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February 1 category:North America
In the primary of the Republican Party, Mitt Romney leads the race. What price? No pretending not unscathed unprecedented avalanche of negative ads. And that's just the beginning. The Express The Americans have at least understood that their televisi
May 18 category:Music
The Beach Boys. Lucy Nicholson / Reuters The reunion tour Beach Boys barely begun, the Californian group of the 60 plans to release a new album on June 5, according to the trade magazine Billboard. The latest installment of the surviving members of t
February 20 category:Music
Can we still sing the joys of surfing when you have reached age 70? Guy Webster / EMI The Beach Boys survivors - the original ones, Brian Wilson, Mike Love, Al Jardine, and patches, Bruce Johnston and David Marks - will offer a 29th studio disc, the
August 18 category:High Tech
"I would like a Pikachu in real life." A "crucial" confession among others shared the Secret App. Screen Capture / L'Express "When I'm not reading Secret, Secret I think." Confession is signed Ryan Lawler, high-tech blog
September 14 category:Music
Brian Wilson, David Marks, Bruce Johnston, Al Jardine and Mike Love meeting June 13, 2006 in Los Angeles. REUTERS / Chris Pizzello American feel of 60s will mark his comeback in 2012. For the first time in nearly half a century, the Beach Boys will b
September 16 category:TV
Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee) DR Tell us about Twin Peaks What is Twin Peaks for you? Did you follow the first two episodes aired last week on Arte? Do you worship this series she aged well? Who, in your opinion, the direct heirs? Leave your comment. At
February 20 category:Football
At 50 and after 11 seasons on Merseyside at Everton, David Moyes is the new leader of Manchester United. He succeeded his fellow Scot Sir Alex Ferguson. REUTERS / Phil Noble A loyal. Just like Sir Alex Ferguson, whom he will succeed for six seasons,
May 9 category:TV
007 questions 007 007 women through our columnist David Abiker *: "bond is 50 years of contemporary history" for Marjolaine Boutet, historian of the series. Marjolaine Boutet is a historian, especially in American society. But she specializ
June 3 category:Flavors, Science
Professor Mark Post is the origin of the first beef burger created in vitro. It was cooked and tasted by food critics August 5, 2013. REUTERS / Pool New Professor Mark Post created the event by presenting 5 August 2013 a burger (ground beef) created
July 12 category:Career Management
Environmentalist David Suzuki presents a critical assessment of the policies of the Conservative government of Stephen Harper. © The Canadian Press / ZUMA / REA At 77, he is an icon of national public debate. His scientific training and popularizer o
May 31 category:World
LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - JULY 19: British Prime Minister David Cameron listens to speakers at the Creative Campus, Liverpool Hope University Where He lancé the "Big Society" drive on July 19, 2010 in Liverpool, England. The idea of ​​the big so
July 27 category:VIP
David Beckham will be on the cover of the July issue of the English edition of the magazine "Elle". REUTERS After marking the history of the sport is that of the mode tackles David Beckham. Victoria's husband was the first man to do only th
October 3 category:Movie
Mark Walhberg and Ted (Seth MacFarlane). DR How did you get on this film? Mark Wahlberg: "With Seth (MacFarlane), we share the same agent, and it is he who first told me about Ted and I pitched the idea of the film. This story of friendship betw
November 1 category:Books
The memories of David Foenkinos. Edition Gallimard, € 18.50 At the end of the novel, David Foenkinos writes: "I remember the day when something is released in me. It was as if I had accumulated melancholy necessary for writing. » Once everything
November 3 category:Middle East
James Foley, pictured September 29, 2011 in Syria. afp.com/Aris Messinis The Islamic state broadcast this weekend on the Internet a video showing the execution of humanitarian Scotsman David Haines. This is the third such execution in a month, after
January 1 category:Cinema, Trends
DAVID BECHHAM - Footballer turns to the cinema. Reuters David Beckham has long dreamed of film and it seems that Matthew Vaughn (X-Men: First, Kick-Ass) has heard his call. Indeed, the footballer will make a cameo in Secret Service, a spy movie that
May 22 category:Marriage
A close-knit duo. © www.ecumedange.fr Their love is not a game, but they chose to tie the video version. Focus on the union "trendy" Melanie and David. Thunderbolt on the Web Curious story that our meeting! We met on the Internet, while we
June 11 category:Movie
007 questions 007 007 women through our columnist David Abiker *: Bond and "male violence" according to writer Isabelle Alonso. James Bond it is first Ian Fleming's novels on which Isabelle Alonso, writer (she holds the feminization of this
July 24 category:Movie
After <italic> Infected </ italic>, the Pastor brothers realize <italic> The Last Days </ italic> -this Wednesday on écrans- where a strange virus prevents humans out in the open. Interview End of the world in three questions.
July 25 category:TV
Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee) Prod DB / Lynch-Frost It took a quarter century. Nine new episodes of Twin Peaks, the cult series of David Lynch, will be released in 2016. In a video posted on YouTube on Monday by Showtime shows the heroine, Laura Palmer,

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