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December 21 category:Sport
France's Gevrise Emane celebrates After defeating the Netherlands' Van Emden Anicka (not pictured) At Their women's under 63 kg final match at the Judo European Championships in Istanbul April 22, 2011. REUTERS / Osman Orsal (TURKEY - Tags: SPORT JUD
December 19 category:Economy
German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the EU summit in Brussels on 30 January. REUTERS / Yves Herman Europe yesterday adopted a treaty for "stability, coordination and governance in the economic and monetary union." Signed by twenty-five count
December 18 category:Europe
The Maastricht Treaty, which entered into force on 1 November 1993, was to infuse a new policy in Europe. 20 years later, a Eurosceptic sentiment grew. Gobet It is a time that less than twenty years can not know. On 1 November 1993 th
December 17 category:Middle East
A Palestinian boy holds a Turkish flag has Pendant Against Israel protest outside the compound Known to Muslims as al-Haram al-Sharif and to Jews as Temple Mount, in Jerusalem's Old City June 4, 2010. Turkey on Friday Said It Could cut ties with Isra
December 13 category:Media, North America
Europe 1 is paid Obama in the Washington Post Europe 1 "Dear President, you have already tried the 'french fries', why do not you go and have an interview with a French radio?". With this advertisement, published Tuesday in the Washington P
December 12 category:Businesses
Smoke escapes from the Grimsvotn volcano, near the Vatnajokull glacier in Iceland. Photo taken on 21 May 2011. REUTERS / Jon Gustafsson / Helicopter About 500 flights were canceled Tuesday in Europe because of the passage of the North of the UK ash c
December 9 category:Europe
Geert Wilders poses DURING a visit to Promote His movie in Jerusalem December 14, 2008. A right-wing Dutch politician Who made a short film depicting Islam as a fascist religion Said in Israel on Sunday he disagreed with an assessment That It Increas
December 8 category:Rugby, Sport
Jonny Wilkinson (g) and Steve Borthwick take the trophy for the European Cup on 26 April 2013 in Twickenham Dennis Toulon won the first European Cup rugby history by beating Clermont (16-15) in the final, big favorite for the title on
December 7 category:Economy
In Germany, thanks to higher exports (+ 20% yoy), unemployment will soon drop below 3 million (photo: an employment agency in Berlin) Reuters "Leave a European state meet in payment default on its debt would have a disastrous domino effect on ba
December 6 category:Policy, Europe
Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban addresses a news conference at the end of year European Union leaders summit in Brussels December 9, 2011. Divided Europe in a historic rift on Friday over building a closer fiscal union to preserve the euro, wit
December 2 category:Europe
Refugees gathered in Salzburg, Austria, September 13, 2015. AFP / WILDBILD Live Update For the pope, there is a "risk of infiltration" of terrorists among migrants In an interview on September 8 at the Portuguese Catholic radio Renascença,
November 28 category:Political
Holland goes in several European capitals but sends "ambassadors" of his campaign in other capitals. REUTERS Laurent Fabius, commissioned by François Hollande, visited in early February, Israel, the Palestinian Territories, where he was abl
November 28 category:Society
The Interior Minister Manuel Valls has awarded Thursday continued rise in the number of burglaries in France has "groups from Eastern Europe", ensuring that the government was trying to "strengthen its cooperation" with the countr
November 28 category:Businesses
A shareholder speaks at the start of a meeting of Shareholders Dutch-Belgian financial group Fortis in Utrecht services April 29, 2009. Shareholders in Fortis Utrecht are to vote on an asset sale to BNP Paribas, the second of two Such votes. REUTERS
November 27 category:Europe
End of the run to the executioner of Srebrenica. The European Union must now show that it can rediscover the path of action by promoting the accession of Serbia to the EU. AFP Mladic extradited Ratko Mladic, the former military leader of the Bosnian
November 26 category:Middle East
Portraits of former Syrian President Hafez Assad, his son, Bashar al-Assad and their relatives are burned during a demonstration in Cyprus, July 31, 2011 Baz Convictions have increased worldwide Sunday just hours after the interventio
November 26 category:Media
Ruquier Laurent presented his press review on Europe 1 since September. REUTERS After only three months, Ruquier separated from his press review. This morning on the antenna, the host and humorist Jerome replaced Commander Lawrence Ruquier for press
November 25 category:High Tech
The Galaxy Tab and iPad. REUTERS / Jo Yong-Hak Apple has obtained a court of Düsseldorf a "preliminary injunction" to ban the sale of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablets in Europe. A court decision that comes close a chapter in the patent war t
November 22 category:Economy
EUROPE - The strong European delegation in Asia seeks to reassure investors. REUTERS / Damir Sagolj The European Union Monday led a charm offensive to Asians, claiming to have put under control the debt crisis wooing the growth engine that is Asia, a
November 18 category:Environment
The poster of a campaign against GMOs conducted by the Association France Nature Environnement, February 15, 2011 in the Paris metro. Medina Red carpet for Monsanto. The European Union has approved Friday the import and marketing of GM

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