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January 2 category:Sports & Fitness
Nearly 1 out of 4 French possess a self tracking tool, to 1 in 2 in the United States. Kevin Kozicki / Corbis It became an obsession for Alice, 25, a creative advertising agency. Every day, she connects to Walkmeter a pedometer app that evaluates the
January 11 category:Africa
To read the full issue of the journal 9 Proparco, private sector and development, "What role for the private sector in African railways development?" DR Since the establishment of the first railway concession in Africa in 1996 (signed with
January 22 category:High Tech
Facebook wants to launch a new application to compete Snapchat. AFP PHOTO / Karen BLEIER / FILES Three's. After the failure of Poke and a failed attempt to takeover, Facebook has a new plan to compete Snapchat. The firm of Mark Zuckerberg is indeed w
January 28 category:Economy
Social movement of the train, October 2009. REUTERS / Pascal Rossignol The Unsa collected 21.4% of votes in the workplace elections to the SNCF, 3.4 points higher than in 2009. This result you satisfied? We are obviously very pleased. The UNSA union
January 30 category:Escape, Flavours
L.Vuitton / Apple Inspired rides Amble, the first Louis Vuitton iPhone app, invites you to discover cities across chic walks. The New York Sofia Coppola, the Los Angeles Elodie Bouchez or the London Rachel Weisz ... Ruffed addresses (shops, restauran
February 9 category:High Tech
Never without my smartphone! Getty Images / Ingram Publishing / Thinkstock Urban Pulse Eclectic This app also identifies many young designers shows that underground music festival. Concerts, movies, shows, she geolocates all mainstream or staggered e
February 17 category:Business Ideas
Safety First, an i-Phone application that measures your distance from the véhiciule in front of you, taking into account the braking distance DR Reduce the number of road accidents by warning drivers when approaching too fast vehicles that precede th
February 18 category:Cannes 2014
Or moviegoers stars dancefloor, the Cannes Film Festival is to you an unmissable each year. To live this 67th thoroughly, marieclaire.fr selected five essential apps, day or night! Most official Cannes Festival Difficult to do without the official ap
February 24 category:HR / Management, Business Ideas
Inoxia DR The Inoxia marketing agency based in Bordeaux, launched independently (no mark is partner) an iPhone application, real guide ecologists labels. "Much has been made on labels, but nothing existed on the mobile Internet," said Jean-
February 26 category:It comes out
"Beauty is the new fashion" is the baseline of the new Reality Show The issue of the magazine, and seeing as you leap for joy as soon as you speak polish or hair, one would be inclined to think that he reason. The splendor makeup done by ma
March 19 category:Businesses
Social movement of the train, October 2009. REUTERS / Pascal Rossignol Rail traffic will gradually return to normal by Saturday morning, said Friday on France 2 SNCF president Guillaume Pepy. SNCF ad for Friday afternoon improved on the whole network
April 6 category:Economy, Life Assemblies
(Photo illustration) Railway reform will be implemented "in the next few days," the government said. REUTERS / Jean-Paul Pelissier The strikes of June SNCF will therefore not prevented the adoption of the rail reform. Parliament has indeed
April 10 category:Beauty
A metro train Nivea advertising in court A metro Belgium To advertise its anti-stress deodorant Stress Protect, brand Nivea cosmetics -adepte humoristiques- of communication campaigns settled in a Belgian daily newspaper Metro announcing Tuesday, Jun
April 25 category:North America, World
Despite the heat, two other bodies were found at the scene of the train disaster on July 6 in Quebec. afp.com/Steeve Duguay Two more bodies were extracted Monday from downtown devastated the Quebec town of Lac-Mégantic, bringing to 37 the number of b
April 29 category:Flavours
Out of inspiration for a dinner, dégaignez your smartphone. Marielle Gaudry Food reporter, the Instagram gourmet Full marks for this App, which already has more than 100,000 members, addicts of good food who take out their smartphones to capture thei
April 29 category:News item
Cable theft is costing rail companies, Réseau Ferré de France and SNCF, and causing numerous delays. AFP / File / Loic Venance A catenary kilometer was stolen on railway tracks in Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis), will we learned Monday from sources.
May 11 category:Business Ideas
The start-up Auticiel has developed apps for autistic children or people with cognitive impairment. DR When she started her pitch, Friday, May 31, before investors present at Demo Day camping, Sarah Cherruault, hit the mark in attendance. His clear s
May 14 category:High Tech
A good way for Apple to attract more attention to its download platform, which retains control 63% of market share. REUTERS / Michael Dalder It's feast day at Apple. To celebrate the crossing of the 50 billion downloads from the App Store platform, t
May 30 category:High Tech
Of the approximately 900,000 applications contained in the app store, nearly 580,000 are unused by consumers. REUTERS / Robert Galbraith The Apple App Store is full of zombies. No this is not a new game or a social networking trend. These are the
May 30 category:Lifestyle News
The updated app Marie Claire is now available on AppStore and Google Play. It allows access to the functionality PLUS MAGAZINE presented in the latest issue of the magazine (on newsstands from Saturday, October 4, 2014). This feature allows you to ac

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