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The consumer prices fell in September

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The consumer prices fell in September

The consumer prices in France fell 0.2% in September from August but up 0.9% year on year, according to INSEE Lautier

Inflation remains very moderate in France: Consumer prices fell 0.2% in September from August but up 0.9% year on year, announced Tuesday, October 15 the National Institute Statistics and Economic Studies. Excluding tobacco prices, given favored by the government, the price index was also down 0.2% on month but increased by only 0.7% year on year.

The decline on a month "mainly from that, seasonal, prices of certain services at the end of the summer and, to a lesser extent, the decline in food prices, particularly fresh produce," noted INSEE said in a statement. "Conversely, after the summer sales in France, the clothing-footwear prices and other manufactured products increased seasonally in September," continued INSEE. The energy prices "are on the rise again, driven by higher oil prices," said the institute.

Service prices fell last month, following the seasonal evolution of the sector, with -1.2% over the month (-1.5% in September 2012) and increased by 1.4% year on year (+ 1.1% in September 2012). "This decrease is mainly due to the prices of tourism related services after the summer," especially in holiday accommodation (-41.8% + 2.2% over a year), package holidays (-27 3%; + 0.3% over a year), vacation home rentals (-24.1% + 1.7% over a year) or air transport of passengers (-18.7%; -3.6% yoy).

Sharp rise in prices of mobile

INSEE also found a strong rebound in prices of telecommunications (+ 4.7%) due to the disappearance of attractive packages in mobile telephony. But one year, prices have decreased by 4%.

From the supply side, prices have experienced a "sharp decline" (-0.5%, + 1.1% yoy), driven down mainly by lower fresh products (-2.4% , + 2.5% yoy). "The origin of this sharp decline is the late arrival on the market of summer fruit, whose prices fell by 8.0% over the month (+ 2.6% year on year)," said the INSEE. Excluding fresh food, the food prices have decreased slightly (-0.2%; + 0.9% yoy), marked by the seasonal decline in meat (-0.3%; 3, 1% over a year) and new non-alcoholic beverages (-0.3%, -1.7% yoy) and milk, cheese and eggs (-0.3%, -0.8% on a year).

The energy prices rose 0.8% on month and 0.7% year on year, primarily due to the increase of oil products (+ 1.4% -2.5% over one year). This increase was more marked falls INSEE for heating oil (+ 2.6%, -4.3% yoy) as fuel (+ 1.2% -2.5% on a year).

Prices of manufactured products gained 1.3% but yielded 0.7% year on year. "Like last year, the largest increases observed in September concern outerwear for women (15.6%; + 0.5% over a year) and children (+ 9.2%; -0.9% yoy) and Articles of lingerie and hosiery for women (+ 7.1%, + 0.4% year on year). Due to promotions, new car prices have declined in September (-1.1%, + 0.3% yoy).

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