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Thailand: former Prime Minister charged with murder

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Thailand: former Prime Minister charged with murder

Former Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva, now leader of the main opposition party, was charged with murder Thursday for the repression of demonstrations in 2010. Lopez

Three years after the bloody suppression of the 2010 protests in Thailand, the former Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva, was charged with murder Thursday. Today leader of the main opposition party, he is charged with the protests that had made some 90 dead and 1900 injured.

This indictment, long anticipated the judicial calendar, comes at a time of great political tension in Thailand, with significant opposition demonstrations for over a month to demand the fall of the government.

The anger of the protesters revived?

The leader of current events, Suthep Thaugsuban, must also be served with the indictment in the same case. But it is not presented in court Thursday, unlike Abhisit.

This indictment could revive the anger of the protesters, who are mobilized in Bangkok, although in much smaller numbers than at most of the mobilization, with more than 140 000 people in the street.

For over a month, the rhythm of Bangkok protests demanding an end to what they call the "Thaksin system", named after the brother of Yingluck.

The former prime minister ousted in a coup in 2006, remains despite his exile, in the heart of the policy of the Kingdom of Thailand, accused by the opposition to continue to govern through his sister.

Abhisit and Suthep are accused of having authorized the police to fire live bullets at supporters of the "red shirts" pro-Thaksin, while in opposition.

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