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January 5 category:Movie
This is a naked Rose, but censored in the Chinese version of Titanic 3D, which features the heart of the ocean as Jack Dawson draw. DR This is And the Chinese audience will not have the privilege to admire in relief. Obviously, we need to recognize t
January 1 category:Africa
Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika was transferred late Saturday afternoon in Paris to conduct additional tests after a "transient ischemic attack without sequelae", a type of stroke (stroke) without gravity. afp.com/Denis Allard The h
January 3 category:Books
A first edition of the book "Alcohol" dated 1913 the French poet Guillaume Apollinaire at an auction in Brest in November 2001. Afp phot / Fred Tanneau According to the Turkish daily Hürriyet, the Supreme Court of Appeal unanimously rejecte
February 20 category:High Tech
Apple oversteps he's rights by acting as the "Big Brother" of its iCloud? REUTERS / Sivaram V A history of several months just reappear in different French-language specialty sites. She blames the messaging service included in iCloud remote
February 23 category:Businesses
CGT: "They advertise 333 people, it was 537 a few months ago He will have to (Maurice Taylor) review its copy.". AFP / FRANCOIS NASCIMBENI A delegation from the SGC will be received Wednesday in Paris by the Minister of Productive Recovery
February 29 category:Culture
100 years after the sinking of the Titanic, a New York restaurant will offer the same menu served in first class on the ship. Lucas Jackson / Reuters The rosewood violin head of the orchestra of the Titanic, found in an English attic in 2006, will be
March 16 category:Businesses
AFP / DENIS CHARLET They will remain more than 30 hours locked in a meeting room. The production manager of the factory, Michel Dheilly, and the Director of Human Resources (DHR), Bernard Glesser, who were kidnapped from 10:30 Monday in a meeting roo
April 7 category:Society
Five books of Alain Soral are concerned with a prohibition or censorship of anti-Semitic remarks. AFP / Boris Horvat Censored or simply prohibited. Justice ordered Wednesday, November 13 banning a book as well as the partial censorship of four other
April 9 category:Once in three months
The Titanic exhibit is older than the movie with Jack and Rose. It's been 18 years she traveled the world and moves the crowds. It was high time she makes a stopover in Paris (yes, we know that Paris is not a port, thank you). It will happen in June,
May 12 category:Society
More than a century after its sinking, the Titanic docked for the summer at Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles, staged in an exhibition that promises "real objects, real stories." afp.com/Joel Saget More than a century after its sinking, the T
May 17 category:Asia
An undated artist's rendering of the Proposed cruise ship Titanic II, provided by the Blue Star Line as Australian billionaire Clive Palmer unveiled Plans For His dream ship has Pendant news conference in New York February 26, 2013. The cruise ship b
May 19 category:TV
THE SIMPSONS SOUTH PARK. Both American cartoons are considered too violent and will be censored in Russia. CAPTURE screen / Youtube A new Russian law whose stated goal is to protect children, will force the chain to censor 2x2 cartoon South Park and
June 2 category:Books
Statue of Alexander Pushkin conducted in 1957 by the sculptor Anikouchine in St. Petersburg WikimediaCommons The tale of Alexander Pushkin, The Tale of the Pope and his servant Balda, was published by the Russian Orthodox Church in the Krasnodar regi
June 21 category:Economy
In response to the boss Arnaud Montebourg Titan, the Minister recalled the number of US companies based in France and stressed the historic ties between the two countries, citing La Fayette and landing of June 6, 1944. afp.com/Kenzo Tribouillard The
July 3 category:Flavors, Escape
100 years after the sinking of the Titanic, a New York restaurant will offer the same menu served in first class on the ship. Lucas Jackson / Reuters On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, a Brooklyn restaurant in New
July 9 category:Businesses
Maurice Taylor, CEO of Titan, had written a letter to Arnaud Montebourg, mocking the "French employees who receive higher wages but only work three hours." Mick Tsikas / Reuters The US manufacturer of tires Titan International has made ​​a
July 20 category:Businesses
Goodyear supplier will remove 820 layoffs in its Amiens-Nord tire plant. Mick Tsikas / Reuters Coaster in the "Goodyear case." Maurice M. Taylor, the owner of Titan International has finally admitted Tuesday he discussed with Arnaud Montebo
August 1 category:Society
The US manufacturer of tires Titan International has a new partial takeover offer for the Goodyear site in Amiens Nord, which concern 333 employees, told AFP on Monday the Minister of Productive Recovery Arnaud Montebourg. afp.com/Denis Charlet The U
August 2 category:Businesses
Goodyear Amiens-Nord. CGT wants to "smart output" folder. Mick Tsikas / Reuters CGT would she put water in his wine? The union was said skeptical about a deal in the context of a partial reversal of the Goodyear plant in Amiens North Titan
August 3 category:Media
Michel Cymes, France 5 Dailymotion / France 5 Filipino moderators of Facebook have struck again and it does not like Michel Cymes. The leader of the health magazine on France 5 reacted strongly, Tuesday, December 2nd on his show at the three-day susp

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