Situation at Freda Rebecca mine

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October 21 category:Africa
Cecil, 41, employee of the Freda Rebecca gold mine, which has lost 22 pounds in three years, is now paid in US dollars. Benjamin Neumann Our Slideshow The gold mine Bindura in Zimbabwe reopened Read the interview with Kalaa Mpinga, CEO of Mwana Afric
June 16 category:Economy
Kalaa Mpinga, CEO of Mwana Africa Jérôme Chatin Our slide Gold Mine in Zimbabwe Bindura reopened What made ​​you decide to open a gold mine in Zimbabwe? It was not a gamble? I Do Not. What caused the collapse of the mining industry in the country, it
March 24 category:Africa
Kalaa Mpinga Zimbabwe at the entrance of the Freda Rebecca gold mine that was reopened in September 2009. Benjamin Neumann On the road that leads to his gold mine in Bindura in Zimbabwe, it reopened there nearly a year, Kalaa Mpinga cast a greedy eye
August 22 category:Economy
Bruno Le Maire, UMP deputy from the Eure, former Agriculture Minister and Secretary of State for European Affairs alongside Georges Valance, former managing editor of L'Expansion. © Jérôme Chatin / L'Expansion In 1914, there is already an economic im
December 24 category:Rugby
This former French Player Stadium, author of a book noticed on its chaotic career, visited Wednesday in Marcoussis, to engage in a surprising intervention alone on stage in front of dozens of players and managers of the national team. L'Express / f.
March 30 category:Movie
Revealed by <italic> The Solitude of Prime number </ italic> and <italic> Amore </ italic>, this Italian-too méconnue- is one of the largest European actresses of today. And she masterfully demonstrates in <italic> The s
February 15 category:Music
His music video "Friday" tongues wagging Internet users, who were nevertheless 9,000,000 to view the video. What critics already suffered before her other stars teens ... Screenshot of the video "Friday" There was already Justin B
June 22 category:Fashion News
Sex and The City Version style advice, you dream in? Mango did! The brand has just introduced the eighth season of his micro-site and innovates with solid style videos! This season, to give her fashion advice, the famous Sp
November 6 category:Economy
"Nearly 5,000 French taxpayers have moved closer to Bercy for the terms of repatriation of their assets and the penalties" Dufour If the tax exile is fashionable, what about the tax exiles repented? To believe the Parisian inde
November 13 category:Businesses
Cold War forces, the deposit was immediately considered a "strategic reserve" of the USSR and its existence shrouded in secrecy. REUTERS / Baz Ratner A diamond mine located in Siberia, whose existence was kept secret for decades, has huge r
August 23 category:Businesses
More than 1,000 rescuers fought against the clock in a coal mine in China where 153 workers were trapped by floods. Jason Lee / Reuters Twenty-eight people died in China and 192 were missing after five mining disasters in as many days in this country
January 31 category:High Tech
Apple introduced two new tablets on October 22: the iPad Air and iPad mini Retina. REUTERS / Robert Galbraith IPad and iPad mini are often presented as the best tablets on the market. To believe the first returns of the journalists present at the App
July 26 category:Books
Fred Vargas, 2011 Editions Viviane Hamy / Louise Oligny It's like the French writers rebelled. After suffering the onslaught of foreign novelists for several months, Frenchies are found in May at the head of our list in a fratricidal struggle. With,
January 26 category:TV
Omar and Fred hang red phones. Augustin Détienne [Express Yourself] After Sales Service emissions will be put to sleep for a year like Mel Gibson in Forever Young, the film by Steve Miner. Well, it must be recognized that there was a kind of wear you
October 4 category:High Tech
Reggie Fils-Aime is the boss of Nintendo USA. Jean-Baptiste Su While the iPod has somehow saved Apple, Nintendo, Providence called the Wii. Worldwide, consumers are snapping up rare Wii consoles available in stores or on the Internet at price of 250
February 20 category:Creators
Rings of Pain collection sugar mini version of Fred. DR 1936 son of Alsatian immigrants born in Buenos Aires, Fred Samuel just learn the craft jeweler in Paris. He was 16. In the mid 1930s, there opens his house rue Royale and noted for its jewelery
April 13 category:Economy
Chuquicamata, Chile, the mine open pit copper largest in the world. Reinhard Jahn / Wikimedia Commons The fall in international copper prices is an economic and social disaster for Chile, world's largest producer of the red metal. 12,000 people are n
May 7 category:Movie
The World of Fred Valerie Müller © Zelig Films Distribution For his first feature film, Valerie Müller depicts the adventures of a lady-killer that binds the conquests until the day when one of them announces that she is pregnant. A subject to which
May 21 category:Books
At the end of the war, the Americans have given 70% of their prisoners in France (here, 19 August 1944, in the Orne). © Regional Council of Basse-Normandie / US National Archives "It's so nice, Rudolf." A Chambéry, the boss who employs work
September 3 category:It comes out
A Fred Perry shirt, the real mods are very slim and buttoned up. Raf Simons, who for the third time this winter working with the English brand, invented this new model. So indecisive that shirt she dons three ways: neat blue, mini purple checks and t

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