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May 11 category:High Tech
This web portal will gather statistics and studies in the digital sector to provide public authorities, businesses and the public marks on a key economic sector of French growth. REUTERS / Philippe WOJAZER Minister Eric Besson launched the Digital Ob
June 16 category:Businesses
In 2006, in the case of telecom operators cartel, UFC Que Choisir filed 12,521 complaints to expose the absurdity of French law. REUTERS / Lucas Jackson It is still too early to declare victory. In his office Boulevard Voltaire, Paris, sanctuary for
July 2 category:Health News
With a screening at age 55 by a lumbar puncture, Alzheimer's disease would be cured through a replacement of a molecule as deficient protein identified in affected individuals ... A revolution still in its infancy, but can "go fast "accordi
July 25 category:Education
EDUCATION - The return is becoming more and more expensive for parents. REUTERS / Charles Platiau "In 2011, a notebook with a plastic cover cost € 1.60. This year the same item is sold € 3.30 Hot!" Laments Danielle who annually buys supplie
July 26 category:Topicality
Carlotti (PS) will face Gilles Bruno, the mayor (UMP) out. © Gregory Bernardi for L'Express "You saw, they did not ask me any question relating to the government ... Phew!" At 21 o'clock, Monday March evening, Carlotti, Minister responsible
August 4 category:Africa
Despite taking of Tripoli by rebel (by August 29) Muammar Gaddafi on the run, keeps a command capability of the troops that are still loyal to the country, said Tuesday a spokesman of NATO. REUTERS / Anis Mili For the blue-white-red diplomacy, the ti
August 26 category:Economy
GREECE - The boxes of the state will be empty at the end of November, according to Prime Minister Antonis Samaras. REUTERS / Sebastien Pirlet Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras expressed confidence Friday in the rapid payment to Greece a slice of t
September 27 category:Economy
School children on the day of the new school year September 2, 2010, in Vincennes Reuters / Charles Platiau The cost of school for a student entering the sixth this year is 187.32 euros, up 6.8% compared to 2010, far more than inflation, according to
October 26 category:Real Estate, Consumer Budget
The organization accuses Paris Habitat-OPH have charged its tenants expenses related to the maintenance of the electronic monitoring device lifts. REUTERS / Charles Platiau The Union of housing and consumption (SLC-CSF Paris), an association of tenan
October 31 category:Cinema, Economy
The National Film Centre (CNC) has four buildings in Paris ... all the 'chic sixteenth arrondissement! AFP The great financier of French cinema takes his ease ... In Paris, the National Film Centre (CNC) has no less than four buildings, all located i
January 17 category:Businesses
Thomson Consumer Electronics in Beijing Reuters / Guang Niu 1893 - Created under the leadership of the founder of General Electric Elihu Thomson in 1879 founded an electricity company which later became General Electric. It seeks to establish contact
December 9 category:Society
Johnny Hallyday he really almost died in Los Angeles? Nothing in the preliminary report of expertise makes it possible to tell. AFP / FRED DUFOUR Can the media discuss the dispute between Johnny Hallyday and Dr. Stephane Delajoux without falling into
February 9 category:Company News
The return of the 2011 class rose 3.11% compared to last year. Rising prices of school supplies in supermarkets or excessive material list requested by the teachers? At the end of August, families flock to the radius of school supplies in department
March 14 category:Books
The French people he is going to storm new cultural Bastilles under the presidency of François Hollande? National Library of France During his visit at the Avignon Festival, Sunday, July 15, Francois Hollande has repeatedly referred to his "cult
March 30 category:Business and direction
With payday gift, employees and employers choose the cause to defend. A way for the company to improve its image while having a social or environmental impact. REUTERS / Romeo Ranoco [Youtube] TEdorcq-TNC [/ youtube] Inspired by the "Payroll Giv
July 9 category:Businesses
BNP Paribas and Deutsche Bank balance sheet total of about 2000 billion euros each, the GDP of their countries of origin, or 43% of that generated by the entire euro zone. REUTERS / Lee Jae-Won University of Lausanne. Campus, delicately placed in a g
November 2 category:Education, Economy
Back to school could cost more than 800 euros for a family of three children, according to the Confederation of families. REUTERS / Charles Platiau Good news for parents: school allowance will be paid on Tuesday. This aid is intended to help pay for
November 30 category:Economy
After the attacks of producer Vincent Maraval against public funding of French cinema, the boss of CNC Thursday defended the balance of this system. achassignon / http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/ The platform of the producer and distributor
January 20 category:High Tech
Lavra Raudière with Corinne Erhel, co-authored a report on the impact of regulation in the telecom sector. PIERRE VERDY / AFP The MPs Corinne Erhel (PS) and Laure de La Raudiere (UMP) presented Wednesday, February 6th in Economics Committee a report
March 26 category:Economy
School year. CSF regret that free is still not valid. Reuters / Charles Platiau The cost of schooling in 2013 will drop by an average of 4.08%, according to the annual survey by the Confederation of Families (CSF) published Tuesday that integrates sp

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