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December 18 category:Economy
The Fener Greek highschool with the Mosque of Selim Yavuz in the background Overlooks the Fener district in Golden Horn Where the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate complex is Located in Istanbul November 21, 2006. Pope Benedict Will Pay an official visit t
December 16 category:Middle East
Citizens gather in Taksim Square and Gezi Park partner after the Police Withdraw from Taksim, Istanbul, 01 June 2013 Burak Akbulut / Anadolu Agency Anadolu Agency More than 1,700 protesters opposed to the government of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Ta
December 12 category:Europe
rally Saturday 1 June 2013 Screenshot Twitter "Tayyip resign". This is what is meant since Friday Taksim Square became the symbolic heart of the Turkish revolt. In a "handful of activists" who fought against the destruction projec
November 29 category:World
Massive damage in the affected city of Ercis town of nearly 100,000 inhabitants, are reported. Number of people leaving the city without electricity. The telephone network is seriously damaged. afp.com/Mustafa Ozer An earthquake measuring 7.2 accordi
November 25 category:Europe
The Supreme Military Council (YAS) met on Monday to discuss career development in the Turkish army, providing the Islamic-conservative government an opportunity to assert its control over a long hostile institution and shaken by a wave of resignation
November 24 category:Political
The former minister Jack Lang (PS) wonders why "for five years, national authorities constantly attacking Turkey," and regrets the law passed Thursday by deputies penalizing the denial of genocides including Armenians, in a published interv
November 22 category:Businesses
Renault assembly plant in Brazil. REUTERS / Rodolfo Buhrer The Renault group will produce its new Clio IV to 60% at its plant in Bursa (Bursa) in Turkey and the remaining 40% at its site in Flins, near Paris, said Thursday economic website La Tribune
November 5 category:World
Hundreds of Turkish protesters held Sunday Taksim Square in Istanbul, deserted by the police after two days of violent clashes, and were determined to continue their confrontation with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. afp.com/Gurcan Ozturk Hundre
October 14 category:World
Thousands of Istanbul residents spent the night from Friday to Saturday in the streets to defy the police and tear gas after the violent repression of a gathering directed against a controversial urban development project, which veered in protest aga
October 10 category:World
About 23 hours Friday Siraselviler street near Taksim Square, the police use tear gas against demonstrators. Eric Pelletier "Friday morning around 5am, I was on the scene, Taksim Square, when we began to hear the clamor up the north side of the
September 20 category:World
Syrian refugee women sit in the camp of the Turkish Red Cross, June 8, 2011 in Hatay afp.com/Mustafa Ozer Approximately 1,900 new Syrians fleeing repression arrived in Turkish territory, bringing to 2,500 the number of Syrians who fled to Turkey, whi
September 19 category:Europe
The Bosphorus Bridge is illuminated in Istanbul October 21, 2011. Istanbul is a classed as a megacity, Those with a population of over 10 million people. The United Nations' Department of Economic and Social Affairs Said in a March 2010 postponing Th
September 15 category:Receipts
Recipe for roast turkey casserole, butter tandoori, Eric Frechon. Valery Guedes / Bérengère Abraham / L'Express Styles For 8 persons. Preparation 20 min. Cooking 3 h Ingredients 1 4.5 kg turkey 200 g of chicken giblets obtained from the butcher 10 cl
September 14 category:Europe
Turkey sees the beginning of a change of attitude in Paris with respect to its application for membership of this country to the European Union. On 4 February, the Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, had pinned the EU for the slowness
September 11 category:Europe
The ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP, from the Islamist movement) of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan seeks to restrict the ban on headscarves in public life since coming to power in 2002. Yannis Behrakis / Reuters Turkish Prime Minister
July 26 category:Sport
The French Nicolas Batum against Poland during Euro basketball, September 7, 2015 in Montpellier afp.com/PASCAL GUYOT Live Update To see the glass half full France has just finished the first with the fourth best attack in the competition (80 points
June 23 category:World
This is the second Syrian child found drowned in two days, on Saturday, on the Turkish coast. She was trying to reach Greece on a makeshift boat, which sank. Other migrants are reported missing. This new drowning cruel reminder that the small Aylan K
November 18 category:Investigation
The residence in Paris in which lived Ghlam Sid Ahmed, suspected of planning an attack, April 22, 2015 against two churches. afp.com/KENZO TRIBOUILLARD [Exclusive] The trip by Sid Ahmed Ghlam in Turkey, in February, was not the first one. According t
November 17 category:Football
The driver of the bus carrying the Turkish football team Fenerbahce was wounded by gunfire in Trabzon, but the prognosis of doctors is positive. afp.com/IHLAS NEWS AGENCY This is an unprecedented attack in Turkey, where violence is yet regular in foo
November 3 category:Europe
The police headquarters in Istanbul was attacked on Wednesday (illustration). REUTERS / Baz Ratner The headquarters of the police in Istanbul, Turkey, was the target of an attack on Wednesday. In a written statement, the governor Vasip Sahin said tha

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