unbearable giraffe

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April 9 category:Scenes
Stiff neck of the giraffe at the Theatre du Rond-Point. Giovanni Cittadini Cesi Four couples and as many ways to decline love. There punk teens who tap it. A failed writer refusing to sleep with his girlfriend. A hypochondriac cashier who falls in lo
September 4 category:Spotted date
We understood that print giraffe was a breakthrough. We even heard that summer giraffe would or would not. To put us in the mood, Cosmoparis created these spartan for sunny days (which will arrive one day we promise you). The atmosphere of a sudden i
October 18 category:Company News
The online compare flights Skyscanner.fr has addressed the issue of neighborhood plane. According to the results of its investigation, smelly people, be leading the most unbearable neighbors during a flight. The neighbor, enemy number one in air trav
November 30 category:Children
Sophie the Giraffe Courtesy of Vulli 53 years and all his teeth. The timeless toy for children, Sophie the Giraffe, celebrates his birthday and opens a pop-up store on the occasion of Mother's Day, at 29 rue Notre Dame de Nazareth in Paris from 23 to
January 13 category:Topicality
(Illustrative photo) A Danish zoo plans to euthanize one of its giraffes yet healthy because its genetic heritage is considered unattractive. REUTERS / Ken Bohn / San Diego Zoo / Handout Bad week for giraffes prenamed Marius Denmark. The Danish Jylla
May 29 category:Society
A giraffe died on the highway. SCREEN CAPTURE The drama recalls the scene Hangover 3, but this time it's true. A young giraffe died Thursday on a highway in Pretoria, apparently after his head had hit a bridge, while traveling in the back of a truck,
August 8 category:Businesses
Questioned about what irritates them most, 53% of employees cite hypocrite colleague before the lickspittle (35%) and peddling rumors (35%). Reuters / Andrew Winning It is universal and all employees undergo it. Its name, the unbearable colleague. Bu
August 14 category:Sport
HANDBALL - Nikola Karabatic is part of the players believed in this rigged game case. REUTERS / Fadi Al-Assaad Have Montpellier players rigged one of their matches? A judicial inquiry conducted by an investigating judge of the Hérault agglomeration i
November 7 category:Political
Jean-Luc Mélenchon (D), co-chair of the Left Party, and Arnaud Montebourg (G), MP and Chairman of the General Council of Saône et Loire, come March 24, 2011 at Dole, to support the outgoing General Counsel, the various left Patrick Viverge (C) before
December 25 category:Books
Millet: "A writer has the right to look at the skin and the color of French." J Sassier / Gallimard Richard Millet, by naming one of the three books you publish simultaneously Literary Praise of Anders Breivik, you had much doubt that you w
January 8 category:Political
"The fundamental principles of our Republic are trampled with unprecedented violence and lack of scruples unprecedented," writes Nicolas Sarkozy in a letter to Figaro. afp.com/Valery Axe The Nicolas Sarkozy's address to the French did not f
February 24 category:Scenes
Alain Francon receives Molière 2010 for "The Cherry Orchard." AFP L'Express: What was your first contact with Chekhov? Alain Francon: My first was a Chekhov's Uncle Vanya, directed by Gabriel Garran with Jean Dasté, at the Comédie de Saint-
March 23 category:News item, Europe
Marius, a giraffon a year and a half, was euthanized at Copenhagen Zoo (illustrative photo). REUTERS / Ken Bohn / San Diego Zoo / Handout Incompréhenson in Copenhagen. A baby giraffe a year and a half in perfect health was euthanized Sunday at the ci
July 21 category:VIP Cinema
Actress Kirsten Dunst poses a photocall Pendant After receiving send the Best Actress award for her role in director Lars Von Trier's film "Melancholia" DURING THE closing ceremony of the 64th Cannes Film Festival May 22, 2011. REUTERS / Vi
September 10 category:Political
"It is an illusion to think that we solve the problem of the Roma population through only inserting", said Tuesday the Minister of the Interior Manuel Valls on France Inter, ensuring that a minority of Roma want to integrate France. BFMTV C
May 5 category:Pets
Photo illustration REUTERS Hunting Rebecca Francis is again open to Twitter. The young woman, who had become known across the Atlantic by winning the tournament televised hunting Extreme Huntress (the "hunter extreme"), suffered in recent d
January 6 category:Justice
The name of DSK appears in a new legal procedure for "fraud" in connection with its former investment company. As he has always done, the former IMF chief pleads good faith and lack of luck. DSK is it cursed if he misleads him in spite of a
November 10 category:Political
The Gaullists never really dared to emulate Reagan and Thatcher. REUTERS It is tempting to criticize Hollande of the most radical measures of its action. The imposition of 75% of the highest income and pay by the departure of thousands of large taxpa
August 12 category:Businesses
Swiss banks settled their dispute with the United States with heavy concessions. REUTERS The tax program between Switzerland and Washington to address the issue of undeclared US assets deposited in Swiss banks, will have "serious consequences
May 24 category:Sport
At the South Africa-France, difficult for the French who made the trip to find their place. Nathalie Gros / L'Express A few hours before the match between France and South Africa, the cafes that line the stadium, I met three fans all busy getting rea

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