations. Among the most interesting discoveries: a robot to help snorers
March 18 category:TV
Bernard of Villardière in Sao Paulo. Illustration. Thomas VOLLAIRE There was the circus Martine Martine on the farm, Martine is shopping and even Martine discovers the Kama-sutra (a parody). And then the illustrator spent the Crayola left. No more Ma
April 24 category:Political
French environmental activist Eva Joly expect a news conference to rally to protest DURING the building of an airport at Notre-Dame-des-Landes, near Nantes, in the western city of Vigneux-de-Bretagne, July 9, 2011. The new airport , Some 30km (19 mil
April 29 category:World
Little Knut in his younger years REUTERS What is the cause of death Knut? The polar bear mascot adulated Berlin Zoo, was first reported drowned, before the autopsy states of brain deformations. Now, doctors lean toward a seizure, says the German dail
June 10 category:Escape
The Royal Clipper stopped in St. Lucia during a cabotage between the islands of the Caribbean. Star Clippers, press service Crusoe luxury in the Caribbean Imagine boarding a superb yacht to sail in the warm Caribbean waters, meet the local marine wil
July 9 category:World
Putin obviously pleased with his feline meeting this Saturday in Siberia. Screenshot of Rossia TV Polar bears, baby seals, Siberian tigers ... This is a real "crusade" for threatened species leads Vladimir Putin, while the use of this word
July 19 category:Europe
Russia - Vladimir Putin flew a glider and flew to the side of cranes, September 5, 2012 in Siberia. A new exploit for a president who appears regularly flying bombers of water or formula 1. afp.com/Alexey Druzhinin Abandoning land basely problems, th
July 30 category:Economy
Oil, gas and waterways. Oil and gas Eldorado, the North Pole was coveted majors, but also fishermen. Shipowners seem rather more reserved: shorter northern routes (East and West) would interesting for Chinese shipping companies wishing to serve north
September 10 category:Culture
The Boeing 777 is not found eleven days after his disappearance. REUTERS / Tomasz Bartkowiak Each day, the indices and the tracks are more numerous. But it is clear that the Boeing 777 Malaysia Airlines is not found eleven days after his last locatio
October 16 category:Environment
temperature climate warming AFP / Martin Bernetti This is a sum. But above all an exciting investigative document. In his book Climate Populism (1), published on 28 October, Stéphane Foucart, journalist with the daily Le Monde, casts a harsh light on
November 6 category:Escape
Spitsbergen, the polar bear is omnipresent, both iconic figure and continuing threat. Marion Festraets / L'Express It rains on Longyearbyen. A sad drizzle that wet the dark mountains enclosing the steel gray fjord. It's raining and it's hot - 7 ° C i
January 31 category:Environment
A wholesaler caries has frozen tuna entre tuna laid out in rows at Tsukiji fish market, Japan's Largest fish auction house, in Tokyo March 13, 2010. The outcome of a drive to ban trade in Atlantic bluefin tuna, Prized as a delicacy in Japan, is too c
July 23 category:Music
US actor and musician Kevin Costner Performs with his band Modern West DURING THE Millenni Festival in Barcelona February 18, 2010. REUTERS / Gustau Nacarino (SPAIN - Tags: ENTERTAINMENT) REUTERS The best ... Charlotte Gainsbourg IRM The daughter of
December 25 category:Flavours
The white Coke cans withdrawn by the firm. Brent / Flickr On the occasion of the holiday season, Coca-Cola wanted to bring up to date, only the United States, the famous mascot of the polar bear on a white and silver can. But a month after its launch

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