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May 16 category:Business Ideas
The user connects with his Facebook account on mobile Woovent, which manages and sorts events of the social network in question. dr Instagram has become a must for Facebook users. Woovent aims to become in turn interconnected tool of the social netwo
January 4 category:Political
François Hollande chaired the second Monday November 11 ceremonies of his five years in Paris and while traveling in Oyonnax, Ain. AFP PHOTO / POOL / ROBERT Pratta In Paris, François Hollande booed on the Champs Elysées The ceremonies of November 11,
January 27 category:Africa
Egyptian protesters on 17 January 2010, supporting the Tunisian people in their revolt. REUTERS One group, called "Day of the revolution," now called, on Facebook, in a demonstration in the streets of Cairo. Joined by 80,000 people, this ca
February 8 category:Fashion
a child pees near a banner protesting against the airport project in the municipality of Notre-Dame-des-Landes, June 27, 2004 during a picnic. PHOTO FRANK PERRY AFP Live Update Nantes event is over? The protesters left around 19:00 the outskirts of t
February 9 category:Company News
On the Internet, criticism of France Télévisions multiply. At issue, the editorial choices of the group ... France Télévisions is growing controversy and advices to him are not tender. The choice of covers of Olympic events and treatment of sports re
February 15 category:Medias, Audiovisual
"Canal + broadcast images of the march for 'show' that the latter was sparse. It turns out that these images, provided by i> TV were actually those of the demonstration against racism on November 30" denounced the PG. afp.com/Pierre Andr
March 4 category:Politics, World
Francois Hollande expressed "sincere regret for the interpretation made his comments" on Algeria and "will direct part" to Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, according to a statement from the Elysee published Sunday. AFP / P
March 16 category:North America
Thousands of people armed with pots showed Thursday night in the streets of Montreal, quiet but determined manner, shortly after the failure of negotiations between the Quebec government and student leaders about rising tuition. afp.com/Rogerio Barbo
March 18 category:Music, Rock
MUSIC - Bertrand Cantat created the event Friday, June 29 at the scene of Belfort at Eurockeennes afp.com/Sébastien Bozon The return in a big rock festival Bertrand Cantat, invited on stage by the Malian duo Amadou & Mariam, marked the first Frid
March 28 category:Athletics
Usain Bolt of Jamaica poses Before the men's 200 meters final at the IAAF World Athletics Championships in Daegu September 3, 2011. REUTERS / Phil Noble (SOUTH KOREA - Tags: SPORT ATHLETICS) REUTERS / Phil Noble After 1908 and 1948, London hosts for
April 7 category:Political
The November 11 ceremonies on the Champs-Elysées were disrupted Monday by groups of demonstrators from shouting down President Francois Hollande, causing clashes with the security forces who carried out nearly 70 arrests. Reuters / Christian Hartmann
April 15 category:Shape
In France or abroad, tattoo events followed one another throughout the year. Getty Images / iStockphoto In France and around the world, tattooing is a trend that is exposed more through shows and conventions. Global tattoo From March 7 to 9, Paris ho
May 12 category:Cycling
The Lance Armstrong in a race against the trial of the Tour de France, July 3, 2010 in Rotterdam. afp.com/Pascal Pavani Lance Armstrong doping confessions Are the straw that broke the camel will do? Dick Pound, a member of the International Olympic C
May 22 category:Businesses
All call for a law against dismissal stock in companies that make profits, a campaign promise of President Francois Hollande. REUTERS / Christian Hartmann Social day at high risk for the government. All company employees subject to social plans are t
May 28 category:Europe
Screenshot of #occupygezi search Twitter Screenshot Twitter Arrested for having tweeted. Police Izmir city affected by the wave of protests in Turkey, raided 38 addresses and arrested 25 people for dissemination of "misleading and defamatory
June 11 category:Movie
The strange course of events, Raphael Nadjari DR Saul's life is not great. Divorced, unhappy in his work, he seems to have made his life a morose territory. For him, everything is melancholy. But suddenly a glimmer of hope seems to appear. One scene
June 28 category:Society
Between 6,500 and 13,000 people marched Saturday in Brittany to the call of the unions who want to take control of the Red Caps in the Breton crisis. AFP Between 6,500 and 13,000 people broke the pavement Saturday in Brittany, mobilization lower than
July 2 category:Society
Several hundred police officers demonstrated on Wednesday spontaneously and spectacular evening in Bobigny and the Champs-Elysées in Paris against voluntary homicide indictment of one of their colleagues who killed a repeat offender on the run in Sei
July 28 category:Society
Manuel Valls RTL RTL screenshot The time to take stock. The Interior Minister Manuel Valls said Monday on RTL that six police custody had been opened on Sunday night following Sunday 98 arrests made in the late afternoon after the incidents on the si
August 15 category:Society
Pro-Gaza protesters at the rally banned from 26 July to Republic. REUTERS / Benoit Tessier The confirmation of the ban by the State Council and the latest warnings of interior minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, have not deterred them. Chanting "Israel

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