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December 19 category:News item
Three weeks after his death, the young pregnant woman aged 28 was found dead in burned part Wednesday near Rennes. afp.com/Damien Meyer A white march is planned this Friday night at Ploërmel (Morbihan) in tribute to Anne Caudal. The calcined body of
December 16 category:Sport
A thick fog has descended in Sochi, forcing the organizers to shift several events, including snowboard cross and biathlon. REUTERS This is the surprise guest of the Olympics. Since Sunday, a thick fog descended on the Laura plateau, where many event
December 13 category:Receipts
test Nicolas Millet For 6 people Ingredients 700 g of dry white beans and cooked 100 g of stale white bread 40 cl single cream 40 cl of virgin olive oil 10 cl sherry vinegar 1.5 liters chicken stock Salt and pepper 20 strong chorizo ​​slices Preparat
December 11 category:Political
Arcelor Mittal - The Minister of Productive Recovery Arnaud Montebourg has attacked ArcelorMittal whose methods on the site of Florange "fall under the non-compliance, blackmail and threats." AFP Friday morning, Arnaud Montebourg buffet lun
November 20 category:Flavours
White chocolate, and the scent of desserts 13 ensures that little jar of cream Aix DR "13 desserts", no less, the label promises that white chocolate cream. So word held once swallowed the bread? The flavors of hunters deliver their verdict
November 20 category:News item
VAL-D'OISE - Man was "discovered on the road by two residents" around one in the morning. afp.com/Patrick Hertzog A race that goes wrong? A 57-year-old taxi driver shot in the neck with a knife in the night from Sunday to Monday in Saint-Ou
November 19 category:Beauty
According to a survey Email Diamant-TNS Sofres, only 6 out of 10 French admit now satisfied with their smile. Thinkstock Years after the Americans, the French finally discover the power of the perfect smile, which returns a combative self-image and a
November 6 category:Pets
Clara, the first white lion of South America in the zoo Santa Caratina. (Screenshot) youtube Clara: the name of the little lioness born in a zoo in Santa Caratina, south of Brazil, seems entirely appropriate. Indeed, the animal's coat is completely w
November 4 category:Receipts
test Jean-Marc Palisse Cooking time: about 40 minutes 4 people Ingredients 2 dozen small scoop white beets 6-8 shallots new 1 tbsp acacia honey 1 tbsp water melissa 2 tablespoons olive oil 20g salted butter Jean-Yves Bordier Some green leaves of fres
October 20 category:Movie
NORA EPHRON. The writer and director of Sleepless in Seattle died at age 71. REUTERS The writer-director Nora Ephron has died at age 71 his family said. His son Jacob Bernstein confirmed to the New York Times that the writer of When Harry Met Sally a
October 12 category:Society
More than 500 people gathered Sunday at Bobigny (Seine-Saint-Denis) to pay tribute to Melisa, Bulgarian girl of eight died Wednesday in a fire at a large camp of Roma, and hope that such a tragedy does happen again. afp.com/François Guillot More than
October 7 category:Society
NICE - A girl was killed with a knife near Nice train station. His mother would also seriously injured. afp.com/Bertrand Langlois Gruesome discovery in Nice. A little girl of six was killed with knives on Wednesday morning, are we taught to the prose
October 4 category:Flavours
SINGAPORE - The organizers of the "White Dinner" social event which spun off from Paris around the world, made a big mistake in his first Asian edition held Thursday night, by denigrating the local cuisine. Screenshot Facebook.com The organ
September 23 category:Political
The party president France Arise informed The Express his intention to contest the move "Rassemblement Bleu Blanc Rouge" announced Saturday by Jean-Marie Le Pen. He filed this name in 2012. [Exclusive] The Blue White Red Rally is not yet la
September 21 category:News item
The white walking on Saturday was attended by about 2,500 people in Calais. AFP / PHILIPPE HUGUEN The sky was sunny, the less atmosphere. As early as 15 hours on Saturday, the procession left briskly theater de Calais (Pas-de-Calais) to pass the belf
August 26 category:North America
White militiamen, armed with assault rifles, appeared in the streets of the city of Ferguson in recent days. Who are the Guardians of the oath (Oath Keepers) and why are they allowed to walk the streets of this predominantly black city? Armed with as
May 5 category:High Tech, Cinema
Movies coming out on VOD before arriving in theaters? This is the subject of experimentation. afp.com/Anne-Christine Poujoulat When one is an independent film, not easy to get a place in theaters in the middle of blockbusters. And the little that we
April 2 category:TV
Walter White in Breaking Bad series - AMC Walter White in Breaking Bad series - AMC Fans of the series Breaking Bad remember the scene where Walter White (Bryan Cranston) balancing a pizza on the roof of his house. A little too much for some of them.
March 28 category:News item
A man in his forties died in the night from Saturday to Sunday at Montceau-les-Mines Hospital in Saône-et-Loire, after being wounded with knives and ball. The survey explores the hypothesis of a settling of accounts: a man in his forties died in the
March 21 category:Sciences
The dancer can turn from left to right ... or right to left. It's all about perception, and self-persuasion. Reddit Your brain lies to you. The story of the blue and black dress, or white and gold, shows. Because if no one sees the same color, it is

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