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December 13 category:High Tech
The drone of the SNCF, November 5, 2013 next to the Roquemaure viaduct (between Orange and Roquemaure). AFP SNCF said Tuesday it has used for the first time a drone to inspect its network between Gard and Vaucluse. The experience should be expanded n
December 8 category:Economy
Wheat field in Féchain (Nord-Pas-de-Calais) REUTERS / Pascal Rossignol The agriculture ministers of the major industrialized and emerging countries, the Group of 20 (G20), Friday, May 20 approached their positions in Buenos Aires for an agreement to
December 8 category:Society
The Belarusian doctor Yuri Bandazhevsky published "Chernobyl, 25 years after". Yann - Wikimedia Commons Since Chernobyl, many publications from Belarusian researchers were overshadowed by Western experts. Conducted clinical studies, ten yea
December 6 category:Society
The police still has no real Internet surveillance. AFP PHOTO THOMAS COEX France remains powerless in multiplication, globally, attacks against computer systems. This is what reveals a Senate report calling Hollande to take up the issue. Nuclear gian
November 26 category:World
More than 600 firefighters were still mobilized Monday night to fight against fires, the most important are rampant in northern Portugal, according to rescue services. Moreira de Melo "We expect this evening 14 major fires in pr
November 23 category:World
Members of the Solidarnost ("Solidarity") opposition movement hang a banner on the roof of a building opposite the Kremlin across the Moskva River, As They protest Against the policies Conducted By Prime Minister and presidential candidate
November 19 category:Society
Gender and sexual violence at work, rape and prostitution are among the new lines of the fight against violence against women wanted by the government, which also confirms the testing of electronic tagging for abusive partner. Andrieu
November 15 category:Europe
Two Ukrainian MPs disagree on an anti-corruption law come to blows. Euronews Capture / Facebook While a cease-fire has been signed in Minsk Thursday between rebels and pro-Russian Ukrainian forces, two Ukrainian MPs came to blows in the corridors of
November 9 category:Tennis
Francesca Schiavone defends his title against Li Na at Roland Garros on Saturday afternoon. REUTERS With China's Li Na and Francesca Schiavone of Italy, the defending champion, the relatively unexpected final of Roland Garros Saturday opposes both
November 2 category:Africa
Called "Prime Minister" by Laurent Gbagbo, clinging to his chair despite her sharp electoral defeat, Gilbert Marie Ake N'Gbo count in his team some hawks. REUTERS / Thierry Gouégnon First, a confession. When I received email yesterday Monda
November 2 category:Weather
A malicious act on the TGV line between Paris and Lyon on Wednesday night caused delays of 30 minutes to about three hours on a TGV from fifteen to or from the south-east, is it learned from the SNCF, which provides further delays Thursday morning. a
October 15 category:News item
City Courtilles Asnieres where violent clashes between rival gangs are increasing after the death of a 15 year old. Van Cayeseele A young man in Gennevilliers, designated by residents as being the author of the knife that killed a
October 7 category:Society
AGRICULTURE - One of the dangers is not following the entry delay on the plot after spraying. Normally, it takes 48 hours. OlivierBoisseau Since when have you been involved in the anti-pesticide fight? Since the death of my brother Denis, which occur
October 6 category:World, Environment
A major fire was threatening about 4,000 homes northwest of Los Angeles, California, where the motorway along the Pacific Ocean has been cut, the fire department said Friday. Djansezian The nearly 2,000 firefighters called to fight a l
October 5 category:Society, Europe
SPAIN - Firefighters fighting against the fire in Avinyonet de Puigventos, near Figueras. Gabalda In line on the road, fire trucks and tractors rush to one of the fire outbreaks: hand in hand, volunteers and firefighters are fighting aga
October 5 category:Management / Taxation
Nicolas Sarkozy © Photo: Jérôme Chatin Except surprise, Nicolas Sarkozy will run for re-election, but did not announce until "late January, early February." At the G20, the President stressed that he wishes to fight against tax havens and i
September 17 category:Environment
Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan said Tuesday that the government was "on high alert" to prevent the damaged Fukushima plant does not cause an environmental disaster, after the discovery of plutonium in soil and of radioactivity in sea wat
September 16 category:Political
Red Hats asked Monday to members of Ceser of Britain "every effort that is not adopted and signed" the future pact presented by the government to support the Breton economy, a "pact scribbled in the Emergency by Parisian firms "ac
September 12 category:Society
700,000 premature deaths a year are attributed to tobacco in the European Union. Charlet According to the directive adopted Wednesday by the European Parliament, the European smokers will be warned that smoking kills warnings covering t
August 31 category:VIP
Angelina Jolie says on his Invincible film. REUTERS In the film she made, Invincible, released in January 2015, Jolie tells the story of Louis "Louie" Zamperini, an Olympic runner who was a prisoner of war during World War II. In The US, Br

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