soft cantuccini recipe

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July 4 category:Recipes, Flavors
Cantuccini soft vanilla and salt. Jerome Galland For about 20 biscuits. Preparation time: 35 min. Cooking time: 15 min + 8 min Ingredients 135 g marzipan 65% 2 beaten eggs that we only collect 75 g 35 g of lightly roasted almond powder 15g softened b
December 17 category:Receipts
Recipe of the heart based soft Nutella. Pierre-Loui Viel / Valéry Drouet / Ferrero For 4 people. Preparation time: 10 min. Cooking time: 7 min. Ingredients 4 tablespoons of Nutella (160 g) 150g milk chocolate 40 g of butter 1 tablespoon flour 80 g of
August 24 category:Receipts
Recipe for chocolate-pistachio cantuccini. Snapper Media For 60 pieces. Preparation <20 min. Cooking 55 min Ingredients 300 g plain dark chocolate 185 g blanched pistachios nature 300 g flour 75 g unsweetened cocoa powder 1/2 tsp. sodium bicarbona
July 15 category:Receipts
Cannelon zucchini, soft goat cheese and pesto parsley Christophe Dufau. Del Olmo Henri For 6 people Ingredients 6 courgettes 3 fresh goat cheese Salt Pepper Vinegar of Modena Olive oil Tomatoes and pine nuts (optional) Preparation 1. Wash and trim th
January 25 category:Receipts
The rat is the potato gastronomes. With salted butter and vanilla beans, she became the star of your purees. Valerie Lhomme Preparation: 25 min Cooking time: 40 min For 6 people Ingredients 600g potatoes kind rat, 180g salted butter, 15 cl cream, 37,
February 16 category:Receipts
Recipe for milk chocolate pie, Pierre Hermé. Valery Guedes / Bérengère Abraham For 8 persons. Preparation: 45 min. Cooking time: 30 min. Cooling: 1 night + 2 hours. Ingredients For the sweet dough 500 g of sifted flour 300g softened butter 190 g sift
April 1 category:Receipts
Young beet stems candied spices and maple syrup on cottage cheese goat recipe taken from "all eat from A to Z," Sophie Dupuis-Gaulier, QED collection (Hachette kitchen). Guillaume Czerw / Hachette Kitchen For 4 people. Preparation 5 min. Co
April 16 category:Hair Care
Dividers, split, brittle hair ... The damaged hair are not inevitable! To find silky hair and healthy, it stings some recipes our grandmothers, and turns into lab rat to concoct our own care! Abracadabra! Before you jump in the preparation of your ow
April 26 category:Receipts
Mini pies recipe scallops and butternut blue. Delicious Magazine UK For 4 people. Preparation <20 min. Cooking 30 min Ingéredients 350 g butternut squash 400 g frozen scallops nuts 1 onion 2 tbsp. tablespoons flour 30 cl of vegetable broth 80 g of
May 6 category:Receipts
Recipe of soft chocolate cake, raspberries and Espelette pepper. Valery Guedes / Bérengère Abraham For 6 people. Preparation time: 25 min. Cooking time: 35 min. Ingredients 250g unsalted butter + butter for the pan 4 eggs 220g caster sugar 250 g dark
September 23 category:Receipts
Soft and lightly scented, madeleine evokes many memories of childhood. Mickaël Roulier / Hachette For about 20 madeleines Preparation: 20 minutes Cooking time: 12 minutes Ingredients 1 tsp. Coffee honey 210g of flour Powdered sugar 170g 1 sachet of v
October 11 category:Receipts
Recipe duck foie gras fried with oyster Eric Frechon. Valery Guedes / Bérengère Abraham / L'Express Styles For 4 people. Preparation 20 min. Cooking 15 min Ingredients 8 slices of foie gras de canard about 50 g each 8 oysters 2 diced 10 cl soy sauce
October 17 category:Fashion
Your cupboards often contain countless treasures that can make you a true magician ... Turn cream, flour, sugar and butter soft rillette tuna curry hummus beans, cream of mushroom soup to nuts, perch red wine or cake tatin with pineapple! Perhaps you
October 26 category:Receipts
Capon stuffed with chestnuts. Melanie Martin / Julie Méchali / Hachette Kitchen For 4 people. Preparation time: 25 min. Cooking time: 2:30. Warning: use a trussing needle (or failing a thin knitting needle) and food string. Ingredients For the capon
January 12 category:Receipts
Apricot scones recipe pistachio. Snapper Media / Zest For 12 pieces. Preparation <20 min. Cooking 25 min Ingredients 220 g flour 110g rolled oats 50g sugar 50g butter 150 g of dried apricots 35 g of natural pistachios 25 cl milk 1/2 tsp. teaspoon
February 2 category:Receipts
Easter lamb cake is a classic in Alsace and Lorraine. Aline Princet / Jesiel Maxan / Hachette kitchen For 1 cake (4 people). Preparation 15 min. Cook 25 min. Ingredients 2 large eggs 90 g of powdered sugar 75 g flour 25g cornflour (cornstarch) 1 sach
February 25 category:Flavors Recipes
To celebrate the release of her new cookbook (Ed. Du Chêne) the chef shares his secrets to three seasonal products. Jean-Philippe Garabedian / EDITIONS OF OAK Thirty-six years of good and tasty Fenière services. A Michelin star. Fine dining, a farm c
March 11 category:Receipts
Puddings recipe with Dates and salted butter caramel sesame. Snapper Media / Zest For 6 people. Preparation 30 min (+ rest 1 hour). Cooking 1h Ingredients 45 cl milk 350 g of dried dates 1 vanilla pod 1 tsp. Coffee bicarbonate 120 g butter at room te
March 20 category:Receipts
Put a bit of Italy in your bread with this recipe with olives and rosemary. Zest's cook simple and good For 6 people Preparation: <20 minutes Cooking: 30 minutes Ingredients 450 g of flour incorporated yeast 75 g butter 115g pitted black olives (+
March 23 category:Receipts
Chocolate shortbread recipe infinitely Pierre Hermé. Valery Guedes / Bérengère Abraham For 50 shortbread. Preparation time: 25 min. Cooling: 1 hour. Cooking: from 11 to 12 minutes. Ingredients 175g sifted flour 30 g of sifted powdered cocoa 5 g of fl

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