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The Americans, "What if the Cold War could be summed up by a game of squash?"

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The Americans, "What if the Cold War could be summed up by a game of squash?"

The cable channel FX has ordered a 13-episode season of the series The Americans.

FX Networks

After two very good introductory episodes, the new series of FX chain, The Americans, returns for a third round expected to turn. The show carried by Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys he confirms our expectations? Answer.

Previously on The Americans. Summoned by their superiors to act urgently, both Soviet secret agents (Patrick and Elizabeth) forcing the maid of Defence Minister to place a microphone in the office of the latter. Once completed mission and the minister's office bugged, the KGB learned of the existence of a missile shield that will destroy the firepower of the USSR. Meanwhile, the FBI agent Beeman (and also new neighbor of our two heroes) embarked on the track of "Directorate S", the special service of sleepers which includes Patrick and Elizabeth. It happens to compel an employee of the Soviet Embassy in cooperation with the Bureau.

The summary. And if the Cold War could be summarized by a game of squash? It is through this geopolitical sports quip that opens this third episode of The Americans. It begins in effect on a friendly game racket game between Patrick Jennings, sleeping KGB agent, American true-false model and its new neighbor Scott Beeman, FBI agent started in pursuit. Soon, Beeman eventually be called to meet his informant Soviet. She teaches him the existence of an agent of the "Directorate S", recently died. A first serious track for the FBI. This mysterious agent is none other than Robert, Patrick and Elizabeth accomplice, killed in the first episode.

In parallel, Jennings approached via the classifieds for a meeting. Disturbing detail: Robert is the author of the ad in question. In good secret agent, Elizabeth organizes monitoring to see who contacted them via a man she herself recruited for the KGB. The latter, Gregory, proves at the same time be the lover of Elizabeth. But when this one approaches her, she pushes him, explaining that she wants to give a chance to the couple she forms with Patrick.

The FBI beat out

At a given sequence game looks and cleverly staged perspective, Grégory team realizes that the person who joins Jennings is actually a woman with a newborn: wife Robert, he had hidden his friends. This is not the only surprise, Gregory teaches the couple to spy the FBI already watched the young woman.

Patrick and Elizabeth, despite the risk, decided to organize a meeting with the wife of their dead friend, using again with Gregory. Yet repulsed by Elizabeth, he still decided to help them. His team manages to remove the young woman in the nose and beard of the FBI and Patrick and Elizabeth finally meet Joyce, Robert's wife. After learning of the death of her husband, she told Jennings she knows nothing of their activities and that Robert never betrayed. It tends to Patrick a piece of paper, a posthumous gift from her husband for his spies colleagues.

While it decodes the piece of paper, is approached by Patrick Gregory. It teaches him all about his history with Elizabeth and advises him to let her go saying he is the only truth in the life of Elizabeth.

After this conversation, Patrick decodes the piece of paper left by Robert. Appear only a name and a phone number. Gregory then plans to kill Joyce, Robert's wife, witness become too troublesome. This is too much for Patrick who, exasperated, coldly refuses to execute the woman and the child of her husband. Coming out to clear his head, he comes face to face with a woman already met earlier this episode. This proves to be the new liaison officer Jennings. Learning of the existence of the telephone number and the name, she Patrick sum to meet with the person to retrieve information about the US missile shield. After a tough interview with the contact, Patrick gets a briefcase containing what appears to be the plans of the famous fatal intelligence technology to the USSR.

A write of a rare subtlety on TV

At the end of the episode, Elizabeth explains Patrick in a rather touching sequence in which conditions she met Gregory and why she loved it. She says it was the passion of love she never had with his true-false husband. Passion she just starts feeling towards him, his colleague, husband, and now beloved. The episode closes with Joyce, Robert's wife. She eventually murdered in the back of a car while it was to be supported by the KGB in Cuba. Of her child, is sent to the USSR, the Motherland.

My opinion. Very nice episode, beautifully written and brilliantly performed. The scenes that highlight the incumbent Grégory team are bluffing. Matthew Rhys (Patrick) has a perfect game while holding juggling between anger and sadness. Writing is a rare subtlety US television. The mixture of history and fiction, the writers come even subtext comparing the American civil rights movement of Soviet Communism, without spoiling the entertainment and emotion. Brilliant.

My ratings. 8/10.

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