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August 8 category:Escape
Its distance from the mainland is his chance: no one has considered building a bridge there. Result, the largest Breton island retains its spectacular landscapes intact -falaises and countless beaches. A jewel! Claim and deafening, the foghorn sounde
November 12 category:Scenes
Sarah Bernhardt angry, Georges Clairin Reuters Monday, December 6 at 14:00 is auctioned at Drouot Paris market a collection of objects that belonged to the great French actress Sarah Bernhardt (1844-1923). Among them, a painted hat box lid by his fri
December 16 category:Escape
Raz in Finistere. REUTERS / Mal Langsdon Belle-Ile, the most natural One believes overrun with people, while cultivating his land. The anti-bling island. Anchored well away from everyday emergencies, here's Belle-Ile. String of beads blond and gray c
August 31 category:Escape
Monaco mixes monarchical pomp and glamor, and dolce-vita History. Albano Noor for L'Express Styles The scene is played daily around the most chic roundabout on the planet. A Lamborghini or Ferrari Metallic parks between Rolls-Royce and Aston Martin c
September 12 category:Escape
Royan, this is not a resort, with its beach and walks on the sand. It is also the richest city in France in the 1950s buildings. Ph. Souchard / OMT Royan A Royan, swimming in the conch Dropbox or cabotage on the mouth of the Gironde at sunset have th
January 4 category:Arts
Parliament, indeed the sun. Claude Monet Monet is one of those artists we consider France, patronized. It is believed to know everything about his painting, have nothing more to discover. And it is wrong. It was just the memory is bad reproductions i
March 23 category:Arts
Claude Monet, 1899 Bettmann / CORBIS Monet belongs in the pantheon of the world's most famous artists. But what do we really know of his painting? Some of his paintings, landscapes poppies or Seine, reproduced on calendars and boxes of chocolates, ha
November 29 category:Arts
At the ball, Berthe Morisot, 1875 Musée Marmottan Monet / Bridgeman Giraudon / DR Who remembers Madeleine Lemaire? Watercolor artist known in his time, and teacher of Alexander Dumas son, she led one of the most popular Parisian salons. Marcel Proust
December 12 category:Restaurants
At the edge of the gardens of Versailles, in the stables of a castle, in the shade of a large museum, three original ways to lunch. DR The Trianon Palace in Versailles The history of the place: there has inaugurated a century pile, this hotel borders
December 25 category:Lifestyle News
Until June 6, the Marmottan Monet Museum. Rosa Bonheur, Louise Abbéma Berthe Morisot ... They are painters in 1900, a time when men dominate. Some also like living like Madeleine Lemaire who received rue de Monceau. Among its regulars, there was Cole
April 20 category:Escape
Lock Carmenais. Pierre René-Worms / RFI Monday, June 22 Three old river wolves; terrine Coon; the song "acharnistes." In practice To rent a boat on the Mayenne, Sarthe and the Oudon from Chenille-Change: For a ri
September 29 category:Media, TV
Stéphane Bern DR It is said that you would have signed for a new season of How It goes on France 2. Can you confirm? Yes, the producer has indeed signed again with the chain. I'm happy because it's an appointment that brings together more than a mill
February 23 category:Fashion
The jeweler has used five major designers to design unique jewelry to celebrate his birthday. A link with the art that the house maintains a long time. DR When asked Kristin Scott Thomas why she loves both Boucheron jewelery, the actress replied:
March 17 category:Fashion
Gold dripping or stylized to the sketch, trace 200 iconic pieces, from June 11 in Moulins, the saga of the legendary theater. Pascal François / cncs They vibrated with tremulous incantations of Sarah Bernhardt, bulging torso with Jean Marais, drank s
June 3 category:Escape, Fashion
Wedding scene of Sarah Bernhardt, "Divine" for the role of the queen in Ruy Blas nineteenth century. cncs This rose Empire dress, Maria Callas wore to sing Tosca. This purple jersey, he hugged the body of the diva on the night of the premie
July 24 category:Books
Passionate about art and jazz, Daniel Filipacchi admit prefer the company of creators than political. DR This man is a legend. Facilitator in the 1960s, issue Hi folks - "What a ridiculous title!" he smiles today - and former head of the la
March 13 category:Books
Come recovering the Basque Country, the author of Cyrano de Bergerac is in love with the area, and there built a stunning, traditional and modern at once, who invents a new style. One house, two gardens: the masterpiece of a poet who knew rhyme walls
September 14 category:Restaurants
Frog legs in kibble, the signature dish of the restaurant Climates and its leader Phan Chi Tam. Christine Tamalet Climates, 41 rue de Lille, Paris (7th) Open every day (lunch and dinner). For a long time, he made a pig's weather in th
January 22 category:Psycho
Public speaking can become uncontrollable anguish. Getty Images / iStockphoto This is a widespread fear that affects all social classes, all levels of responsibility. When moderate anxiety of public speaking is heavy but not debilitating. However, wh
February 23 category:Music
FRANCOFOLIES - La Lys tour AFP / BERTRAND LANGLOIS It mop somewhere near Lake Geneva, between two tour dates. Visit a church. Looking for a place to bathe. Laurent Voulzy walking on the roads the songs from his latest album, Lys & Love, where fou

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