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April 3 category:Why it matters
"We are all Charlie. "All is Karl, Anna W, Suzy, Anna DR, Bryan, Carine, Leandra, and especially Romy Tom Schreiber, illustrator stashed behind the nickname" Sew Sketchy ". Usually it is the very substance of lightness fashion tha
February 22 category:Education
baby doll / Marc Lagneau On one side, girls on the other boys. The gender issue often arises for children, both at school and at home. To talk, I would like to share with you two experiences I've had. The first is in college, probably 5th
July 20 category:Football
For fans, it is indeed the 30th championship won by Juventus. REUTERS / Giorgio Perottino Juventus, Italian champions for the 28th time, wants to sew on his jersey the third star, which symbolize the 30th title, ignoring the sanction of depriving the
August 3 category:Like the day
Lillian Weber 99 years and in recent years, she has retired to a very good action. Every day she sews a dress for an association that helps children in need. She has sewn 840 dresses and hopes to reach 1,000 dresses for 100 years. Seamstress big hear
August 11 category:Fashion
Gone are the days where deemed tacky, balls of wool, son and needles were stored in the closet. Crochet, knitting and sewing ... are becoming increasingly popular among young women happy to discover the fun of the fact itself. FEDOUACH
March 11 category:Fashion, Fashion Shows
Christian Lacroix at the end of his Spring-Summer 2009, on 27 January. Benoit Tessier / Reuters Monday is the deadline for the submission of dossiers for potential buyers of the fashion house Christian Lacroix placed in receivership on June 2 If no f
January 11 category:Europe
Of migrants on the Italian island of Lampedusa October 25, 2013. AFP / FILIPPO MONTEFORTE The Italian government will empty Tuesday, December 24 the refugee reception center in Lampedusa after a controversy over the housing conditions of migrants als
May 15 category:Spotted date
This skirt Topshop found that, at first glance, might suggest a flower skirt, worn with rubber boots and pruning shears, made us think about something else. And do not think that's because we do not gardening. This skirt corolla organza, embroidered
October 15 category:Fashion
From left to right, drummer Paul Cook, bassist Sid Vicious, singer Johnny Rotten and guitarist Steve Jones. AFP The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, opened the exhibition Punk: Chaos to Couture, May 9, 2013, after a gala evening where the star
November 2 category:Creators
Erdem Erdem Bold and romantic, Erdem Moralioglu, Turkish father and British mother creator, lived a cosmopolitan youth he grew up in Montreal before moving to London to complete his studies at the Royal College of Art. After graduation in 2003, he wo
January 21 category:Marriage
Combining classic lines and feminine details, this dress designed by Courman is a perfect setting for a bride. Shoulders bare, are lined by a thin veil transparent. The size is itself marked by a simple ribbon that closes the side. Most: along tradit
January 12 category:It comes out
It's not hard, this girl. She loves men's suits, white shirts, black dresses. It is an urban, a girl is, she loves the dish. It is not complicated, but hard to dress. The collection "Resort" of young New Yorkers designer Thakoon will solve
June 18 category:Fashion
The Portuguese designer, a member invited haute couture fashion shows, January 26, in Paris, is launching its first line of bags. DR On one of the walls of his Paris showroom, photos of supersonic aircraft alongside others, all in size A4: Indians an
August 31 category:It just came out
The crocodile brand is associated with the legendary Maison Lesage embroidery hand to reinvent the iconic polo shirt for women, launched in 1965, Version Couture. Inspired by the Lacoste Archives and designed by its artistic director, Felipe Oliveira
October 3 category:Makeup Tips
The eyeliner and black mascara associated with a pink blush and lipstick powder for a cool and stylish make-up in pastel shades of spring. This pastel makeup false angelic and devilish chic, evoking both the bourgeois and the ballerina, this contrast
January 3 category:It comes out
Arte has a habit of rhythm to the week of the Parisian fashion shots gripping documentaries reentering vintage parades or summarize the future trends. As a happiness never comes alone, the channel launched on its website, Creative Arte, a "Fully
January 6 category:Escape
A young woman practicing "parkour" in a park in Tehran, March 13, 2014. Kenare For Maryam and her friends, young inhabitants of the Iranian capital Tehran, parkour is a way to forget the social constraints on women and take con
January 6 category:Media, TV
Eric Zemmour shares the view that Marine Le Pen: French or Algerian, choose his nationality. Screenshot Eric Zemmour and Marine Le Pen, same fight. It columnist argues share the ideas of the president of the National Front. Like her, he asked the Fra
January 9 category:Marriage
Failures we can catch up! © Valua Vitaly - It was nice that day preparing for a year, the failures exist! Moreover, in the film A big Marriage whose theatrical release is scheduled for May 22, the D-Day takes an unusual twist! Here are 10
January 9 category:Training, Fashion
The "center of excellence of Aquitaine leather and luxury goods" was created to provide a skilled workforce in sectors understaffed. Reuters / Regis Duvignau The initiative is unique in France: in the business of premium leather, where it i

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