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August 6 category:Movie
The Visitors 3 will happen during the Revolution. DR The Visitors 3 will happen during the French Revolution, announced Christian Clavier on RTL. The film will be so in the continuity of the Corridors of Time, second album that attracted 8 million vi
February 17 category:Books
Poster of Marathon 2011 words. The Marathon of the words The seventh edition of Toulouse words of Marathon is held from June 23 to 26 Thirty meetings will be devoted to the Arab revolutions. They will be led by writers such as the Algerian Boualem Sa
February 29 category:Africa
Protesters gesture in front of the headquarters of the Constitutional Democratic Rally (RCD) party of President Zine al-Ousted Abidine Ben Ali has Pendant demonstration in downtown Tunis January 20, 2011. Police fired shots Tunisian Into the air on T
October 2 category:World
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez speaks a news conference Pendant with foreign media in Caracas November 24, 2008. Venezuela's Growing opposition and President Hugo Chavez's left-wing party shared the spoils from weekend elections As They jostled for
February 13 category:High Tech
Making a computer in a jerry: a way to take control of technology. Here in FacLab Cergy-Pontoise. © Emmanuel Fradin for L'Express White walls, 300 square meters. Large rooms in a row, separated by a corridor. It's like being in a hospital, stretchers
March 24 category:Movie
The Visitors 3 is 2015. DR The Visitors 3: Terror released in late 2015 provides Christian Clavier on Europe 1 radio, adding that he has just completed the screenplay. The second following the 1994 board, with 14 million viewers, should be under the
March 1 category:Arts
Ideal retirement of the highest servants of the state, visit obliged the people, unmissable destination 6 million tourists ... Versailles never as radiated and attracted. Bertrand Desprez / VU for L'Express Ah, if he came back even just an hour to Ve
July 2 category:Employment
The digital disrupts business models and content of occupations. The merchant to the customer, from the farmer to the consumer, the health professions to the patient, the irruption of digital changes everything. Overview. Commerce and online sales Ph
August 15 category:Movie
On the occasion of the Grand Journal last Saturday, some images of the third pane Visitors were revealed in a teaser, while the movie is still filming. Enough to make the fans wait. An iPad in the hands of the Jacquouille Fripouille, "is sorcery
January 5 category:Economy
VENEZUELA - In power since 1999, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is running for Sunday, October 7 a new six-year term. Always popular thanks to his charisma and many social projects financed by oil revenues, Hugo Chavez, however trailed in the polls
February 7 category:World
Egypt Wednesday commemorates the beginning there was a year of revolt against Hosni Mubarak, in a climate of uncertainty and tension between a critical military, a protest movement in search of a new life and triumphant Islamists. Deso
February 12 category:Franchise
Geolocation, e-commerce, social networking ... so many opportunities for retailers to develop trade and business. A revolution can not miss! DR The Web has definitely won the home: last year, seven out of 10 French were connected to the Internet at h
March 19 category:Africa
A complaint was filed against 12 Egyptian figures of the Arab Spring. They are accused of "damaging the image" of the military in power. REUTERS A complaint for "harm to the image of the army" and "incitement to subvert the s
March 22 category:Businesses
Galeries Lafayette - The group led by Philippe Houze must now reinvent itself around a new multi-specialist and international entity. © J.-P. Guilloteau / L'Express In his spacious office on the 7th floor, boulevard Haussmann, with stunning views of
March 24 category:Middle East
Syrian women and children sort out olives near the northern Syrian town of Azaz on October 29, 2012. Syria's conflict is going from bad to worse, UN-Arab League peace envoy Lakhdar Brahimi Said After key talks in Moscow on finding a solution? Express
April 19 category:World
The protest in the Arab world has already cut Ben Ali, Mubarak and Gaddafi. What will it be for Assad and Saleh, while the process continues? REUTERS / Mohamed Azakir Are we witnessing, from one year to the first Arab revolutions of history? In the A
April 22 category:Economy
SHALE GAS - Thierry Rent, leader of Yara France, the world leader in ammonia, was "hard to understand why the government refuses to continue research to accurately assess the potential of shale gas in France." REUTERS / Kacper Pempel Princi
May 5 category:World
Jasmine revolution: a popular movement is both social exasperation aspiration to dignity and desire for freedom, movement certainly politicized but without political ideology and leaderless. REUTERS / Zohra Bensemrand "We announce today entered
May 7 category:Books
Jeff Bezos, CEO of, introduces the Kindle Fire. This reading device ebooks made a clean sweep in the United States. REUTERS Silence! New York bouquine. It is rush hour when the revolution of the book is obvious on the subway line 2, which
June 16 category:Movie
Tom McCarthy on the set of Winners. 20th Century Fox The Station Agent (2003) The story: A lonely dwarf passionate train inheriting an isolated station is friends with a hot dog vendor and a very talkative girl pervasive clumsiness. The story: Born i

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