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The British Embassy in Iran ransacked by protesters

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The British Embassy in Iran ransacked by protesters

REUTERS / Stringer Iran EDITORS 'NOTE: Reuters and foreign media are subject --other to Iranian restrictions on leaving the office to report, a film or take pictures in Tehran. Protesters enter the gate of the British embassy in Tehran November 29, 2011. Dozens of young Iranian men Entered buildings inside the British embassy compound in Tehran on Tuesday, throwing rocks, petrol bombs and burning papers Looted from offices, Iranian news agencies reported.

REUTERS / Stringer

Dozens of people came into power on Tuesday in the Iranian embassy in Britain. The demonstrators were protesting against the sanctions imposed by London against Iran because of its controversial nuclear program.

The British Foreign Office said he was "shocked" by this "unacceptable intrusion". British citizens were urged to "adopt a low profile." London also asked them to "stay home" after the attack in Tehran.

The protesters removed the British flag and replaced it with the Iranian flag. They also scaled the boundary wall of the park where the embassy is located, and smashed the windows of the chancery before entering and throwing objects through windows, according to images broadcast live on television to state.

The police let the protesters do for half an hour before acting.

Qualified as "students" TV, these protesters demanding the closure of the British embassy and the expulsion "immediate" of the ambassador.

The situation had returned "normal" one hour after the start of the attack, according to television before a new offensive demonstrators. They are still entered Tuesday night inside the Embassy of Great Britain in Tehran despite a heavy police presence, according to images shown on Iranian television and witnesses on site.

"The police launched tear gas and violently attacked students present inside the embassy," reported the Fars news agency reports of "several students [...] and police officers injured in the clashes."

Theft of sensitive documents

Some two hundred Islamist students also attacked and occupied the former British Home Site, located in the north of Tehran, where there were a number of "foreigners" as protesters took him under their "protection", according to the official news agency IRNA.

Students have "seized confidential documents and espionage" in the former premises of diplomatic residence, "where they protect foreign nationals," said Irna without further details.

Riot police were deployed in the early evening in front of the entrance to the site for "end the protest," according to Iranian media.

In a statement released by the Mehr news agency, the Iranian Foreign Ministry "expressed regret for the unacceptable behavior of a small number of protesters despite police efforts," and says he "asked the authorities to take immediate necessary measures "to end the occupation of the embassy.

On Sunday, the Iranian parliament passed a law reducing diplomatic relations at charge d'affaires level and for the expulsion of the British ambassador within two weeks.

This decision was taken in retaliation for new economic sanctions against Iran decided by London, together with the United States and Canada, following the publication of a report by the International Atomic Energy Agency to support the suspicion Westerners under which Tehran would have worked to manufacture a nuclear weapon despite its denials.

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