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January 2 category:Europe
Maurice Faure, former minister and last signatory of the Treaty of Rome in 1957, in Cahors, March 15, 2007. Cabanis In half a century, we went from the Six to the Twenty-September What do you think about European integration, fifty years
February 18 category:Justice
Maurice Agnelet will be tried again for the murder of Agnes Le Roux. BORIS HORVAT / AFP It is free. Maurice Agnelet came out of the prison Mauzac, Dordogne, where he was serving a sentence of 20 years imprisonment for the murder of Agnes Le Roux, hei
March 26 category:Economy
Maurice Levy, CEO of Publicis, was also the organizer of the e-G8, which ended on 25 May. DR - Mal Langsdon Publicis supervisory board, which you are the boss indestructible, has further extended your mandate, while you esquissiez past two years, lea
April 17 category:Justice
Maurice Agnelet on arrival at the court of Rennes, April 11, 2014ébastien Evrard Each trial its share of twists, that of Maurice Agnelet tried for the murder of Agnes Le Roux in 1977 has not been denied. The accused was sentenced Frida
September 13 category:Political
Baroin about Maurice Levy: "This is not a 25 year old trader who is filled their pockets speculating on the bankruptcy of others to make his wealth at age 30, it is a great captain industry which has developed a private French group who develope
October 4 category:Books
Here, Georges Clemenceau, nicknamed "Tiger", pacing a trench during a visit to the front in November 1917. AFP Throwing two huge works against each other, listening to the sound they make, see the sparks fly. This gesture, the Bernard Maris
November 3 category:Economy
The CEO of the advertising group Publicis, Mauritius, in December 2010. REUTERS / Mal Langsdon The controversy over the 16 million euros affected deferred compensation at the head of Publicis was right to Maurice Lévy, the iconic boss of the group, a
December 4 category:Economy
Maurice Lévy had ruled this summer for an "outstanding contribution" of the highest incomes. REUTERS / Mal Langsdon Maurice Lévy (Publicis), originally last summer of the call for an "exceptional contribution" of the highest incom
December 26 category:Books
The Google Doodle June 10 is dedicated to Maurice Sendak, author of Where the Wild Things. DR / SCREEN CAPTURE Google Doodle dedicated his Monday in Maurice Sendak, American illustrator for children's author of the Wild Things, and died in 2012. He w
January 9 category:Policy, Africa
Algerians arrested during the peaceful demonstration in Paris October 17, 1961 by the Federation of France of the FLN (National Liberation Front) during the war in Algeria to protest against the curfew imposed on French Muslims prepare to board board
January 11 category:Books
The French writer Maurice G. Dantec hoped to prohibit the dissemination of his latest novel, Satellite sisters. He was ordered to pay € 1,500 to Ring editions. AFP August 10, 2012, just two weeks before publication provided for Ring Publishing, Mauri
January 13 category:Businesses
The CEO of the advertising group Publicis, Mauritius, in December 2010. REUTERS / Mal Langsdon Nothing shocking to Baroin. The Minister of Economy Baroin Thursday justified the bonus of € 16 million that should touch the head of Publicis Maurice Levy
January 19 category:Movie
MAURICE PIALAT - The director of Under the Sun of Satan died there 10 years. Prod DB / TCD He is 10 years old, French cinema lost a great director in the person of Maurice Pialat. Relatively low productivity, the director has in his filmography major
January 26 category:Justice
Lamb stands in the courthouse in Aix-en-Provence for the de son start trial in the court of appeals in 1977 Regarding the Disappearance of casino heir Le Roux REUTERS Maurice Agnelet will be tried a third time for the murder of Agnes Le Roux in 1977.
January 31 category:Society
Maurice Agnelet on arrival at the court of Rennes, April 11, 2014ébastien Evrard Began there nearly 40 years, the legal saga is not over ... Maurice Agnelet sentenced Friday to 20 years in prison for the murder of his mistress, Agnes L
February 14 category:Movie
Full Sun: Alain Delon and Maurice Ronet make the boat. Ronet falls overboard. Who is left? Suspense! © Prod DB Pari movies DR Route a little quiet man "I did not really want to go in life," said Alain Leroy, the Feu Follet protagonist Mauri
March 1 category:Economy
Maurice Allais, Nobel Prize in Economics Nobel Foundation As rigorous with its doctoral students with his equations, he formed, aided by Jacqueline Allais, his wife and collaborator, generations of economists. Uncompromising, often admitted the discu
April 3 category:Justice
Maurice Agnelet he arrived April 10, 2014 at the Rennes court Evrard These are the last words given to the accused before the verdict. Friday morning, Maurice Agnelet apologized to the family Le Roux for his "attitude
April 7 category:Books
Maurice Sendak has decided to become children's book illustrator after seeing the movie "Fantasia" by Walt Disney. Countess American author and illustrator Maurice Sendak children, best known for his book Max and the Wild Thin
April 8 category:Businesses
Maurice Levy. Charles Platiau / Reuters The general assembly of the French group Publicis voted raising to 75 the age limit for members of its Executive Board, allowing its president Maurice Levy to continue its work beyond the expiration of the curr

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