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July 4 category:Media
Impartiality, independence, relevance of the questions: political interviews Yves Calvi seduce the French. afp.com/Philippe Huguen Yves Calvi offers the best political interviews. This is the result of a survey conducted by Harris Interactive and pub
July 3 category:Europe
The Conservative whimsical was unable to regain control face a host of public television. It has listed some of his pots, calling the elected "bad guy." Capture YouTube Often messy, happy bumbling Boris Johnson has a habit of putting on a s
January 6 category:Labor law
By raising the issue of "39 hours paid 39", Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault certainly did not think create controversy. Political delight them, SOHO / SME do not care: many employees remained at 39 hours. REUTERS / Philippe Desmazes / Pool
January 6 category:Political
The Minister in the budget, Jérôme Cahuzac, is accused by the Médiapart site have held a secret account in Belgium until 2010. Charges "not concrete enough" according to some experts. afp.com/Fred Dufour While the budget minister Jérôme Cah
January 7 category:Political
Claire Thibout, former accountant of Bettencourt, testified Thursday in Liberation. afp.com/Pierre Andrieu Claire Thibout, a former accountant for Bettencourt, confirmed Wednesday in an interview with Libération waltz of species for political financi
January 7 category:Company News
BFM TV and BFM Radio in association with Dailymotion, giant video shared online, launch "La Tribune", the first political broadcast on the Web. Presented by the three journalists Hedwig Chevrillon, Ruth Elkrief and Olivier Mazerolle, "
January 12 category:Media
TELEVISION - TF1 The editor of the political department of the chain and split amicably. The journalist is close to Francois Hollande. Plon It is "by mutual agreement" that TF1 and François Bachy, head of the political department, decided t
January 21 category:Employment
Whether contain in any circumstances, not to offend its employees, avoiding sensitive subjects or prohibit any unpleasant remark, that that should be useful to advance in the top management. Reuters / Jason Lee In correspondence, should write "S
January 26 category:Books
Daniel Pennac, Sollers, Weyergans, Régis Jauffret or David Lodge with 480 novels, French and foreign stars and surprises, the literary year 2012 promises invigorating before the air hole of the presidential inspired more political fiction books. afp.
January 26 category:Political
While France is in recession, the president spoke to reporters Thursday, a year after taking office at the Elysee. Overview of the main political reactions. DR After the second great François Hollande press conference following the policies of reacti
January 29 category:FN
Jean-Marie Le Pen believes that Taubira-Minute case is an operation to destabilize the FN. afp.com/Bertrand Langlois "The Taubira operation, it is a political balloon that was launched, it reminded me of the case of Carpentras," said Friday
January 30 category:Politics, Justice
The decision of the New York judge who must decide whether to continue the suit against Dominique Strauss-Kahn in New York for sexual assault will be known next Tuesday. afp.com/Etienne Laurent In the British press, DSK stimulus conspiracy theory: th
January 30 category:Africa
19 more civilians were killed in clashes in South Sudan, said the Red Cross. AFP / STRINGER For the youngest state in the world, stability still seems as utopian. Clashes between rival factions of the army in South Sudan have spread outside the capit
February 2 category:VIP VIP
George Clooney will soon marry Amal Alamuddin in Venice. EPA / MAXPPP Groupies Clooney, dry your tears. Certainly, George officially passed the ring finger during a wedding fairy tales you do not even dare to dream. But if it is about to marry Amal A
February 12 category:World
Since 15 May, the Spanish Indignados occupy the square of Puerta Sol in Madrid. REUTERS What is the Occupy movement today? The movement was disappearing. He was losing momentum after the regional elections in Spain. But on Friday, an event strengthen
February 18 category:Economy
Black Tuesday for the European stock markets after the Italian elections: Milan plunged 4.89%, 3.2% in Madrid, Paris, from -2.67% in Paris, Frankfurt -2.27% and London - 1.34%. Reuters / Tony Gentile Italy can it again derail the eurozone? It is the
February 23 category:Promotion and communication
Political color marks, Survey Nomen Nomen Velib station or the left? Dior and Chanel right? This is what the French seem to perceive the values ​​conveyed by those marks. Nomen, a specialist in creating brand names, asked the French to evaluate 160 b
March 6 category:Political
TRIERWEILER ROYAL - Jean-Louis Bianco considers "outrageous" behavior the companion of François Hollande, who supported the rival Segolene Royal on Tuesday. AFP Would it be too much for the tweet Valérie Trierweiler The companion of Françoi
March 10 category:Political
CHARLIE WEEKLY - The A Charlie Hebdo on Wednesday 19 September, as the Prophet Muhammad caricature. afp.com/Alain Jocard The satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo published on Wednesday the Mohammed cartoons. Controversial designs that come as an anti-Musli
March 25 category:Europe
Belgium's King Albert II smiles as he wait a reception with jury members of the Queen Elisabeth Music Competition at the castle Laeken in Brussels May 28, 2013. REUTERS / Francois Lenoir King Albert II has finally dared. He announced his abdication i

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