Vimala Pons (Troupe Ivan Mosjoukine

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July 19 category:Movie
Or how a film 300 000 proves that the excess money is no guarantee of quality. DR It was enough to wait. After a few rounds of pre-Cannes drawer bottoms and big stuff too expensive not worth a nail (I have names, but no, I will not talk), it is still
August 28 category:Scenes
Today (notes on the circus). Artists perform the numbers on the blackboard. DR No need to go around the bush: Today (notes on the circus), creation of the collective Ivan Mosjoukine, is the most beautiful circus the next century. And perhaps even bef
May 19 category:Scenes
CIRCUS - The new show of the troupe Circa, Wunderkammer: the House of Wonders, in the Top 5 of L'Express. DR / Screenshot 1. Today [Notes on the Circus], the company Ivan Mosjoukine. The most original show of the year by four circus as young as shiny
January 20 category:Scenes
THEATRE. Photo taken May 31, 2005 in Lyon Célestins theater. Illustration. AFP PHOTO / PHILIPPE MERLE Back to the plays that marked the year 2012, with the tops of Christophe Barbier, editor of L'Express, and Igor Hansen-Love, journalist culture. The
November 24 category:Scenes
SCENES - The four circus, qualified of "intellectuals" in school, now wield absurd humor brilliantly. I. Mosjoukine 1. A great shape. At the entrance of the room, each viewer receives a plug 78 "notes", as many skits illustrated f
May 20 category:Culture
LUXURY ROYAL - Nantes The company feels plagiarized by Coca-Cola in an advertisement featuring a giant Santa Claus. ZOCCOLAN Nantes troupe Royal de Luxe, internationally known for its street performances with giant characters, decided
July 2 category:All the details
What is the common point between Rita Ora and toys "my little pony"? The little pony dress Alice Vandy. Small Version Rita ponies are white with childish letters, which would make almost pass for a woman-child. But the singer does not forge
August 10 category:Political
With walking for a fiscal revolution Sunday, Jean-Luc Mélenchon wants to make its voice heard in a context where the protests are increasing. Clatot Free competition is everywhere, even in the social struggle. In November, red cap
August 18 category:World Books
Medvedev and Putin are not enlightened despots, "if they were informed it would be bearable," fun blogger and writer Boris Akunin. REUTERS / RIA Novosti / Kremlin / Dmitry Astakhov How do you rate the Russian blogosphere? This is a wilderne
December 13 category:Society
PARIS - Sketch of hearing May 22, 2012 representing the six Somalis on trial for hostage taking Ponant. Peyrucq The public prosecutor requested Monday sentences ranging from ten to fifteen years imprisonment against six Somalis tried i
February 27 category:Justice
Zodiac commando boats arrived at French cruise ship Le Ponant, Whose crew taken hostage by pirates Were, off Somalia's coast in this April 12, 2008 picture released by the French Defense Ministry. Helicopter-borne French troops-have swooped in on Som
July 16 category:Books
Elisabeth Lévy, the "new" and Ivan Rioufol, "old", fiercely oppose the rise of the left. Fayard / PUF Author: Elizabeth Levy, columnist multicarte (RTL, Le Point ...), founder of the site regularly described as "ne
August 3 category:Movie
Akaky Khorava, People's Actor of the USSR, as Czar Ivan the Terrible in the stage production, "The Great Potentate" AFP / RIA Novosti You have a lot filmed contemporary Russia (Taxi Blues, Luna Park, La Noce ...). Why this return to the pas
July 5 category:Justice
Zodiac commando boats arrived at the rear of the French luxury yacht Le Ponant, Whose crew Were Held hostage by pirates, as French navy frigate "The Bouan Commander" is seen in the background, off Somalia's coast in this April 12, 2008 pict
December 5 category:Hair and makeup
Expert and spokesperson Essie Nail Pro, Agathe Pons, gives his advice to brides to be successful manicure of D-Day Courtesy of Essie Pro What a beauty ritual set up to take care of her nails before D-Day? For the big day, think about the color we wil
February 4 category:Society
INDIAN OCEAN - OCTOBER 8: In this handout photograph provided by the US Navy, pirates leave the merchant vessel MV Faina for the Somalia shore under observation by a US Navy ship October 8, 2008 at sea in the Indian Ocean. The Belize-flagged cargo sh
August 26 category:Africa
Zodiac commando boats arrived at the rear of the French luxury yacht Le Ponant, Whose crew Were Held hostage by pirates, as French navy frigate "The Bouan Commander" is seen in the background, off Somalia's coast in this April 12, 2008 pict
February 19 category:Justice
The trial of six Somalis accused of taking hostage the crew of the Ponant in 2008 began Tuesday by confusing statements. Axe Five of the six Somalis accused of taking hostage for a week in April 2008, the French crew of the Ponant proc
July 4 category:Justice
TRIAL OF PONANT - Six Somali pirates ship Le Ponant were tried by the Assize Court of Paris. Axe After more than twelve hours of deliberation, the Assize Court of Paris rendered its verdict Friday in the trial of the Ponant hostage-tak
July 9 category:Scenes
A troupe of acrobats who fears nothing. Mattias Clamer Use the piece of Samurai Shurik'N rapper, the IAM for a balancing act? Blasphemy for very civilized and conceptual French contemporary circus. As for the 7 fingers of the hand, a Montreal troupe

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